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photo 2015-05-07 15:30

The girl on the front of this vintage young adult book from 1988 ‘The Tricksters’ by Margaret Mahy is the double of Cara Delevingne!

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review 2015-01-01 00:00
Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers
Alex Pardee's Doppelgangers - Alex Pardee Over 7 Years In The Making
Over 150 Paintings.
Over 800 Hours Worth Of Horror Movie Inspiration
Under 10 Words.

Alex did the cover for Jeremy Robert Johnsons "We Live Inside You" which is where I ran across his work. I looked him up on the web at his website Zerofriends.com and ordered this art book. It is bad ass and there is a lot of kick ass art on the web site too. Check this shit out.

Alex Pardee sample photo Alex Pardee art sample_zpsbiq32qcs.jpg
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review 2014-01-23 17:00
The Pentrals
The Pentrals - Crystal Mack

Cross-posted on Soaping.net


The Pentrals starts credibly enough, with a strange first person narration of a girl watching another girl. The vantage is odd and disorienting, and it's only when you realize that the narrator is the girl's shadow that the angles lock, and you can finally orient yourself in both space and understanding. The narrator, Antares, is the shadow of Violet, a denizen of the futuristic city of Talline, which gleams from a thousand mirrored surfaces in a canyon in the desert. The Pentrals of the title refers to beings of shadows or reflections, which in the supernatural architecture of the novel, are sentient beings enacting penance for something done in another life.


As a set up, this is neat stuff: the brightness of the future city juxtaposed against the Gothic shadow, the doppelganger reading and commenting on the bright lived life through its negative image. Unfortunately, this tense imagery is squandered, and quickly. Not only does The Pentrals deny the reader much in the way of resolution, but the basic mechanics of both the supernatural world of the Pentrals and the society of Talline are so confused (or, often, downright stupid) that any resolution is close to meaningless. Altogether, this was one of the more frustrating novels I've read in a while.

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text 2013-06-03 23:47
Doppelgangers may be the next trend in supernatural fiction.

Ever wonder why Jack Black seems to resemble Paul Revere, or Donald Trump looks a lot like Gen. George Patton? Doppelgangers and clones may be the next big trend in supernatural fiction. 




Source: ricktownley.com/2013/06/03/doppelgangers-the-next-big-thing-for-supernatural-or-horror-fiction
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