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review 2017-02-06 21:58
The Hum and the Shiver by Alex Bledsoe - My Thoughts
The Hum and the Shiver (Tufa #1) - Alex Bledsoe

Novels of the Tufa - Book 1


This book was a guts buy for me when it was on sale a few weeks ago.  I picked it and books 2 and 3 up at the same time just because the blurbs sounded good!  And different.

We're basically talking musical fae folk in the Appalachian mountains.

The Tuatha Dé Dannan of Irish-Celtic mythology disappeared way back when, according to folklore, and in these tales, they have disappeared to Appalachian America.  Tennesee.  Cloud Country.  And are now called the Tufa.  :)  I love it!  This is a take I've not read before and it instantly caught my attention.

So, when The Hum and the Shiver turned out to be a really enjoyable read, I was right pleased!

It tells the tale of one of the First Daughters of one of the two Tufa clans (basically the seelie and unseelie folk) returning home a war hero after a horrific attack and imprisonment overseas.  Will she claim her birthright and heal herself in mind and body or will she turn her back on the responsibilities it entails.  And what about some of the other characters - what choices will they make?  Accept what they are and embrace it, or not.

Now, I'm not certain if the characters we meet in this book continue their stories in the others, but I think maybe, even if they aren't the main characters of the subsequent books.  Doesn't matter.  I love the premise, I really enjoy Bledsoe's voice and his writing is gorgeous and easy to read, so yep, I will be reading them!   Oh, and if you're a fan of Charles de Lint, you will definitely like these, IMO.

I do wonder though... what happened to Fred Blasco???????

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review 2016-12-07 18:46
Shiver by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott - My Thoughts
Shiver - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

This book was a round-about rec in a way.  One of the romantic suspense novelists I follow on Twitter was quoted on a book blog about some of her fave reads and the 3rd book in this series was one of the ones she mentioned.  So, I went to check out the series and it hit a lot of my 'ooooh' buttons, so I went and picked up this first book.  


There are 4 men who are as close, if not closer, than brothers.  A millionaire club owner/businessman, a surgeon, a security company head and a chef.  This story is about the millionaire and what happens when he gets targeted by the bad guys over his latest property venture.  His buddy, the security company guy, sends him a bodyguard and the romance begins.  :)


It worked for me for the most part.  I enjoy the whole band of brothers thing and all the characters are bigger than life, which is fun for me.  It could be compared, I guess, to the Abi Roux Cut & Run books or SE Jakes' Tommy & Prophet series, but it's got a bit to go to live up to those faves of mine.  


The romance and sex is steamy hot and the falling in love stuff makes sense for the most part.  Although I did find that maybe, in certain tense situations, maybe the guys could have held off on the whoopee for a little bit?  


However... I did knock down my rating because this pair of authors, like many in the m/m genre, use the word SMIRK so often and think it's a hot and sexy expression.  OH. MY. GOD!  It's SO not.  It's smarmy and supercilious and obnoxious and it turns me right off and hauls me out of the story quickerthanthis.  UGH, I hate it.  In my uneducated opinion, I they use it in the hopes of it coming across as uber masculine.  Anyway, if I were the editor, I'd be raising hell.  


So, I will be adding the others to the TBR pile and hope that the word is used much, much less.  



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text 2016-07-21 14:42
Shiver - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

DNF at 27% so no rating


this is probably a case of ~it's not you, it's me~ type of situation but for me it was:


too much "oh, he's so hot" 

too much "i don't do seconds"

too much "he's so hot, but I bet he's straight"

too much "oh, he's so hot"



also I was bored out of my mind.

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review 2016-07-18 11:58
Review: Shiver - Unbreakable Bonds series #1
Shiver - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

**** 4,5 UST stars ****



"He dragged his mouth along Andrei's jaw, savoring the prickles of his whiskers. He kissed him slowly, a tantalizing caress of his lips moving along Andrei's, learning the contours of his mouth, the softness, the gutwrenching fullness of his lower lip. Lucas pulled away and Andrei chased him, opening his mouth in a soft moan."


I really enjoyed this one!


It's about four guys, Lucas, Snow, Rowe and Ian who are like family to each other. The main character of this first book is Lucas, and his maybe not so straight bodyguard, Andrei.


"His brother. His warrior. His heart. Four friends. Unbreakable bonds."

I'm not going to spoil much of the story. There is a mystery story line and there's a romance story line. The slow build and the unresolved sexual tension between Lucas and Andrei was through the roof! I loved it! 



They were so into each other. There were lots of push and pull. Lots of kissing. And the UST scenes were perfectly interspersed between the mystery plot line, keeping me on my toes and dying for more! 


The long descriptive kissing scenes for one. HOT! *groan*



The story wasn't perfect. There were a few niggles here and there, the bad guy scene was a bit rushed for one, but I found myself not caring about the nitpickings, since I very much enjoyed this!




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text 2016-07-13 08:57
I've finished reading Shiver
Shiver - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

This was a great book! Yay!

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