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text 2019-10-29 12:53
Photoshop Retouching – It is Art and It is Technique too

Photoshop is an amazingly versatile tool. It can radically transform images or just subtly enhance them. It depends on how you use this fine tool. As they say, a knife-wielding sculptor can use the tool to carve beautiful images whereas another person using the same knife simply hacks things into small pieces. Here are a few images that show Photoshop as one of the best photo retouching tool.

Background Retouch



The left image above shows the image as it was captured by the camera. There are undesirable elements crowding the visual space. Besides, the corners and sides are darker adding to a closed-in vignetted feel. Photoshop’s masking tool can be used to select the objects and cut them out. A simpler method would be to use the clone stamp tool and pick a tonal area and then simply stamp over the undesirable objects. Then one can blur the area around the legs using masking and blur or one can pick a suitable color and spray. This can be further fine-tuned by masking or layer masking and then adding a bit of texture. Expert Photoshop retouching services select a method that suits the image and meets the goal of the creative agency. The image at the right appears entirely unnatural and unretouched.

Jewelry Retouch



It really needs an expert photographer to arrange lighting to bring about the best in jewelry. Photographing jewelry is tough because of the highly reflective surfaces of jewels and metal. For professional photo retouching services, it is not too difficult a task to carry out jewelry retouch and remove imperfections besides removing the background and unwanted reflections. The image at left shows an unretouched image which shows it set against a neutral background, some light flare, and a generally dull appearance. Experts in photo touch up use combination of the lasso, magic wand and pen tools for precise selection of the jewelry after creating a duplicate layer and then the part that shows light flare is removed by careful selection and brushing over. One can also use the clone tool. There may be further processes to check for washed-out highlights and restore them. Tiny jewels need to stand out and a step could include enhancing micro-contrast along the edges using high pass rather than plain sharpen and then use vibrancy and clarity slidersPhotoshop retouching is all about the clarity of a product or object maintaining natural impact intact or getting rid of unwanted parts of an image.

Model Basic Retouch



There is plenty one can do in Photoshop for model photo touch up. It can be quite extended, making a slim model look a bit filled out or vice-versa, a dark model could become lighter in color or the other way round, wrinkles can be made to vanish and one can change the color of the eyes and make the skin flawless. Even if one does not go in for extended steps to actually remodel a model’s looks, one should, at the very least, carry out some processes and give a beauty retouch to the photo. A few basic steps would involve selecting the areas on the face and adding some blur to hide pores and other blemishes. Eyes area can be masked or a sharpening brush is chosen to make the eyes and eyelashes stand out. As can be seen, the lips of the model do not stand out so they can be masked with a pen tool and the color is given a bit of saturation boost. Similarly, hair can be masked with alpha channel selection and color enhanced, equalized in tone, given a bit of contrast and sharpened. It depends on the creative director’s brief to the specialist in beauty retouch who does it in a way that makes the image appear unretouched.

Model Beauty Retouch



The above image is interesting and presents quite a few possibilities to bring out the best. Of course, the maximum can be derived from using ACR or Lightroom with RAW images. However, one can work on jpegs too in Photoshop for high-end retouch. Start with the hair. A major portion is in shadow with no detail. One can selectively mask hair after creating a duplicate layer and use shadows and highlight sliders to bring out tone even in the shadow areas. Adjust mid-tone contrast and add a bit of color saturation boost. The skin, as can be seen, is highly reflective and highlight areas can be washed out. These areas are masked by professional photo retouching experts and then one can use a brush, pick the color from adjacent skin areas, adjust transparency and brush thickness and brush over the shiny spots. There are fine lines under the eyes. These can be smudged or brushed over for a smooth tone. Lips areas can be masked and color saturation enhanced after removing the shiny glare. The area on the right side below the eye does not form the ideal triangle of light. Here there is an interesting possibility. The right side can be lightened to show details or, it can be further darkened for a hint of mystery and allure. The eyebrows, eyelashes, and pupils can be sharpened using sharpening brush while the skin areas are masked and blurred. A real touchup artist will lavish time and attention.

Product Basic Retouch



Products must “put their best foot forward” in order to motivate viewers to buy. However, a bare photograph has some flaws that professional photoshop retouching service can remove and make the product stand out. It starts by removing the background by using the pen tool and adjusting nodes and pulling the ears to fit contours of the product. The grey areas have some imperfections obvious on the right side areas. This area is selected using pen masking and then we use the brush, eyedropper to select the right shade of grey and then paint over the selection. Then one can use a gradient adjustment layer to make it look as the product is lighted from the back and to the right. One can just as well texturize the dark grey masked areas for a touch of realism. Whiter areas are selected and either lightened in tone to create contrast or, if the art director wishes it, lighter areas may be darkened just a little bit. One can use sharpen brush to selectively sharpen certain areas or use high pass filter.

