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review 2016-11-13 00:00
Taming The Tempestuous Tudor
Taming The Tempestuous Tudor - Juliet La... Taming The Tempestuous Tudor - Juliet Landon Illegimate daughter of Henry VIII tries to get herself closer to her sister Elizabeth and discovers that the Tudor court is very complicated.

I did want to like this but apart from the clothing I felt a little underwhelmed.
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review 2016-06-16 01:16
Yawr! This unicorn pirate loves mermen!
Tempestuous Tides (Mermen & Magic Book 2) - L.M. Brown
FOUR HEARTS--Strong mermen sequel from L.M. Brown!

Tempestuous Tides is book #2 in L.M. Brown's Mermen & Magic series. I don't think it's necessary to read the series in order to follow along BUT I'd suggest reading in order. Either book could be standalone.

New mermen! More mythology! More magic! And a race against a ticking clock to save the one you love.

The story is an entertaining read: easy to read and follow nearly all plot twists. The story starts with dual timelines - Lucas, a junior adviser to the Atlantean king Nereus is closeted and can't let anyone find out about his homosexuality. He has to stave off the pesky mating heat by either abstaining which causes pain or be used by whoever will set off his mating trigger. While Justin is an merman orphan raised by immortals and wants nothing to do with his merman heritage in present day Britain. The two men meet up thanks to a decree from king Nereus, Justin's dad. Before they meet, the interfering Atlantean gods push their nose in Justin's business, invoking a curse that could make or break them before they begin.

I really enjoyed reading the follow up on the Atlantean gods, Caspian and his sister Cari. Finally we get to learn about Caspian's powers. And we get more of meddling Medina,the goddess of love and lust. For this book, neither merman seemed as awed by the gods as in the first book. I think I liked that aspect. The story uses a couple of themes - being raised in paranormal vs. normal worlds, closeted vs. out of the closet (and not trying to go back in) and a commitment-phobe falling in love. There was a decent amount of lightness and some humor to help move the story along, even with the ominous curse looming like a grey cloud over Justina nd Lucas' heads and making their relationship seem based on magic only.

It's not.

Reading Lucas first meet Justin and how they get together was fun. They didn't jump right into the sack on first meeting (despite magic trying to get one up on them). This story is sexy. But there definitely is plot too. No PWP here. I liked the couple in England slightly more then in Atlantis.

Let's talk about the sex because a few scenes hit my buttons. All of the erotic delights were even more fun to read. Can we say exhibition? Or voyeurism? Or aquarium sex?

The book kept the sex interesting. Neither man has any issues in the bedroom department when it comes to chemistry (though toward the end, a certain mer's constant begging of the same thing was starting to become one note)

There were a couple of quibbles for me: there were a few parts that could have been shaved - it read slight stretched in parts. I think the length of the novel was good, just wished a few areas were developed more:

Otus and his outcome - it seemed it was building steam once remembered in Atlantis and then we get this anticlimactic scene. He read vindictive...I expected more.

Jake, Finn and Kyle - our starring trio from Forbidden Waters, book #1. Now they are the secondary characters in this book. I think they weren't used to their advantage. Some parts were missed (ex. Finn grew up in Atlantis - he never remarked on Justin's face the way Lucas did first time meeting him), Finn and Kyle felt like they barely touched the surface in Lucas' acclimation. It was such a big part in book #1 and endeared me to the characters. It got glossed over here with Lucas.

The last 15% or so - the ending was good. There is a HEA. But...the main character's had a tendency to say they weren't going to do A)...then once confronted, they'd give in. I guess it can boil down to lovers' spats but, it either was a little too much or could have been developed more.

Overall, I was happy with the outcome. I was a little surprised that was all it took...but I really enjoyed reading Lucas and Justin. I do think they're a forever couple. I wasn't left with as much questions as with book #1. I'm definitely reading the rest of this series, hope for more merman tales and maybe some books starring Atlantean gods. Can't wait to see which other gods are waking from their slumber.

Recommended for mermen fans, those who don't mind reading the beginning and journey of falling in love and mythology tinged fantasy romances!

P.S. Job well done on getting the cover to match a main character's description. It's pretty much how imagined Lucas!

A copy provided for an honest review.
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review 2015-11-12 18:43
Tempestuous by Morgan Hawke
Tempestuous - Morgan Hawke

Rusty, a cute read-head, is plagued by nightmares and odd happenings around him: he is unable to concentrate on his studies, he is always hungry no matter how much he eats, he sees dark things and shadows at the edge of his vision. His suddenly increased physical strength is frightening, he can't play sports, he can't lose temper, he can't have sex.

