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review 2017-11-13 14:12
Skip it.
My American Duchess - Eloisa James

Can't remember what drew me to the book but it seemed to have a vaguely reminiscent of the background to 'Downton Abbey' (woman from the Northeast US with money gets engaged to a member of English aristocracy) and it has pretty good rating but...I'm not sure why I picked up this book.


Merry is a young woman with money who has jilted two men. She accepts a third man...only to realize she has the hots for his twin brother. And the twins don't like each other. But she really wants to sleep with Trent, who feels the same way. And cue shenanigans, drama, fraternal tensions, a switch at the altar, convenient story opt outs and so forth.


Initially the book was intriguing with poor Merry trying to ease herself into English society and learning how her uncouth "American" ways make her a fish out of water. But overall the book is terrible. Her intended seems like an okay guy and then we see that is not quite so. Same with his brother, who appears to be a gentleman hero that we're all rooting for and all but then becomes a jerk after a particular event. This seemed to be less of character development (or even a reasonable portrayal of the filters coming off after the relationship has begun) but more plot driven than anything else.


There's also a rather convenient switch that helps eliminate an aspect of this love triangle and again, seemed to come out of nowhere only for a convenient (it seems) reconciliation at the end. More plot device (of which there wasn't much) than anything else. 


The book is also badly paced. There's a wedding that threw me off because it happened sooner than I thought it would and I wondered what else the author had in mind. Turns out this was just an excuse to write a bunch of super cringe-y sex scenes that makes what's left of the book into a PWP (porn without plot) "romance" that I hate.


So, as you can see, this completely didn't work for me. Don't bother!

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text 2017-11-13 12:58
Review For: Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night by Stacy Reid
Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night (Rebellious Desires) - Stacy Reid

Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night by Stacy Reid is the First book in the New Series called, "Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night". This is the story of Georgiana Rutherford, the Duchess of Hardcastle and Mr. Rhys Tremayne 'Broker'.
Georgiana married Hardcastle when she was just 16 years old and he was 42. They had a son named Nicholas but then Hardcastle died about 5 years ago leaving Georgiana a widow. But Georgiana was popular with the town but lacked passion in her life. Now Georgiana young son Nurse Maid, Jane Walker has disappeared and since the Bow Street Runners hasn't found anything out nor is her brother Simon taking it seriously, Georgiana thinks to see if the 'Broker' can help. Rhys is called the Broker and works hard for him and his family to get ahead since they didn't have the 'Towns' life as a genteel family. Their life style also effected his sister Lydia by having her come down with a fever that left her deaf. Rhys greatest wish is for his sister's to be settled within the town to good husbands. But that hasn't been a possibility so far but now that the Duchess is asking for his help maybe he can strike a bargain to have Georgiana bring his sister out to the Town. But Rhys doesn't expect Georgiana to be so young and attractive, nor does Georgiana except to be so attracted to Rhys.
I must say that I am a big Fan of Ms. Reid's writing and I try to grab her books up as soon as I see one. This newest story from Ms. Reid did not disappoint at all! Loved it!!


Source: www.amazon.com/Duchess-Mistress-Night-Rebellious-Desires-ebook/dp/B076PLGTJ6/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1510511612&sr=1-1&keywords=Duchess+by+Day%2C+Mistress+by+Night+Stacy+Reid
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review 2017-10-07 05:39
The Hidden Duchess - Bree Verity The Hidden Duchess - Bree Verity

For a star rating and full review please visit InD'tale magazine online, Oct 2017 issue http://indtale.com/reviews/historical/hidden-duchess

Source: www.indtale.com
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review 2017-10-02 15:45
The Bottle Stopper (The Paper Duchess #1)
The Bottle Stopper (The Paper Duchess Book 1) - Angeline Trevena



An excellent story and a creative world dreamed up by author Trevena. The reader can't help but empathize with the main character, Maeve, and her dire circumstances dealing with her evil Uncle Lou. Her tribulations are many, but so is her quick thinking. Maeve takes the cruelest acts against her and tries in her way to make them right. Revenge, but in a unique and twisted way. The descriptions of the people she meets, her friend, and the places she visits are deeply cultivated within the rich world that the author ables us to see and feel. The stairs leading up to a better place may not be the stairway to heaven after all. The winding plot gets thicker, as more revelations push Maeve into drastic situations requiring extreme measures. There is a lot of bad happening in this dystopian world, not only for Maeve. Still, there is hope, and the twist, in the end, will give hope. It also leads well into the next story. You'll want to pick up the next in the series. Well written and provoking book, I recommend you read the series.


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review 2017-09-05 00:49
The Duchess Deal Mini Review
The Duchess Deal - Tessa Dare

Absolutely loved this book. Funny, smart, plucky heroine meets a grumpy, scarred duke who needs an heir. Beauty and the Beast retelling during the Regency era. There are even moments that connect to current politics with a "Nevertheless, she persisted" line--that totally works. Loved it and it was exactly what I needed after being between too many books for too long.

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