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text 2018-03-10 04:06
What Does a Home Warranty Give Homeowners?

The concept of home warranty plans might perplex some homeowners. They might wonder, “Do people really need home warranty plans? After all, homeowner’s insurance should cover everything that warranties would, right?”

Actually, no—home insurance covers household systems and appliances in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster. However, most plans do not offer coverage for general wear and tear.


For example, if a home’s refrigerator or water heater simply breaks down one day, the homeowner could end up paying the full price for a replacement if he or she does not have a home warranty. In the case of water heaters, that price could be $500-$1,100. For a new refrigerator, a homeowner could end up spending well over $3,000.

Home warranty plans cover occurrences that homeowner’s insurance policies do not. By paying the affordable home warranty cost, a homeowner can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements.

Here are two major benefits of getting home warranty plans:


When something like a dryer or an AC system stops working, it can be a major hassle. Without a home warranty, a homeowner would not only need to pay out of pocket to have the appliance repaired but also spend time finding a repair company and scheduling an appointment. This could mean waiting around for a service contractor to show up and putting up with the appliance not working in the meantime. On top of that, the homeowner could end up wasting their money if the contractor is not reliable or competent.

Home warranty providers can take all this stress off a homeowner’s shoulders. The best providers have built up networks of experienced, trustworthy service contractors. Whenever something covered under the warranty malfunctions or breaks down, a homeowner can simply submit a service request and have a contractor come to their house.

The homeowner will only need to pay a small fee for the service call. If a system or appliance needs repairing or replacing, the warranty company will cover any expenses beyond that fee.

Peace of Mind

Home warranties give people fantastic peace of mind. Consumers can easily find a Texas home warranty as well as home warranties for almost anywhere in the US. They can trust that their heating, plumbing, dishwashers and other common systems and appliances will stay in good working order. They can also rest assured that unexpected breakdowns will not devour their savings.

The Home Service Club is one of the most trusted names in the home warranty industry. They offer cost-effective, comprehensive home warranty plans in 49 states, including Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Oregon and Washington.

About The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club is one of the best providers of home warranty plans in the United States. The company offers efficient, thorough repairs and maintenance for all major systems and appliances.

For additional information, visit Hscwarranty.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/Uga8Js

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review 2018-03-01 00:53
A Texan from 2012 wakes up 250 years in the future. How do you think he copes
Miguel Traveler: The Man from Texas - D... Miguel Traveler: The Man from Texas - Daniel McFatter

Miguel Traveler: The Man from Texas - by Daniel McFatter.  ISBN 978-1-5323-6614-7. Published by Brave Mission Publishing, 2016. Reviewer received book from Author as e-book in pdf format.


Review by Chris Phillips


Miguel wakes up floating in a solution and being cuddled and cared for by “Mama.” There is a lot going on around him and suddenly he is washed out of a large tank of fluid in to the arms of Alice, the Woman in Black. This is the surprise beginning.


The story is told from Miguel’s perspective, throughout. It is unusual for a 1st person book to hold the interest of most readers, but this is one of the few that is very well written. There are 3 sections, each proceeded by a poem that nonetheless becomes important to the story. Almost from the beginning there is action, excitement and so many seemingly mundane encounters, but prove to be truly not.


“Man is unto himself the Great Work-a puzzle to be opened, explored and ultimately solved.” This quote is almost integral to a good in-depth analysis of the book. This is one book requiring some thought after reading it because of the depth presented.


Miguel changes perspective from the dystopian future where “Man Diminished” to the time of his former life in the early 2000s, Part 2, “Once Upon a Time on Farm Road 216.” Much has changed in the long time (undefined but suggested as 250 years in the future from Miguel’s life when he disappeared in 2012). And Miguel must discover it, cope with it and find his own place. It is not until the last moment when the plot climaxes into Miguel’s purpose in life is found and made complete.


Although Miguel is the main character and the narrator throughout there are many people enter into the telling. Most of those fit well into the current events of today, especially those from the former life, however, there are so many new types of creatures, people and other entities in the future it sometimes leads to confusion which gradually leads more to an understanding of what Miguel thinks of himself and other humans. The first life is a collection of memories he slowly remembers at first, but becomes vividly clear and integral to the plot and the self discovery of Miguel in the future world.


With simulants, enhanced humans, diseased humans, and entities which appear human but have abilities well beyond human normal abilities, the book covers a lot of ground and also reveals, very gradually, that the humans are the core to the situation, problems and solutions.


The characters are developed well enough for each one’s purpose in the story. The plot is inexorable and yet very reasonable looking back through the book. It is well developed and carried through with a certain finesse. The writing is usually consistent and apparently Miguel’s memory is very detailed with how the first life and those situations are relayed. There are some difficult passages based on dialect and some in Spanish, notwithstanding these are also discernible with a little thought.


