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text 2014-12-09 15:14
Snuggle: Snowed in Series Romance Style
One Christmas Knight (The Sisters Waskowitz, #1) - Kathleen Creighton
Mountain Midwife - Cassie Miles
A Very Special Delivery - Brenda Harlen
Snowbound - Janice Kay Johnson
Snowbound with the Soldier - Jennifer Faye
Proposal at the Lazy S Ranch - Patricia Thayer
Snowbound in the Earl's Castle - Fiona Harper
All That Love Is (Harlequin Superromance) (Everlasting Love, #14) - Ginger Chambers
Winter Kissed: A Kiss Of FrostIce Bound - Michele Hauf,Vivi Anna
Stranded with the Tycoon - Sophie Pembroke

Yesterday, we talked about Summer Christmas. Ahhh. I can feel the sand in my toes and smell that salt air. 


But today, lets snuggle up with Snowed in Romances. I don't know about you but it is crazy time around here and Series Romances (Loveswept, Mills and Boon, Harlequin) are the perfect bon bon size for sneak reading. Sneak reading is my sport as we near the holidays. 


Enjoy these couples who are snowed in! I wonder how ever will they pass the time? My lists are never in any particular order.


1. One Christmas Knight by Kathleen Creighton 

2. Snowbound by Janice Kay Johnson

3. Snowbound with the Soldier by Jennifer Faye

4. Snowbound in the Earl's Castle by Fiona Harper

5. All That Love Is by Ginger Chambers

6. Winter Kissed by Michele Hauf

7. Stranded with the Tycoon by Sophie Pembroke

8. Proposal at the Lazy S Ranch by Patricia Thayer

9. A Very Special Delivery by Brenda Harlen

10. Mountain Midwife by Cassie Miles


Get the Vote Out! Goodreads List--Snuggle: Snowed in Series Romance Style

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review 2014-11-29 00:00
The Kiss Before Midnight
The Kiss Before Midnight - Sophie Pembroke


Jane Hunt Writer First Steps

Jane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Facebook

Jane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+

If you're looking for a romantic Christmas story, 'The Kiss Before Midnight' is a must read. This is the second festive story by Sophie Pembroke that I have read this week and this one is definitely my favourite. Molly and Jake have known each other forever but after last New Year's Eve, Molly can no longer see Jake, only as her older brother's best friend.

Molly is a curious mix of confidence and insecurity. During the Christmas festivities, she questions her motives for leaving the city and job she loves and whether she should pursue her last New Year's resolution.

Jake, is Molly's parents' surrogate son and he is reluctant to jeopardise this by pursuing Molly in the way he would like to. I loved Jake. In many ways he was like a small boy pressing his nose against the window of family life; A voyeur rather than a participant. Gradually he realises these feeling are internal rather than external barriers to his happiness.

The sensual heat between Jake and Molly is warmer than the mulled wine that flows so freely and leads to some humorous moments. When they finally give in to their attraction it leads to more misunderstanding and heartache for the couple.

The romance is sweet and the ending perfectly crafted. The setting is a perfect Christmas, English style, which I enjoyed.

I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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review 2014-11-26 00:00
The Kiss Before Christmas
The Kiss Before Christmas - Sophie Pembroke


Jane Hunt Writer First Steps

Jane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Facebook

Jane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+

With her New York dream in tatters Dory faces Christmas alone, enter her boss Tyler who is clearly attracted, not to mention wholly dependent on her. Tyler is a public relations disaster and Dory is the only one who can save him from his mother's wrath. So rather than spending Christmas with her family in England, she finds herself at Tyler's soulless family gathering, where she feels like a specimen under a microscope.
Hardly the stuff of a Christmas romance but against this unlikely setting Dory meets Lucas, Tyler's older, sexier and single brother. There is simmering chemistry between Dory and Lucas but too many secrets threaten their romance. This novella has some key supporting characters, which illustrate the snobbery and prejudice of Tyler's family perfectly. The story has plenty of humour and a lovely romantic ending.

Source: jolliffe01.com/2014/11/28/4-review-the-kiss-before-christmas-sophie-pembroke
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review 2014-11-01 00:00
The Kiss Before Midnight
The Kiss Before Midnight - Sophie Pembroke The Kiss Before Midnight by: Sophie Pembroke
FAVORITE NEW AUTHOR. CUTE STORY. Couldn't put it down.
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review 2014-04-24 06:33
The Kiss Before Christmas - Sophie Pembroke

In The Kiss Before Christmas by Sophie Pembroke, Dory Mackenzie has left her home to go to Manhattan to work. At first everything was like a dream for her, she was engaged to a handsome and rich man and had her dream job. Only once she was in Manhattan, she soon lost it all. Her fiancé left her and her job is gone. Now she works as a PA for Tyler Alexander, a man known for his womanizing ways, but she is immune to him and his charm.


Unfortunately, right before Christmas Tyler has been caught on cameras in a very compromising position with a woman, whose face is was not captured. Now he needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his mother for the holidays and the best person for the job is Dory. Obviously this is not something that she would accept, but when he offers her a paid trip and vacation over New Years to Liverpool so she can go be with her family she can no longer refuse.


Dory misses her family and she will pretend to be in a relationship with Tyler in order to be able to go home for the holidays. Otherwise she would not be able to afford it at all. But when Lucas, Tyler’s older brother, comes to get them to drive them to the house she knows that she will have a hard time keeping the façade in front of him. While Dory is immune to Tyler, she is not immune to Lucas and she will long to tell him the truth.


But things will get more complicated once they arrive at the family estate. Tyler’s mother immediately disapproves of her and she has to share a bedroom with Tyler. Not only that, Lucas gets more and more suspicious about her relationship with Tyler since he spends all his time on his phone and doesn’t seem to notice her obvious discomfort. So Lucas takes it upon himself to defend and protect her from his mother’s barbs while trying to figure out the truth.


Lucas and Dory will not have an easy start to their relationship. They will have the lie that Tyler has created as an impediment to them starting anything immediately. To make matters worst, once Dory finds out who the woman in the picture is, she will have to decide if to keep the façade and lies that Tyler has made and betray Lucas, or tell the truth and lose her job.


The Kiss Before Christmas is a sweet and fun novella that will keep you wondering what will happen next. I really liked Lucas and Dory with their honorable and very realistic approach to life. While Tyler sure deserves what’s coming to him with the woman he is seeing, as you will learn once you know who she is.


If you want a sweet, fun and fast read, don’t miss The Kiss Before Christmas by Sophie Pembroke.

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