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review 2022-07-23 13:28
Review: It Devours!
It Devours!: A Welcome to Night Vale Novel - Jeffrey Cranor,Joseph Fink

Someone once told me that if I enjoyed the "John Dies At The End" series, then I would love Welcome To Night Vale. They were so right!


This books was great. Night Vale is such a mess, but in the best way. You just want to see what's going to happen next. And everything that happens is more insane and convoluted than the last thing.


This was all about the Smiling God, the other world that Carlos was once trapped in for 10 years, and oddly, Carlos losing his shit.


I loved everything about this. I listened to the audiobook as I read, and of course Cecil did an amazing job narrating.

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review 2022-03-20 14:05
Review: Impact Winter
Impact Winter - Travis Beacham

This was amazing.  Sometimes a full-cast audiobook can turn into a hot mess, but this was very well done.  The story follows a group of survivors holed up in an old castle.  Seven years prior a comet blacked out the sun and created an endless night.  Then the vampires came.  With the ability to travel without fear of the sun, they basically take over the world.  The story was wonderfully original and kept me engaged.  The voice actors did a excellent job of bringing the story to life.  And though this was a short listen, it didn't feel rushed or have major plot holes.  I have my fingers crossed that there will be a follow-up because I am invested in this world and the characters.

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review 2022-03-20 14:00
Review: Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection
Audio Collection - Edgar Allan Poe,Basil Rathbone,Vincent Price

Not even Vincent Price could save this for me.  It's official; while I enjoy some of his stories and poems, overall, I am not a fan of Poe.

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review 2021-12-30 04:36
Review: Welcome To Night Vale
Welcome to Night Vale - Jeffrey Cranor,Cecil Baldwin,Joseph Fink

Wowzers!  This was so similar and different to the podcast.  I had head of Night Vale for quite some time and when I saw the book on sale a while ago, I decided I should find out what it was all about.  But it sat on my shelf for and embarrassingly long time.  I finally checked out the podcast this year and was instantly hooked on the world, the craziness of it all and "The Voice of Night Vale" Cecil.  When I decided to finally read this, I thought it would be awesome to listen to tha audio while reading along--cuz Cecil.  I swear I would listen to him read stereo instructions.

Anyway, this was a very indepth story about Diane and her form-shifting son, Josh and the unaging Jackie.  This had all of the weirdness and shenanigans of Night Vale.  Time is a mess and there are multiple Troys spread across mutliple towns bringing the mess of Night Vale to other times and wreaking all kids of havoc.  This is full of adventure and mystery.  It was an excellent read/listen.

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review 2021-05-30 15:20
Woła mnie ciemność
Woła mnie ciemność - Agata Suchocka


"Woła mnie ciemność" to podobno horror o wampirach homoseksualistach. Bogaty w tajemnice i erotyczne opisy. Tychże opisów tak dużo nie ma. Brutalności charakterystycznej dla horroru nie dopatrzyłam się. Raczej jest to kiepski thriller o przewidywalnej fabule, dla miłośników literatury LGBT.

Książkę wysłuchałam w formie audiobooka i może i lepiej, bo nie wiem czy bym tak szybko przeczytała normalny tekst, gdzie w kółko są te same powtarzające się schematy, natomiast główna tajemnica szybko przestaje szokować. Nie czuję się zawiedziona, bo też nie miałam większych oczekiwań po tym tytule.
Książka ani ziębi, ani grzeje.


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