Removing Bad Reflections



Actually, the photographer should take care of lighting so that glare and bad reflections do not detract from a photo’s appeal. However, this type of reflection may be unavoidable due to the product contours. High-end retouch experts may use discretion in deciding which types of reflections are allowed to remain. The dark band in the triangular area at the front of the image is undesirable. It can be masked and then an eye dropper is used to select the right color and then a brush with softness and spread settings is used to brush over the darker areas to a lighter shade. One can fine-tune this by fine blending and feathering to achieve a seamless look. The highlight may look rather aggressive and the thick line may be thinned down by appropriate selection tools and brushing or using an adjustment layer from selection and reducing brightness/contrast. Choose high-end Photoshop retouching services and your images truly stand out, looking un-Photoshopped when in fact they are.

Source: www.clippingpatharts.com/photoshop-retouching-it-is-art-and-it-is-technique-too
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text 2019-10-29 11:41
Tossing Daylight On The Dynamic Photoshop Shadow


An image has an in-depth meaning in Photoshop. Although, a very easiest shadow has the knack to fetch the next measurement to the image. The shadow can be crafted from any source of light. It can be low or insightful or profound throated! It also offers exceptional graphical communication and the eyes put down roots it a bit lengthier as just like it performs to the original.

Here’s tossing light on dynamic Photoshop shadow

Forming a shadow is a bit complicated for any illustrator, particularly when a source of light has to be crafted after all. It is very easy for a photographer as he acquires the natural source but for a visual artist, it is a great challenge. He has to also perform it in the editing studio. Therefore tossing light on dynamic Photoshop drop shadow is an innovative form. With the amalgamation of the shadow and the pitch, miracles can be acquired. Also when there is uniformity in the pictures then it really appears flawless. As many programs have this device it is ill-treated. Therefore it needs careful supervision. It is also attention-grabbing to take a note that a visual programmer perhaps named as a professional or a novice or even a hacker by the way he makes a shadow! The professional certainly avoids the flaws of the other two categories. He is able to craft a 2-d or 3-d image efficaciously with the tool and his method. When the method is implemented to the websites, it assists the client’s business to ascend.


How to use the drop shadow method successfully?



To be truly open, if it is not required in the picture evade it. It is an excellent option. But if a three-dimensional symbol needs to be crafted then acclimatize the top practices. Is the picture flat, uninteresting, unappealing with insipid colors? Of course, then make use of a drop shadow and pitches.

Most of us select the graphical code to decode objects in the real world. We notice the natural hours of daylight and shadow and assume the equal in the digital world. Drop shadow assists to craft the delusion of light and dark in programming. They offer a 3-D visual treat of the object and the human minds. When the illustrator crafts the right deception it can create the design/image/text more attractive. In the digital pictures, the shadow pushes the picture to hover or appear out. To create it look more lifelike, gradients can look close to the path of the drop shadow (of the object). Quicker gradients are lighter than the ones beyond (they look darker, as the sketch emerges).

This can occur with an only source of lighting. From time to time various sources of lighting are utilized. It brings complications and the artist has to skillfully utilize his skill to invent the shadow. This is where his ability comes conveniently. That is why photo-editing firms have senior artists for such jobs. In spite of the fact that the job is intricate, it doesn’t need price an explosive to the client. There are offshore companies, which can manage these jobs for cost-effective charges. They are also able to offer fast models.

Source: www.clippingpatharts.com/tossing-daylight-on-the-dynamic-photoshop-shadow
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video 2019-03-04 20:42
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text 2019-02-03 18:36
Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 416 pages.
Reflection - Elizabeth Lim

“I’ve seen many men dress as girls to evade serving in the army, but never any women who dressed as boys so they could serve.” 

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review 2018-06-13 01:13
A Reflection of Evil by William Todd
A Reflection of Evil - William Todd

Crashing trains and prison breaks! Oh, my! While this story started off a little cliched (a woman needs Holmes’s help in finding her missing husband), the story definitely took off with some originality. Holmes and Watson are always a worthy duo and this story stays true to the original stories. I felt this was a very good addition to the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Several of my favorite scenes took place on the train. Watson and Holmes are still unwinding this mystery even as they travel. Then tragedy is about to strike the train and Holmes uses his own body to save a woman from a very serious injury. I could just imagine what was going through her mind as she initially had no idea what was to befall the train and the passengers. Then in the aftermath, Watson does what he can for the injured. He has to work quickly to save a man’s leg even if it causes him great pain.

The mystery itself was good though I did feel some of the clues were pretty obvious. Several of them were presented as non sequiturs so they really stood out. I really liked the chilling conversation Holmes has with the last standing culprit at the end. I can see that villain becoming a real thorn in Holmes’s side in future adventures.

As is almost universally so for Sherlock Holmes tales, the ladies are few and far between and have very limited roles. They are comforters, love interests, or providers of food. While this story did give the ladies names and lines, I still felt they didn’t add much to the plot. Despite this issue that plagues Holmes & Watson stories, I still really enjoyed this tale. 4.5/5 stars.

The Narration: Ben Werling had great voices for Holmes and Watson. They were distinct but also sounded like the men I was expecting. Watson sounds like the more compassionate of the two yet can be decisive in an emergency. Holmes sounded a little bored or arrogant depending on the situation. Werling’s female voices could have used a touch more femininity. There were no issues with the sound recording. 4.5/5 stars.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by William Todd. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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