Being unable to confine in anyone, finally at the end of his wits, Rusty pours all of his fears and his frustration into creating a fox mask. He immediately feels better. He is finally able to study, he finishes a costume design courses and finds a job at a costume store.

===Possible SPOILERS===

One day, a very strange customer, Shiro, walks into the store and re-awakens Rusty's nightmares by intimidating and mocking him at every step, he  blames Rusty for things that sounds strange and weird: for hiding, for not submitting to Shiro on the spot, later - for almost killing Des, for ...whatever. It's all Rusty's fault. Shiro is mean about it, too, not just bordering, but going straight into abuse. More often than not, Rusty says "i am sorry".

Turns out, while in high school, Rusty saved Shiro's life and almost lost his own in the process. Shiro thanked him by saving his soul and turning Rusty into a fox spirit. That was the end of his gratitude. Shiro makes every attempt to belittle, abuse and humiliate Rusty, to force himself on the boy, while basically calling him an ungrateful little beatch.

Is this BDSM? No. This is abuse. Rusty never gave his consent to be treated the way Shiro treated him. He was not the one to blame for things he had no knowledge or control of, yet Shiro turns on him every time.

So, let me ask, where was Shiro when Rusty needed him the most? Where was he with his "love"? Why wasn't he supporting Rusty during his transition and explaining it to him, easing Rusty into passing into the world of spirits? The way I see it, unless there is a good explanation, this book is a one star material.

Oh, did I mention terrible editing and immature writing?

PS Tags explanation:

- DS, abuse:
there is definitely a DS, but mostly on the abusive side.

- Cinderfella:
Poor Rusty, who is a glorified seamstress, is now a consort of a powerful Fox spirit.

- Elemental:
Rusty can now control weather. Something else Shiro is pissed at him for, tho the poor chap has no frigging clue about his abilities.

- Non-dubcom:
Yeah, I understand that Rusty's dick is hard and interested. But his mouth keeps saying "no" for 5/6th of the book. To me, Shiro forcing himself onto Rusty is a non-con.

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text 2015-11-11 16:17
Tempestuous: I've read 50%.
Tempestuous - Morgan Hawke

Awww, poor Rusty! :( Pull that frigging fox by his tail, honey!

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review 2015-07-09 16:26
Tempestuous: Fuoco oscuro
Tempestuous: Fuoco oscuro - Lesley Livingston,Lucia Olivieri

Questa è la bugia che Kelley Winslow continua a ripetersi per proteggere il ragazzo che ama da un potere di cui lui non è consapevole. Dal pensiero è passata all'azione: ha deciso di lasciarlo. Sconvolto, Sonny si rifugia in un paradiso per Creature Perdute, un luogo mistico nascosto nelle viscere di New York. Ma Kelley non vuole che della loro storia rimanga solo un cuore spezzato, così si metterà alla ricerca di chi mia il suo amato, di chi brama quel che Sonny nemmeno sospetta di edere, e sarà proprio lungo questo cammino che imparerà a usare la propria magia. Dovrà scoprire chi sta reclutando i Giano, le guardie che proteggnoo la porta di Sahmain, per uccidere fate innocenti, ma dovrà anche aiutare a ricostruire la compagnia teatrale che per lei è come una famiglia. Riuscirà a fare tutto senza farsi distrarre da Fenris? È un lupo mannaro il cui leggendario cuore di pietra sembra sciogliersi quando si trova vicino a lei. Gli intrighi, gli amori e le imprese che hanno avuto inizio in "Wondrous Strange" e sono proseguiti in "Darklight" si concludono qui, in "Tempestuous".


Eccoci arrivati all'ultimo capitolo di questa saga.

Malgrado negli ultimi periodi mi sia un po' stufata degli Urban Fantasy, poiché è sempre la solita solfa, ho trovato interessante questa serie. Fatati che recitano a teatro, cavalli nelle vasche da bagno, leprecaun vestiti in pelle e compagne di stanza millenarie, decisamente un casting molto variegato.

L'unica pecca è proprio la nostra principessina che come ogni teenager si fa paturnie mentali invece di dire subito chiaro e tondo quali sono i suoi timori.

Citando Jessica Rabbit : non siamo cattive... è che ci disegnano così. Nel nostro caso...è stata scritta così.

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