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text 2017-02-09 04:12
You can check out any time you like...
The Devil's Guests - Sam West,Mark Tufo,Jasper Bark,Wade H. Garrett,Shane McKenzie,Matt Shaw,Armand Rosamilia,Gary McMahon,Kealan Patrick Burke,Wrath James White,Jeff Strand,Ryan Harding,David Moody

Being one of Matt's Dirty Little Love Monkeys in the Sick B*stards Society gave me access to an early preview of The Devil's Guests. These were my notes from my advanced copy...

I'm less than halfway into my sneak peek (pts 1 & 2) of THE DEVIL'S GUESTS, and  there are already some new, and very original forms of torture being inflicted upon our main characters! I'm being led to new levels of depravity, and I'm skipping as I descend into the depths!

I can't help but wonder what would happen if these authors were all in the same room together during this project, instead of being scattered among the globe. I have no doubt that alcohol and bail money would both be involved.

Full review to come! 


Peace, Love & Necrophilia ♥  

 ~ sg

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text 2016-10-30 19:09
The Twelve Tasks of the Festive Season: Sneak Peek 3

This is the last sneak peek, before the full reveal on 


November 1!


Task the Twelfth: The Wassail Bowl



Wassail is a hot, mulled punch often associated with Yuletide drunk from a 'wassailing bowl'. The earliest versions were warmed mead – ale brewed with honey – into which roastedcrab apples were dropped and burst to create a drink called 'lambswool' drunk on Lammas day, still known in Shakespeare's time.


- Read a book set in the UK, preferably during the medieval or Victorian periods (for those of us doing the Merlin read-along, this task is covered).

- Go out or stay in to drink a festive, holiday beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Take a picture of your drink, and post it to share - make it as festive as possible!

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text 2016-10-29 22:02
The Twelve Tasks of the Festive Season: Sneak Peek 2

For today's sneak peek, I introduce to you:


Task the Eighth: The Movie Ticket



- Read a book that has been adapted to a holiday movie or television show, on either the large screen or the small screen.

- Go see a new theater release this holiday season (during November/December. This does not have to be a holiday movie, so yes, Fantastic Beasts will qualify, as will Rogue One).


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text 2016-10-28 21:17
The Twelve Tasks of the Festive Season: A Sneak Peek


Since bingo is rapidly winding down, OBP and I decided that we should have a little scavenger hunt through the holidays. This is just for fun! Reads/activities can be gathered in any order - you don't need to complete any individual task before moving on to the next.


We have come up with 12 festive tasks for you to undertake - each task has two options for completion. One of the options is reading related, the other is an activity. You can fulfill the task by doing one of the two, but feel free to do both if they catch your fancy. 


As for the question of prizes: this game is not prize focused. However, at the end of the game, in early January, everyone who has completed all twelve tasks will be entered in a drawing and something fun will be forthcoming!


So, now, a sneak peek!


Task the Third: The Holiday Party


- Read a book where a celebration or party is a big part of the action. Examples would include holiday parties, country house hunting/weekend parties, weddings, etc.

- Make something that is considered party food where you are from, and share a picture of it on booklikes.


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review 2016-03-20 20:51
Short freebie..
DC Sneak Peek: Batgirl (2015) #1 - Cameron Stewart,Brenden Fletcher,Babs Tarr

This is a short freebie that focuses more on Batgirl than Barbara Gordon.   (The regular series can juggle both more adeptly as they simply have more pages, and thus more time.   It makes sense that this would be focused solely on Batgirl; after all, with only eleven pages, there isn't much time to maneuver around Batgirl and Babs.)


It's also smart to focus on Batgirl instead of Babs.   It's not that she's better when she's in her suit, but that is the main attraction.   I like getting to peek into her life as a student, or her relationships with the people around her, but I originally came because I thought she was going to kick some ass.   And boy, does she!  


I was also talking about body type to someone and how I liked how Barbara looks in this series: very girlish, very much like a gymnast.   But she pulls some gymnastic moves that proves to me that she should look like that: if you look at certain types of athletes, yes, they have certain body types.   Ballet dancers and women who are gymnasts?   Tend to be very lithe, without the, ah, assets that so many comic book women have.   (Or as I put it, let's face it, a lot of them look like pre-adolescent girls.   No boobs, very skinny.   I bring this up because I read a review that commented on how they wished she had less skinny arms and legs, and I think it actually fits how she fights: relying on brains, very much with the gymnast moves.)


She also fights using brains over brawn.   If she can outthink her way of a situation, she will.   She just has the chops to finish up a fight if she needs to get into one.   (Or can fight her way to maneuver herself into her final plan, which can involve smarty-pants ideas instead of just knocking someone out.)   She is, to me, the perfect blend of smart and sassy, and is reasonable enough to know when which tack is needed.   


I'm loving this series so much right now!   





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