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review 2017-07-27 08:00
Written In Red
Written in Red - Anne Bishop

It is not often that a book is recommended to me as much as Written in Red (and the entire Others series really) has been recommended to me. Over the last few years I have heard so many great things about it that I decided to give it a go.

Meg has escaped her compound and is looking for a place to hide when she sees the sign at the Lakeside Courtyard - Human Law Does Not Apply. While working as their Human Liaison (which is really stretching it as Meg herself is a cassandra sangue) she gets to know the Others (or terra indigene as they prefer to call themselves) which consists of anything from vampires, shapeshifters to Elementals. Meanwhile, Meg's master really wants her back and will stop at nothing.

It was a very enjoyable book. In the beginning I was slightly disappointed because after all the recommendations I thought it was rather slow. After I while though, I was really caught by it and it was very difficult to put the book down. I'm already looking forward to reading the second book (but it will have to wait until I finish reading some other books). Nevertheless, there were some things I didn't particularly like or thought were strange (maybe it will be better explained in the next novel). The romance angle that I feel coming since the start of the book is making me cringe already, but since nothing really happened in this book, I'm only stating that I'm sure that is where it is going.

Onto book two!

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review 2017-07-16 08:00
Colt Harper: Esteemed Vampire Cat
Colt Harper: Esteemed Vampire Cat - Tyrolin Puxty

Colt Harper: Esteemed Vampire Cat was at once both completely absurd and a very nice read. It was just as weird as the title would make you expect, although the Esteemed part is mostly only through Colt's own eyes.

Colt is sent to do community theatre with some other misbehaving monsters for killing humans, again. If they are not successfully putting on a play at the end of it, they will be taken to 'The Valley'. It's were the bad monsters go (and for some reason have to keep running, for ever). All the while, Colt and his friends are being hunted and Colt's 'borrowed' body starts acting up. But maybe, he's not as alone as he always feared.

Do not expect too much of a plot or a lot of world building, but if you're looking for some laughs, and like the absurd, this is your thing. Tyrolin Puxty's other series (Broken Dolls) makes an appearance, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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text 2017-07-07 13:40
7th July 2017
Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert A. Heinlein

Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig. 


Robert A. Heinlein


Decades before the waterbed was patented and popularized in America, science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein (born July 7, 1907) described them in detail in his books.

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review 2017-06-20 01:52
Book Review: Dark Stranger
Dark Stranger the Dream - I.T. Lucas

Dark Stranger (The Dream) by I. T. Lucas is the first book in the Children of Gods series. I went into the book with high expectations, although my experience with the author was non-existent. However, my fascination with the premise led me to pick up this book.


What is the story about?
The story introduces readers to a world where gods inhabit the earth. There are those who are good and seek to protect humanity while there are those whose thirst for power seeks to wage war and create havoc. These are known as Doomers. The protectors are dying out as they cannot procreate with their kind. The ability to protect their clan lies in them gaining access to a dormant strain of their DNA allowing them the ability to carry on their lineage. Amanda Dokani a god and a neuroscientist believed she has found the DNA in her research assistant Syssi. If only she could convince her brother, the head of the North American clan, that Syssi was his soul mate and the future of their clan depends on them both.

My Perspective

The Story
This being the first book in the series, I was expecting an exciting build-up to the events that would follow in the rest of the books. In addition, based on the synopsis, I expected a fast-paced, edge of your seat and steamy read. Unfortunately, I did not receive what I had expected. Instead, I got a story with a slow pace and lots of sexual tension. In spite of the slow pace, I was not bored. This instalment set the pace for the other books to come. It provided background information on these supernatural beings, which I found fascinating. Learning about their origins, their fight for survival and how they blended in with humanity made for an interesting read.

I normally read stories told from at least three (3) POVs. My experience this time around was different a this story was told from multiple third person omniscient POVS. At first, I thought I would have issues, but this was not the case. The story is written in such a way it was easy to follow and the transition between POVs was flawless. I was expecting action and steamy scenes, but it never materialised in this instalment.

The book ended with a cliff-hanger which was not surprising. This is a series of nine books, broken down into three books for each couple.

Main characters

Kian is a 2000-year-old god and the head of the North American clan. He is an alpha in every sense of the word. He is arrogant, dominant, possessive, caring and protective. The author’s portrayal made it easy to like him. Kian is a complex character. He appears tough, but beneath that lays a lonely soul desperate to love and to receive love. However, fears from his past crippled him. He has been that way for 1,976 years.

Syssi is a character that I had a difficult time with, and sad to say I did not connect with her. She was intelligent, funny at times and painfully shy. Her portrayal was contradictory. She is able to sense danger due to her precognitive capabilities. However, these abilities were under-utilised.

Supporting Characters
I found the secondary characters interesting. They each had their story to tell. The author’s decision to give us their POVs helped to make their roles intriguing and piqued my curiosity, which, made me want to know more about them. I am especially intrigued by Amanda, Kian’s sister and Dalhu, one of their sworn enemies. Their past is riddled with mystery, which I am eager to uncover.

The Romance
This was where I had my biggest issue. First and foremost, I did not connect with Kian and Syssi as a couple. Their connection was more physical than emotional. Then to make matters worse, I did not get the hot, scorching and steamy love scenes I was expecting based on the book’s description. Well, I guess my expectations were too high because what I got was nothing to write home about. All of Syssi’s intimate encounters with Kian took place in her dreams and even those were blah. When I thought that, finally her dreams would become a reality they were interrupted by a phone call. I was like “seriously”.

Dark Stranger the Dream is not a bad start to the Children of Gods series. There were aspects I enjoyed and some not so much. I am curious to know how the events eventually unfold, so I will be picking up the second book in the series. If you are a fan of serials and paranormal stories, then you will enjoy this book.

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review 2017-06-13 07:11
Book Review For: Stranger by Robin Lovett
Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance - Robin Lovett
Stranger: A Dark Stalker RomanceStranger: A Dark Stalker Romance by Robin Lovett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Stranger' by Robin Lovett is book One in the New Series " A Dark Stalker Romance". This is the story of Logan and Penny.
Penny just lost her father just a few months ago which she is finding emotionally upsetting. Although they were not that close he was still her father. Her brother though seems to hate their father and doesn't understand her feelings. One day she happens to see a man on her lunch break just standing their looking at her. Penny does nothing but see him again when she gets off this goes on for almost a week before she confronts him. Logan has been watching Penny and waiting for her to approach him. Logan hated Penny's father and now feels like his revenge on her father would have to come through Penny. When he tries to tell her what her father has done she doesn't listen and walks away. But she slowly comes back to him another day to listen. Although she is reluctant to believe him, she does believe his threats to tell the media.
Their relationship starts with blackmail but it slowly starts to grow into love and for these two lost soles to come together. Although their story has a happy ending her this book does lead you into the second book with a small tease into that second book.
A Dark Stalker Romance:
Stranger, Book 1
Deceiver, Book 2
Keeper, Book 3
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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Source: www.amazon.com/Stranger-Stalker-Romance-Robin-Lovett-ebook/dp/B06X96TQZL/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497204599&sr=8-1&keywords=Stranger+Robin+Lovett
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