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review 2018-05-14 04:08
The Soldier's Scoundrel (The Turner Series #1) by Cat Sebastian
The Soldier's Scoundrel - Cat Sebastian

This was my first by the author and it for sure won't be my last. Oliver and Jack were from opposite sides on the social scale and yet they found a way to make it work in a totally believable way. Even though Jack was kind of a jerk at times he was still lovable and charming and oh, so sexy. Definitely an enjoyable, satisfying story. 

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review 2018-03-04 02:50
Blue Sage (Western Lovers: Ranch Rogues #2) - Anne Stuart

I ponder a lot, about these characters who stay in small towns where they're miserable. I really ponder why this town continues to exist. Seems like such a tragedy in a town that barely qualifies for a truck stop (with no gas station...where do people gas up?). the kindest thing would be for the whole town to die. And of course, I wonder why something like what happened would keep being rehashed.


So basically, the past is that the H's father, a Korean war vet, had...issues...from his time there. And the H's mother, freaked out by him, left with the H, then a 2 year old. 15 years later, he snapped during the 4th of July, and shot a bunch of people. It is implied that prior to this, a bunch of animals in the area turned up dead, at his hand. The h was the lone survivor among the victims - she was shot in the knee.


The H has spent the last 15 years having people look at him suspiciously due to who his father was. I kinda puzzled at that. His almost-step-father insists that he go back to his parents' home town and well, figure things out.


The h has become, whether she wanted to or not, the town martyr. She wants out. The town judge took her in by marrying her (he's dead now), and well, everyone takes care of her...until she sleeps with the H, then they turn on her like rabid dogs. (see "why do people remain in small towns when they're miserable?"). He stays away for a bit and they sort of forgive her, deciding she's been victimized again (well, yeah - by them).


In the meantime, someone is planning on recreating the tragedy. The H's reappearance is v. convenient as everyone suspects him. The person makes their move against the h, the H for whatever reason goes back and gets her untied, then they go and avert disaster.


As stated earlier, I don't get why the h had stayed there. I don't get why she let herself get railroaded into a marriage (no relatives apparently). I don't get a lot of things about this set up really.

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review 2018-02-06 00:00
Rogues to Riches (Volume One) (Rogues to Riches Boxed Sets Book 1)
Rogues to Riches (Volume One) (Rogues to Riches Boxed Sets Book 1) - Erica Ridley Lord of Chance - From bad to worse to love. Anthony is no girl's dream man. He gambles, flirts and is in debt up to his eyeballs but his sexy charm reels in a woman that may just have him seeking to change his ways. Charlotte is a woman that just can't catch a break. The sins of her parents have become her constant companions as she seeks to have a chance at finding herself and mending her reputation. She's not looking for trouble, yet it finds her all the same. Scandalous, endearing and hard to resist, the adventures of this scrumptious duo are not to be missed. Lord of Chance is 5 star material. (5 star)

Lord of Pleasure - Eat your heart out Cinderella, you've just met your match. Camellia is a late bloomer, but when she breaks free her wallflower status quickly falls by the wayside. A masquerade ball, a sexy rake, a scandalous wager and liaison take her from the shadows to the spotlight. Her heart and reputation will never be the same. Lord of Pleasure dances it way into a classic as it scandalizes and romances as it succeeds in casting an enchanting spell. (5 star)

Lord of Night - Lord of Night felt like stepping into a Jane Austen novel. From the charming characters to the addictive dialogue and the heartwarming lessons delivered along the way. Ms. Ridley knows how to capture heart and grab attention all in one sitting. Dahlia is the kind of character I like to see. She listens to her heart and never lets fear factor into her choices. Humanity as a whole could learn a lesson from this woman. Simon is the perfect antagonist to Dahlia. He lives by the rules. When he meets Dahlia, Simon begins to question everything he is. They have much to teach each other about love, risk and optimism. The fearless Dahlia and the by the book Simon may just have met their match in each other. I have had the pleasure of experiencing this brave tale of hope and courage as an ebook and a audio book. The ebook inspires, but the audio version brings the story to life. Ms. Hussey gives personality to an already memorable set of characters. (4 star)

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review 2018-01-29 06:34
The Pirate & I (Devil's Duke #2.5) by Katharine Ashe
The Pirate and I: A Novella (Devil's Duke) - Katharine Ashe

Despite the name of the book there wasn’t really any swashbuckling or much presence of pirates yet the story included a bit of adventure and plenty of romance. 
I had trouble following the storyline when it started and it wasn’t until way past the middle part of the book that everything started to make sense. I think some of that had to do with the fact that this novella is part of a series and that to fully enjoy it other books in the series will need to be read first. 

All in all it was still entertaining and different what with Esme’s unique talent, the theft of a dog, and a rogue trying not to fall again for the woman he once thought lost to him. 

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review 2018-01-26 21:07
A Looming of Vultures by Richard Storry
A Looming of Vultures: Volume I (Ruritanian Rogues) (Volume 1) - Richard Storry

This was a fun listen! Rudolph (Rudy) enjoys relieving high society individuals of their valuables. I think he does it mostly out of boredom. His manservant, Wilhelm (Willy), has tried everything he can think of to break him of this bad habit. This situation provided plenty of humor throughout the story.

At a fancy dinner party, an expensive necklace goes missing and this newspaper reporter gets blamed but perceptive folks don’t truly believe he stole it. Rudy has a naughty laugh up his sleeve because he knows exactly who took that necklace. Meanwhile, Willy is trying really hard not to roll his eyes at this while others are around.

So this baron or count or some such decides to take extra precautions concerning his safe. He brings three others into the plan, including Rudy because he believes he is an honorable man. Of course, this just presents a challenging opportunity for Rudy to get rich. Willy once again tries to persuade him not to do so… including threatening to never, ever make Rudy his favorite chocolate tiffin ever again. Ha! This story had me chuckling at every turn.

So while I know I shouldn’t root for Rudy, I didn’t want him caught and punished either. Luckily, the story gives us a true villain. There’s murder and deception and politics! Rudy and Willy inadvertently get drawn into this and when pushed up against the wall, they have to decide where that moral line is.

My one criticism for this story is that the ladies don’t really get to do anything. They flutter about in expensive sparkly jewelry and tell their men how clever they are. Really, you could have left them out all together and the plot wouldn’t have been impacted at all. So I would have liked some real female characters.

Overall, this story was a delicious mix of humor and serious crime. The play between Willy and Rudy was great and often had me laughing. Rudy is a bit of a scoundrel but I can see him taking on greater things, especially if there’s a bit of silver or gold in it for him. I love that the author included a recipe for the chocolate tiffin. 4/5 stars.

The Narration: Richard Urry was excellent in performing this book. He has distinct voices for all the characters and his lady voices are feminine. I loved his voice for Willy as I could just picture all the facial remarks this character made (rolling eyes, grimacing, etc.). Also, there’s a recipe at the end of the book and Urry proves that he’s delightful to listen to no matter what he’s reading. 5/5 stars.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Jake Urry. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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