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review 2018-06-15 13:05
By Flower And Dean Street, & The Love Apple - Patrice Chaplin

Two and a half star rating.
Connie has it all, a lovely home, husband and four children up until she meets a stranger on a night out and then everything changes. Set in the 70's and with the Ripper influence, creepy in places and strange in others but not that scary and with a very sudden ending. I would have liked to have seen less chattering with their friends Mark and Jane and more horror in this short book!

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review 2018-05-30 12:17
DNF: The Silent Corner
The Silent Corner - Dean Koontz

Not for me. Don't like the main character, plot is choppy and irritating enough to DNF at 6%, not interested in anymore. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-05-28 15:54
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, by Alan Dean Foster
The Force Awakens (Star Wars) - Alan Dean Foster

This is the first book adaptation of a film that I've read and the first I've ever wanted to. There are of course many Star Wars novels, none of which I've read. I wondered what sort of money-grabbing, hastily edited crap I might be delving into. Though in the opening pages there was some awkward language or editing, on the whole those issues didn't persist, and the book gave me what I wanted, which was a sort of "behind the scenes" look at the story, moments we see on actors' faces translated into words, "missing scenes," etc. I got just as emotional reading particular scenes as when I watch the movie and at the same time was interested by some changes or details explained (I believe the adaptation was based on the shooting script).


Some film versus book differences of note:


Unkar Plutt isn't just a jerk, he's kind of a creeper, too. There's a missing scene where he shows up on Takodana for Rey, and Chewie rips his arm(s) off! In addition, Rey comes much closer to selling BB-8 than she appears to in the movie. There it seems her conscience gets the better of her; in the book, she counters Plutt's offer of 50 portions with 100. When he immediately accepts, that's when she decides not to sell the droid; it's like she can't bear to let him have something he so obviously wants.


I'm a bit confused by the timeline of some things in the films, so it was helpful to learn, for instance, that when Kylo Ren removes his mask when Han directs him to, we discover it's the first time Han's seen his son "grown."


There's a whole lot more on Kylo Ren's thoughts and his interactions with Snoke. In the film he comes off as moody and prone to anger. This is actually atypical of him, according to the book. He's all about control and lack of emotion. He even says that revenge is "an adolescent concession to personal vanity," which is interesting given his focus in The Last Jedi.


The book also provides context that I was unclear on, such as the fact that the Republic still exists, but there's typical political infighting in the Senate; most believe Leia is blowing things out of proportion concerning the First Order. In addition, there are more details about the First Order, storm troopers, and how that system-destroying weapon works.


There's more than that, so if you're a Star Wars fan (aren't you?!), it's worth checking out. I've already started the next one (by a different author).

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review 2018-05-09 05:52
To be continued...
The Crooked Staircase - Dean Koontz

I enjoyed the first two Jane Hawk novels, and was looking forward to this one. Given the length and blurb for this one, along with the way book 2 ended, I thought we would finally get some resolution to Jane's quest for justice. Sadly, that didn't happen. Instead, I now have more questions without answers.
The premise for Jane's story is quite terrifying. The very idea that people could be controlled to the point of suicide, plus the many other ways that the technology is used is more spine-tingling than any of the things that go bump in the night. The problem is that this one seemed to be an almost watered down version compared to the first two books in the series. The edge of your seat tension that was so prevalent in book 2 was missing here. In addition to that we get Jane, who was quite the heroine in beginning but becomes rather unbelievable in this third book in the series. She seems to know everything about everything and borders on invincible.
The story becomes drawn out with overly descriptive prose that sometimes seems to go nowhere. I'm all for setting a scene and painting a picture for the reader, but Koontz went a bit over the top with it here. At a certain point, it began to feel like so much filler and it became more distraction than anything else. We do get some gripping story and even some action in between those descriptions, but in the end, this one was just too easy to set aside. Dean Koontz has proven himself a master at nail-biting suspense, but I didn't find much of that this time around.
To sum it up, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either, and given the time I've vested in Jane Hawk's story, I will read the next book, which hopefully is more story than filler and brings some resolution.

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text 2018-05-03 14:23
Book #873 - 351,035 Pages Read
The Force Awakens (Star Wars) - Alan Dean Foster

From one of the best SW novels I have read (Rogue One) to one of the worst (this one). I noticed two major flaws with this book: Foster basically wrote the book almost verbatim from the screenplay and he also wrote it as a dumbed down young adult novel. The former is the reason I typically don't read books adapted from screenplays (SW movies being the exception, a tradition of mine). The latter caught me by surprise....I expected a more intelligent, mature approach to this book than something written by past authors in the SW Young Adult series. If you've seen the movie, you have experienced enough with Episode VII...don't bother with this book. It will take your enjoyment of this installment of the saga back a notch. Also as a sidenote, this novel apparently wasn't proofread very well.....a bevy of grammatical and spelling errors awaits the reader. Annoying as hell.....

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