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review 2017-12-30 11:00
Matriarchs: Eliza's Revenge- Susan McDonough-Wachtman

   A light-hearted, entertaining post-feminist twist from a committed feminist writer?

I’m not sure that McDonough-Wachtman would accept that as an even partly accurate statement, but that was the sense of her writer that reading Eliza’s Revenge gave me. It is nice to read books from her generation of feminist writers that manage to be affirmative for women, while accepting that female governance doesn’t naturally take the thorns off pink-tinted roses, or indeed those blooms of any other hue. Men in this story are still agonists but, refreshingly, at least not protagonists.

   We are some way in the future, with a story that is set on a female controlled planet. This world’s environment is well governed by its women, though from the human perspective in a rather worryingly narrow ‘religiously’ organised way. The whole planet has the feel of being moulded by a tree-hugging, socialist, governance of pagan feminist priestesses. This is certainly no utopia, though we begin with that expectation. There are sinister undertones of unnatural practices and manipulation of male genetic characteristics. The men of this planet are now as female as Barbie Dolls, while some of the women certainly aren’t all ‘sugar and spice’ humanists.

   The writing is rather head-hoppy which doesn’t help the flow of the story, but the overall read is entertaining. Whether philosophical thought really stretches from entertainment into a substantive speculation I can’t really decide. Certainly, there are some important pointers about the directions humanity might move in, and the subsequent effects. The science fiction is a story enabler, rather than a serious framework; a fantasy setting in which to play with social perspective. Where one is obliged to give stars then I would give five, for the overall readability and quality, even if these stars twinkle rather than shine a consistent and penetrating bright light.

   I got the sense that McDonough-Wachtman is capable of writing with a great deal more ambition than she showed here. Far too many corners were cut with a convenient fantastical twist, and the tone was far too tongue-in-cheek to give any hard bite to the plot. This is a general readers book, not a genre scifi, and though it may well be appealing to rather more female than male readers that really isn’t a defining quality. The point that a matriarchy is no more capable of maintaining utopia from subversion than a patriarchy is well made.


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review 2017-12-29 07:28
Manga Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo (Manga Classics) by Crystal S. Chan (Story Adaptation), Alexandre Dumas, Nokman Poon (Art by)
Count Of Monte Cristo Manga Classics - Alexandre Dumas

This is my first attempt at reading the classic and I was really excited at the chance of reading this adaption. Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations. 
The cover is spectacular and it caught my eye right away. The artwork was lovely and it pretty much covered all my requisites for manga, but when it came to the actual adaption of the story… sorry but no. 
The narrative is hard to follow and there were so many characters in the first few chapters that were introduced without proper explanation that I wasn’t able to tell them apart or tell where the heck they had come from. I usually read a book before I gift it to my younger peers to make sure they will be able to understand it, and being that I had a hard time following this one I sincerely think it’s not something I will be giving away any time soon, at least not to anyone that hasn’t had a crash course on the classics. 

** I received this book via Netgalley at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.***

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review 2017-12-25 08:25
Total genial und mega spannend
Love & Revenge 1: Zirkel der Verbannung - Fiction River;Jay Lake;Lisa Silverthorne;Nancy Holder;Annie Bellet;Lee Allred;Stephanie Writt;Seanan McGuire;Anthea Sharp;Dayle A. Dermatis;Dean Wesley Smith;Annie Reed;Jeanne C. Stein;Leah Cutter;Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Diese Dystopie ist wirklich richtig genial. Es wird abwechselnd aus der Sicht von Dan und Rave geschrieben, wodurch man beide Protagonisten super kennen lernen kann.

Dan ist kurz vor ihrem 21. Geburtstag und will noch einmal tanzen. Im Club der Wilds trifft sie auf Rave und ist sofort an ihn interessiert. Um ihre Neugier nach ihm zu stillen, recherchiert sie über ihn. An dem Computer ihres Bruders - der Staatsanwalt. Und damit beginnt das Abenteuer, denn sie ist ab sofort in höchster Gefahr.

Ich war von Anfang an gefesselt und fasziniert von diesem tollen Buch. Immer wieder fragte ich mich, was da nun passiert und wie Dan aus dem Schlamassel wieder rauskommt. Vor allem, was mit ihr und Rave ist, denn dort knistert es ebenfalls ganz gewaltig. Das Ende hat mich sehr überrascht und natürlich muss ich jetzt dringend den zweiten Teil lesen.

Love & Revenge ist wirklich ein tolles Buch. Mit dem tollen Schreibstil kam ich gut durch die Geschichte und wurde außerdem zu jeder Zeit gut unterhalten.

Das Cover finde ich einfach toll. Es ist sehr gut gelungen und passt zur Geschichte.

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review 2017-12-21 09:37
Seeds of Revenge (Greenhouse mysteries, #3)
Seeds of Revenge - Wendy Tyson

I like this series.  It's cozy but it's not silly or shallow.  The characters are all likeable and realistic, the MC isn't TSTL, and the author doesn't fool with silly love triangles or an evil nemesis. The mysteries are usually well-plotted too, although this one was not Tyson's best effort; the murderer was so obvious I was getting exasperated.  She makes up for it in diabolical-ness though, and I loved the part Becca's aunt plays in the mystery.


This was a Christmastime book I almost missed in my TBR pile, although there's not a heap of Christmas spirit.  It is set in the midst of a very, very snowy winter though so it makes it perfect for my Winter Solstice/Yuletide square. 


Book themes for Yuletide: Read a book set in the midst of a snowy or icy winter,.


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review 2017-11-22 15:42
good book and characters
Served Cold (Best Revenge) - Marie Harte

In HS Jack and Ann were always together. But then Jack chose to break up with Ann in the cafeteria in front of everyone to break up with Ann for the class floozie. Ann was devastated. What Jack and Ann didn’t know  others worked together to break Jack and Ann up and making Jack believe Ann had cheated on him.   Around twelve years later Jack moved back to town and was staying. Jack had never got over Ann.Jack wants to get reacquainted  with Ann. Ann and Jack had no contact since he broke up with her. Ann just happens to be Jack’s nephews elementary school teacher. One night as Ann and her three best friends Maya and Riley were having someone they talked about Ann seeing Jack again, get him to fall for her and then dump him. Ann thought revenge would be good.  Ann feels she needs closure and to know what had happened to make Jack dump her and the way he did it. Jack and Ann’s chemistry started right back up when they got together. Jack also knew he wanted Ann back. Ann really tries for revenge but she is really too nice of a person. Also Ann finds she isn’t over Jack. But then Jack finds out the real reason Ann had started seeing him again but also why she had needed him so much before he had dumped her.

I really enjoyed reading this book . I loved the plot and pace. I really liked Jack and Ann together. I liked how Jack wined and dined Ann to try to get her back. I didn’t like how Jack and Ann made it seem what happened back in HS wasn’t really that bad. I really liked how Maya is blackmailed again to date Dex. There was a little too much sex in this for me. I did laugh while reading this. I also loved the twists and turns and the characters and I recommend. I wish I could have rated this 4.5

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