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review 2017-09-21 15:22
ARC Review: Treasured by a Tiger (Eternal Mates, #14) by Felicity Heaton
Treasured by a Tiger - Felicity E. Heaton
Treasured by a Tiger

Eternal Mates, #14
Felicity Heaton
Paranormal Romance
September 9th 2017
ARC Review Copy


Despised by his tiger shifter pride as an abomination, Grey has ventured far from home, deep into the bowels of Hell in search of answers about the machinations of Archangel, the mortal hunter organisation who held his twin captive. With no knowledge of the realm, and little skill with the local languages, he quickly finds himself at a dead end—until he crosses paths with a beautiful hellcat female who rouses his darkest most dangerous instincts.


Lyra has been a fool, falling for the charms of a male whose only desire was to make a fast buck by selling her. Shackled and collared, her strength muted by magic, she awaits her time on the stage at a black-market auction, but before it can come, all hell breaks loose and she seizes a chance to escape—and runs straight into a majestic warrior who steals her breath away and tempts her like no other as he battles alone to free everyone.


When Lyra offers her services as a translator to repay Grey for saving her, will he be strong enough to resist the needs she awakens in him and spare himself the pain of her inevitable rejection when she discovers the truth about him? And when the powerful male in charge of the slave ring starts a bloody hunt for Lyra, can she escape another collar and find the courage to trust the tiger who is capturing her heart? 




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Another magnificent addition to the Eternal Mates series. Treasured by a Tiger was a brilliant way to wrap-up the the sibling tigers HEA’s.


We are taking back to HELL where answers and more questions arise on what Archangel is up to, we meet some old and new characters, and Grey finds more then he expected to on his adventure.


I wasn’t much of a fan of the Hellcat’s when they popped up in Bitten by a Hellcat, but I found myself liking Lyra, our feisty Hellcat lead. Grey, our humble hero I was already in love with him the my moment he was introduced in Turned by a Tiger.


The story flowed nicely. I love the wide verity of paranormal creatures and I really loved finding out more of what Archangel is up to. Their are still questions, but we get a little more. Besides Archangel the author also throws in an old foe and wraps that little loose thread up. I like the little hits and answers we get throughout the story. They keep things going, besides the sexy romance.


Lyra and Grey’s romance was wonderful. I just loved watching these two together. Lyra is afraid of males and that is expected after the betrayal, but she finds the strength to see past that and open up to Grey. Grey, OMG he was fabulous. He doesn’t want to hurt Lyra and fights his instincts along the way as well as he doesn’t feel worthy of any female, but WOW when he shows Lyra what he is, she does what any fated mate would do and tells him how AMAZING and WONDERFUL he is. I had tears in my eyes.


Treasured by a Tiger gives us action, steamy romance, and an exciting story. As this story ends another will come. The author has created a captivating world, where their is no shortage of excited and interesting characters, plus clues and mischief thrown in to keep you coming back for more.


Rated: 4.5 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Felicity Heaton with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2017/09/arc-review-treasured-by-a-tiger-eternal-mates-14-by-felicity-heaton
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text 2017-09-20 01:05
Reading progress update: I've read 30%.
By Coreene Callahan Fury of Fire (Dragonfury Series #1) - Coreene Callahan

I see so many similarities between this and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but with Dragon shifters. Love Ward's series, hopefully this stays good. I can overlook that it is so similar. Please stay good!

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text 2017-09-17 12:08
Read 60 out of 350 pages
Easy Bake Coven - Liz Schulte

The heroine has the worst case of "cool girl-itis" and I want to shove her off one of the cliffs of Dover and right into the Channel. Unemotional and rational my ass.

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review 2017-09-17 04:13
Ascension by Sable Grace
Ascension - Sable Grace

This book surprised me. I went into this fully expecting a DNF, but I LIKED it! I am pretty picky and have lately been having a very difficult time finishing books I start read. This one kept my attention and I read it is a single day.


In this We have an array of paranormal and mythical type characters: vamps, demons, demigods, witches, gods, and more. I found all the species so awesome and interesting to read about. The romance was one that built with time where trust had to be earned. The characters were unique and I really liked them. There were a few times in the beginning of the book where I had to glance back to refresh my memory of who was who, but that could have (most likely) just been my over abused brain.


Recommended to fans of Kenyon's Dark Hunters and other paranormal romance or urban fantasy with romance.

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review 2017-09-16 18:20
Review: Switiching Hour (Magic and Mayhem #1) by Robyn Peterman
Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem Book One - Robyn Peterman


This was lackluster and the author tried way too hard with the humor, almost as if the author wrote this for the middle grade reader. And it suffered mightily from first bookitis, so there was so much back story and not enough of a coherent present storyline. Since the story itself was only 91 pages and there was a alpha werewolf as the hero, we get insta-lust/fated mates romance on top of the paranormal mystery. There wasn't anything too bad about the story, it just didn't have anything that interested me as a reader.

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