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review 2018-02-12 03:26
These characters, every single one, needed an intervention.
The Wednesday Group - Sylvia True

A good reminder of why I don't like "chick lit" so much. While not offensively bad, I had much higher hopes for this book. The concept was a good one, then entered the characters... None of the depth one would hope to find in a group of this type was found on these pages. In fact, having both led groups and been a group member through the years, this was wildly unrealistic. The women did stupid things, all presented false fronts not only to the world but also to their therapy group, yet they all seemed able to create genuine friendships. How exactly is that possible? These characters, every single one, needed an intervention.


This is one I even resented using my time to read. I'm glad it was a library book.

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review 2018-01-01 23:45
Mennyms Alone, Mennyms #4 by Sylvia Waugh
Mennyms Alone - Sylvia Waugh

After the shocking end to the previous book, the Mennyms cautiously begin to go about their lives again. That is until Sir Magnus has a premonition. The end is nigh!

Waugh, as the series goes on, continually reached for a deeper meaning in her story about a rag-doll family that could have simply skimmed on the surface of cute whimsy. Sometimes she's reaching beyond her grasp, but with the early book and with this one she's hit a mark here. Time is passing outside even if the Mennyms advance only slowly. The outside world was going to figure out the Mennyms sooner or later and there would be questions that couldn't be avoided with a low-brimmed hat or an attitude.

Whatever their personal feelings about the premonition, the dolls prepare - especially Tulip - in their own way. As the day and the hour come nearer we can only wonder along with them about what will happen.

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review 2018-01-01 23:42
Mennyms Alive, Mennyms #5 by Sylvia Waugh
Mennyms Alive - Sylvia Waugh

The previous two books varied in quality, but shared a general "bummer" feeling. The Mennyms had faced the prospect of annihilation and had taken it with dignity, if incredulously.  

What happened next was their discovery by humans, but only as some beautifully crafted rag-dolls. The heirs to the house the Mennyms had lived in for so many decades were a little put-out by inheriting a house fully furnished and packed to the rafters with things.

As a side-note I would have been thrilled, but most people are not me.

Anyway, a kind-hearted antiques dealer and doll-lover adopts the Mennyms and creates a space for them in the unused apartment above her shop. Then without even the help of an old silk hat, the Mennyms come back to life and must plan out their next move.

A logical end to the series, but somehow unsatisfying.

Previous: <a href="https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2172014186">Mennyms Alone</a>

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review 2018-01-01 23:12
Mennyms Under Siege, Mennyms #3
Mennyms Under Siege - Sylvia Waugh

Poor Pilbeam. All she wanted to do was to spend an evening out in the theater, and lose herself, her worries and her bruised rag-doll heart in the rhythms of Shakespeare. Instead, she's threatened by the reappearance of a nosy neighbor.

Sir Magnus, upset by this and a few other suspicious incidents, including a close run-in with child protective services, declares that the Mennyms must stay indoors at all costs and sever ties with the outside world. Predictably this doesn't go well as further events make the family increasingly paranoid and afraid, even as they begin to get sore with one another from keeping such close quarters for  so long.

Unlike the previous books, the charm wears thin. Things get increasingly metaphysical and readers can't share in the suspense either, so there wasn't much cause to read this except for the fact there's another one after.

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review 2017-12-30 18:12
Afterburn and Aftershock - Sylvia Day

Jackson (Jax) and Gianna (Gia) dated each other a few years ago. Gia fell in love and Jax left. Without a word. Fast forward 2 years. Gia is well on her way to becoming a successful business woman. Jax is still Jax. Jax happens to be a Rutledge; a family famous for their business and political clout. This is why he broke it off with her; he had Reasons. 
I was surprised I liked this as much as I did. While I didn't like Jax (surprise there) at the beginning, he grew on me and I liked him by the end of the book. Gia was awesome and I liked her. She didn't make it easy for Jax and I liked that. Gia's mentor, Lei was also likable and I could relate to her. 
The Rossi's, Gianna's family, were fucking awesome! Her brothers love her and are supportive of her without being overprotective. The Rutledges are the complete opposite of the Rossi family.
I did think Jax's "Reasons" were lame; that is what COMMUNICATION is for.

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