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review 2018-06-20 21:58
Lone Star Knight (Texas Cattleman's Club: Lone Star Jewels) - Cindy Gerard

I think...I read a previous book in this series recently. Also think I liked it about as well.

The h - a member of the nobility in some country made up for the series - is in a plane crash and after 2 months in the hospital (really? - she has a badly burned hand and a broken ankle), goes into hiding. Supposed to be at the ranch of the previous couple, but due to the press, she ends up with the H. She has an assortment of issue and self doubts due to her injuries and scarring. And...someone may be after her.


The H - bazillionaire cattle baron-cum-horse breeder - is part of a group of men who for reasons dabble in the politics of a foreign country or two smaller than one of their ranches. Also apparently act as body guards though I'm a bit hazy on their point and purpose really. He's also, when you think of it, either dumber than a box of hammers or a real ass. He decides to friendzone her even though he really wants to bone her. Then, after she has a meltdown on him for baiting her about her problems, he caves and bones her. Oh, but they're just friends. Uh Huh. And he has every intention of sending her away. After 3 weeks. Unless he had a case of rubbers delivered... I mean; there was a stack of them beside the bed for round one. And he's sure she loves him, or at least thinks she does. It never crosses his mind that she might construe all his attention as an act of pity. She's worrying about her scars and not being beautiful and how that seems to be the only thing she is, so he helpfully nails her a few dozen times. I guess the flip side wouldn't be much of an improvement - the feeling that he didn't want her - but... Yeah; I don't think he really thought that through.


And at the end, nothing is really resolved about the bad guys because there's another book (different author). But the H finally decides he wants her to stay so tells her to marry him.

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review 2018-06-19 14:53
The Hero (Sons of Texas) - Donna Grant

The first book in Donna Grant's Sons of Texas was refreshingly different from her Dark World universe. I enjoyed every second of this spy thriller adventure with the first of the three Loughman boys coming home to find his uncle and aunt murdered, father kidnapped, and his childhood sweetheart, that he left after graduation in order to protect her from his kind of life, neck deep in trouble with the Russians. Natalie has tried so hard to forget Owen the past 14 years since he turned his back on her and their future without explaining why, so when he shows back up to find murder and mayhem, she tries very hard to keep her distance while trying to find his father. Both have a lot to work through and while trying to do that they are dodging bullets, Russian hitmen, ties to the Russian Embassy and government, and dealing with the fact that the boys totally misjudged their father. I enjoyed their story and I look forward to the other two boys having their own adventures while trying find and save their father and keep a bio weapon out of Russian hands.

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review 2018-06-14 11:36
Texas Family - R.J. Scott

Ok, I'm out. I think...
This series started out as a five-star romance for me but this book was just everything and everyone drowning in kids. Several kids. And then more kids. All the time. Seriously - nothing but kids. Including following every detail of a surrogacy month by month. Yes, the blurb implied it, but I still thought there might be just a few pages here not about kids. If those pages were there, they sure went under in all the kids stuff.
The blurbs of later books in the series still sound really good, so maybe I'll try again at some point, but this book has definitely weaned me off this series for now.

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review 2018-06-06 00:00
Texas Refuge
Texas Refuge - Jean Brashear Texas Refuge is tale of strength in times of despair. Brashear truly got underneath my skin with Quinn and Lori. Whether playing the hero or struggling with guilt, Quinn is a sight to behold. He never wanted to be a hero, but that's the only life he knows. After tragedy hits too close to home, he questions his choices even as he continues to do what's right. Lori is the salvation he seeks, but in his life danger is never far away and this time, another heartbreaking may be his undoing. From Brashear's haunting words to Dove's emotional delivery, Texas Refuge gave me chills.
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review 2018-05-31 00:00
Texas Bad Boy
Texas Bad Boy - Jean Brashear There's a reason and a consequence behind the decisions that we make. At the time, we may not understand them, but in time we'll teach ourselves to live with them. So begins the heartache that is Texas Bad Boy. The ballad of Lacey and Devlin started before they even met. It's littered with prideful adults, heartbreaking tragedy and the stranglehold of one man that permeates a small town. Caught in the middle is the seedling of a love that is forcibly snuffed out. Or is it? Brashear's tale of lost love and tragic pasts is a haunting one. Will the mechanations of a spiteful man and a vengeful heart prove the undoing of a precious love? Texas Bad Boy has all the emotion of a whiskey filled love song. Between Mr. Dove's emotive delivery and Ms. Brashear's expressive wording, Lacey and Devlin read like a spiritual experience.
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