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review 2017-05-01 11:49
The Odditorium: The Tricksters, Eccentrics, Deviants and Inventors Whose Obsessions Changed the World
The Odditorium: The Tricksters, Eccentrics, Deviants and Inventors Whose Obsessions Changed the World - Jo Keeling,David Bramwell

This one should have been a 5 star, but I knocked 1/2 star off for some shocking editing blunders and another 1/2 star for occasionally crossing the line from humorous commentary into editorialising.  And really cheap, newsprint type paper stock. 


Otherwise it is an excellent read; most of the people profiled were unknown to me, so there was a lot of new information.  Those I'd heard of before were shown here from a different perspective, giving me a more rounded view of them.


The book is divided by types:  Tricksters and Subversives, Creative Mavericks, Wild at Heart, etc. with 8-10 people profiled under each.  The emphasis is on profile; these are not comprehensive by any stretch, but each chapter ends with suggestions for further exploration of each person via books, excursions, movies, etc..  I can't think of any of them that I didn't find fascinating in their own way and quite a few of them got the "read out loud" treatment.


If you like off-the-beaten-path knowledge and see this one out in the wild, check it out - it's worth a read.

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photo 2015-05-07 15:30

The girl on the front of this vintage young adult book from 1988 ‘The Tricksters’ by Margaret Mahy is the double of Cara Delevingne!

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review 2012-01-04 00:00
The Tricksters - Margaret Mahy This book was ok to me. It really dragged on at points and I didn't think the book jacket was really descriptive to what the book was about. It def. stood out to me as a YA novel targeted towards readers in their early 20's. I think with the high ratings, I was really expecting more.
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review 2011-12-29 00:00
The Tricksters - Margaret Mahy When you ask me about my favourite books, The Tricksters will always feature on the list, be it about New Zealand books, or books in general. It's been, oh, more than ten years since I first read The Tricksters and in my mind one of the marks of a good book is whether or not it stays with you and stands the test of time.

The Tricksters most certainly fits that description.

Margaret Mahy is one of New Zealand's most famous authors, and The Tricksters shows why she is so amazing and worth the praise and status she has received (and in my opinion, she deserves more): the language is beautiful and evocative without becoming purple - unless you count the purple prose in the torrid romance novel the main character Harry (whose real name is "Ariadne") is writing at the start of the novel, of course - and, of course, the characters are real and vibrant and practically leap off the page. The relationships between characters are wonderful to watch, especially that between Harry and the third Carnival brother, Felix - it is full of the mystery, excitement and chaos of first love.

While fantasy creeps in around the edges, this is a book about reality if anything else. It is about secrets, yours and other peoples, between family and between friends. It is about growing up and growing into yourself, becoming aware of your own sexuality and becoming okay with it - not to mention first love. It is about family and friends, and what can cause people to grow closer as well as tear them apart.

When I was a young girl this book spoke to me, especially the transformation of Harry - a character I could identify with, and I think a lot of girls will - from start to finish. The sprinklings of myth and fantasy throughout the book add another layer to the whole story, and paves the way for an ending you won't see coming.
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review 2011-10-31 00:00
The Tricksters - Margaret Mahy I don’t even know how to describe this book. It’s part fantasy, part mystery, part family saga. I loved it, but I don’t know exactly why or anything. [June 2011]


I bought this one recently, having read it once, and wanted to re-read it to make sure I watned to keep it. I do. Harry is a lovely character, and I entirely sympathise with her. The ending is a bit Fire and Hemlock, in that I have NO IDEA what happens, but it doesn’t seem to matter. [Oct. 2011]
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