This book can be recommended to any readers. There is some adult language, adult situations not involving sex and a lot of extreme violence. Those would be the cautions for younger readers. Those who like post-apocalyptic tales will enjoy this. Those who like psychologically and sociologically based drama will definitely enjoy this.


Recommended highly


5 Stars.

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review 2018-02-22 18:15
A Taste of Texas - Liz Talley

This one has a backstory. Lessee...


The H was apparently a creeper in earlier books in the series (no; am not hunting them down). He's the younger son of a couple who prized (or at least, the father did) his older brother's athletic prowess and indulged in his waywardness, while mostly tolerating the studious and somewhat whimsical H. Older brother got killed, so H felt it his duty to step into his shoes. In the meantime, he had this friend that he ignored publicly...


The h was one of two children to a couple of aging hippies who eschewed responsibility along with authority apparently. Kids spent their formative years bouncing from commune to commune. At some point, the preteen h managed to get herself plopped at her aunt's B&B where she spent the next 6(?) years. The H was her neighbor...and friend - at least in private. He ignored her in school. He also was too busy screwing one of the cheerleaders to attend some sort of recital and hear a poem she'd written for him. So she hand delivered it - as a paperwad, and left town. Oh, of course he was still with the cheerleader when she delivered it.


I'm hazy about this but...she was 16 at the time and still a minor, so where exactly did she go? She didn't finish HS; got a GED instead. She married some guy shortly after graduating culinary school, and is now a well-known chef. Her husband died 2 years prior while on the way to either collect their son after karate practice or some competition (confused about that one too). She's a driven workaholic and is discovering, when forced to actually spend time with the kid, that there are holes in his housebreaking.


She's staying for some ungodly reason with her aunt, next door to the H, trying not to be attracted to him, trying to keep her son from forming an attachment, etc. I can't really figure out the reason behind this. She knew he lived next door, how did she expect to avoid him, or did that never occur to her?


He, genius that he is, encourages the kid's sports obsession over her objections, flirts with her, etc.


The aunt tries her own form of manipulations to get them together.


And the kid makes me want to drag him by one ear to a room somewhere for a "come to Jesus" moment. He's rude, ill-mannered, disrespectful.


Somehow, they wrangle a HEA out of this. Somehow, the H grows a pair and tells his parents in general and his dad in particular to shove it. And I'm just wondering why he sat there, in a carriage house on his parents' property, on a degree in British Lit? Why didn't he push to become a teacher or something? Why the heck didn't he MOVE?

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review 2018-02-17 14:23
Cowboy Take Me Away (A Texas Kings Novel) - Soraya Lane

Cowboy Take Me Away is book two in the Texas Kings series. I really liked watching Chase, a one-and-done player, work so hard to win the one girl he has loved for years but has never acknowledged even to himself. They met in college and she was the one and only girl to tell him no, and in that 'no' a strong friendship bloomed until one night after graduation, the two best friends gave into their passion, ruining their friendship. He hasn’t seen her in five years, so when she ends up being the AI sent to help him with his organic cattle endeavor he sees it as a second chance, but he isn’t sure what that second chance is or how far he wants to take things. She has loved him secretly since college and she hid her feelings very well. He never suspected even as he flirted and dated other girls all through their college career. But a consequence other than the loss of a friendship happened the night they gave into the passion and now she doesn’t know how to tell him that he is a father. When things are revealed, let’s just say it got ugly and tense. They had a lot to overcome and there were times I wasn’t sure how they would be able to move ahead and forgive past sins. I enjoyed their story. The conflict added an emotional tension to this story that kept me interested and it was hard to not read when I should have been working. I definitely liked book 2 better than book 1. I’m looking forward to Nate’s story next.

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review 2018-02-16 18:51
Wildflowers of Texas by Michael Eason
Wildflowers of Texas (A Timber Press Field Guide) - Michael Eason

When my oldest Daughter was a toddler, we stayed in Texas with my sister for a while. The state has so much beauty I would of loved to just stayed there forever. Just driving down the road while the wildflowers are in bloom would make anyone want to live there. There were so many colors, shapes, and sizes of the flowers, and so many fields just filled with stunning flowers.


This books takes an in depth look at each and every wildflower you will find in Texas. There is a picture of each flower and a short description of each one. It gives you the official name as well as all the other names each flower is known as. It describes the plant, how many flowers per plant or bunch on the plant, the flower size, the height of the plant, and the best parts of Texas to find the plant. There are several plants with diffrent variations and all of those are also picture.


Not all of these plants are only found in Texas. So I see in my yard and driving down the streets in my town in Florida, as well as other states I travel too. So even if you don't live in Texas this book would still be nice to have to show some of the wildflowers in your own state.


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.

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