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text 2020-03-01 16:34
A Curse So Dark And Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer
A Curse So Dark and Lonely - Brigid Kemmerer

Having little knowledge of Beauty and the Beast, I really didn't know what to expect.
I love this story though!!
Rhen, oh my gosh, I'm so glad that Harper figured everything out that she needed to.  They are going to be an amazing couple.
I did think Harper had some sparks with Grey too though, and a small part of me is sad they didn't hook up instead.
I got sucked into this world of Emberfall just like Harper did, and now I pine for the next book in the series.
Fantasy fans, get this now!!!




10 books read to date.

Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2020/03/a-curse-so-dark-and-lonely-by-brigid.html
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video 2020-02-05 23:00

Hey!! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed, if you could take the time to like this video on YouTube I would be forever grateful. Like Instagram YouTube has it's share of problems, and hitting that like button would be an amazing help. So thank you for showing your support.


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review 2019-12-16 01:15
4 Out Of 5 STARS⇢ House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig
House of Salt and Sorrows - Erin A Craig



In a manor by the sea, twelve sisters are cursed.

Annaleigh lives a sheltered life at Highmoor, a manor by the sea, with her sisters, their father, and stepmother. Once they were twelve Thaumas girls, but loneliness fills the grand halls now that four of their lives have been cut short. Each death was more tragic than the last—the plague, a plummeting fall, a drowning, a slippery plunge—and there are whispers throughout the surrounding villages that the family is cursed by the gods.

Disturbed by a series of ghostly visions, Annaleigh becomes increasingly suspicious that the deaths were no accidents. Her sisters have been sneaking out every night to attend glittering balls, dancing until dawn in silk gowns and shimmering slippers, and Annaleigh isn’t sure whether to try to stop them or to join their forbidden trysts. Because who—or what—are they really dancing with?

When Annaleigh’s involvement with a mysterious stranger who has secrets of his own intensifies, it’s a race to unravel the darkness that has fallen over her family—before it claims her next. House of Salt and Sorrows is a spellbinding novel filled with magic and the rustle of gossamer skirts down long, dark hallways. Get ready to be swept away.















AUDIO PERFORMED BY⇢ Emily Lawrence --she was pretty good, some of her male voices were kind of ruff sounding.

BOOK COVER⇢ The different colors all look like just one color...which makes it kind of blah.

SETTING⇢ Highmoor Estate, on an Island.

SOURCE⇢ Libby Audiobook (Library)

AUDIOBOOK LENGTH⇢ 12 hours, 50 minutes




This started really slow...like I had to force myself to listen to it outside of when I was driving. It didn't really pick up until the last quarter of the book...and then all the boring parts of the story I sat and listened through started coming together and forming a rather darkly delicious retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses. 


There's a murder(s) mystery to be solved, ghost-like apparitions, a secret door (kind of like Narnia) to tons of balls, where plenty of dancing is done and shoes are worn thin.  Plus darkly haunting deaths and even some sort of mythology to round out the tale.  Overall, if you can get through the slow parts the last quarter is a favorable payoff.





Narration⇢ 4/5

Plot⇢ 4/5

Characters⇢ 4/5

The Feels⇢ 3.5/5

Pacing⇢ 3.7/5

Addictiveness⇢ 3.5/5

Theme or Tone⇢ 4.3/5

Flow (Writing Style)⇢ 4/5

Backdrop (World Building)⇢ 4/5

Originality⇢ 4.3/5

Ending⇢ 4.3/5



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review 2019-09-16 23:28
4.2 Out Of 5 STARS for The Girl in Red by Christina Henry
The Girl in Red - Christina Henry




Red Riding Hood
On Her Way to Grandma's House
Fairytale Retelling
Viral Apocalypse
Darkish & Mysterious










If you like your fairytale retellings to be fun and full of happy elements...this isn't quite the right fit for you. This one is bleak and full of end of the world sadness and destruction.


For a fairytale retelling, the ending is perfect. But, for an apocalypse story, I was like WTF this can't be ending like this. I was left wondering...what about this and what about that...no way, you're just going to leave me hanging like this. I also read on the Author's site, that she has no plans at this time to write a sequel...insert disappointed face.


Basically, she took an apocalypse/dystopian premise and weaved it into the story of Little Red Riding Hood. When looked at it from this standpoint the story completely delivers. But, when looked at it from the standpoint of an apocalypse/dystopian story with references to Red Riding Hood...it definitely leaves you wanting more from it. Her premise for the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it was not only clever, but it was also rather intense at times. With an air of mystery added to it, I was completely hooked.


But...I want more...seriously, I know I'm not the only one...



Plot⇢ 4.2/5
Narration Performance⇢ 4.5/5
Characters⇢ 4.3/5
The Feels⇢ 4.2/5
Pacing⇢ 4/5
Addictiveness⇢ 4.3/5
Theme or Tone⇢ 4.5/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇢ 4.3/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇢ 4.3/5
Originality⇢ 5/5
Ending⇢ 3.8/5 Cliffhanger⇢ Not exactly...but it is rather open-ended.


Book Cover⇢ It's actually quite awesome!
Setting⇢ I believe it's in the US...but, I'm not sure if they ever mention an actual town name.
Source⇢ Own Audible Audiobook
Length⇢ 8 hours, 21 minutes




I Read This For A Grimm Tale Square



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review 2019-06-11 20:42
4.3 Out Of 5 STARS for Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly
Stepsister - Jennifer Donnelly



๏ ๏ ๏ Highlights ๏ ๏ ๏


YA, That's Heavy on the Y...Light on the A
Children's Fantasy & Fairytales
Beauty Isn't Always Pretty
Continuing Cinderella's Story Through Her Stepsisters
Darkish...No Bippity, Boppity, Boo Here
Ultimately Uplifting




With Audio Performed by Jayne Entwistle




๏ ๏ ๏ MY RATING ๏ ๏ ๏




๏ ๏ ๏ My Thoughts ๏ ๏ ๏


Full disclosure...I was contemplating DNF'ing this one...but only because it felt kind of juvenile to me. I'm thinking, it appeals more to the Middle-School-Age Child than the Adult who is a child at heart. It had me rolling my eyes a little too much. That being said, Izzy and crew eventually won me over, and I couldn't help falling for their inspirational tale. Even the narration is notable.


This is a continuation of Cinderella's story but from the point of view of one of her "ugly stepsisters", Isabelle. All the fairytale-ness of Cinderella is here...with fairy godmothers and animated mice, goofy monkey's and a fox, it was kind of ludicrous at times. Ludicrous and yet, at some point, it became completely uplifting. There is quite a lot of talk about how this is about female empowerment and loving yourself for who you are, and it is all that, all that and more, even. This will make an excellent movie, one the entire family could enjoy, despite the darkishness of it.


๏ Breakdown of Ratings ๏


Plot⇝ 4/5
Narration Performance⇝ 4/5
Main Characters⇝ 4.2/5
Secondary Characters⇝ 4.3/5
The Feels⇝ 4.3/5
Pacing⇝ 3.7/5
Addictiveness⇝ 3.8/5
Theme or Tone⇝ 4.5/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇝ 3.8/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇝ 4.2/5
Originality⇝ 4.5/5
Ending⇝ 5/5 Cliffhanger⇝ Not Really...
๏ ๏ ๏
Book Cover⇝ Gorgeous
Setting⇝ France
Source⇝ Audiobook (Library)
๏ ๏ ๏


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