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Guest Post: Kathleen Bittner Roth, author of The Seduction of Sarah Marks
The Seduction of Sarah Marks (Entangled Scandalous) - Kathleen Bittner Roth

The Seduction of Sarah Marks 

by Kathleen Bittner Roth 

(Entangled Scandalous)

Release Date: June 9, 2014

Genre: Historical Romance

He may be her savior... or what she needs most


England 1857


After a blow to her head, Sarah Marks awakens in a strange bed with a strange man and no memory of how she got there. Her handsome bedmate, Lord Eastleigh, tells her she’s suffering from amnesia and the best course of action is to travel home with him until she recovers her memory.


Lord Eastleigh has his own reasons for helping Sarah and keeping her close. Reasons he cannot tell her. As they struggle to restore her memory, their undeniable, inadvisable attraction grows—until Sarah finally remembers the one thing that could keep them apart forever.


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*Guest Post*




Meet Author Kathleen Bittner Roth whose historical romance The Seduction of Sarah Marks is now available.


 Welcome, Kathleen. Can you tell us a little something about yourself and about the book?


Thank you very much for having me. Hmm, where to start? Somehow, I have managed to live in six U.S. states and several foreign countries. Once I realized that making a living was not the same as making a life, I set about blazing my own trail. I founded a successful well-being center, walked on fire, went scuba diving in dangerous waters, and learned to ride my Arabian horse English style. Then I met a dashing European, and we married in a castle in Scotland. Currently, I reside in Budapest, Hungary, but I still keep one boot in Texas and the other in my home state of Minnesota. I consider writing romance a wonderful venue for creating characters faced with difficult choices, and who are forced to draw on their strength of spirit in order to overcome adversity and find unending love.


The Seduction of Sarah Marks is very special to me because after my husband passed away from a sudden illness, I dreamed the story all in one night! I woke up filled with the essence of every character, and feeling ready to jump back into life. I like to think I was given this little gift as a way of helping me overcome a great loss.


Despite the serious nature of both the heroine and hero having suffered amnesia, the humor injected by the secondary characters had me giggling while writing. I do hope you enjoy Sarah’s and Eastleigh’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here’s a little bit about them and their world:


Whatever Miss Sarah Marks once knew—of herself or of anything much at all—she has no clue. All she knows is her name and that she woke up in bed with a stranger in a shabby inn. Frightened out of her wits, Sarah’s only goal is to escape and return home. Wherever home might be.


Viscount Eastleigh, eldest son of an earl, must wed, but injuries sustained during the Crimean War forced healing to take precedence over marriage. Deeming himself fit to travel, the very private lord informs his meddlesome family that he is off to the Continent for a much needed respite. In truth, he intends to find a wife of his choosing, not theirs. His well-laid plans run afoul when an incident occurs along the way and he is forced to return home accompanied by a prim and proper country miss devoid of memory and in desperate need of shelter.


Here are a few lines that give Sarah fair warning that she is about to meet a quirky, mischievous family:


"I should warn you of my family before we arrive."


"Warn me?”


He grinned. "Everyone should have fair warning of the Malverns."



Eastleigh has three rambunctious brothers and four equally high-spirited sisters. One sister, Will (short for Willamette), dresses and acts like a man, and is hell-bent on bringing down Sarah.


A wonderfully eccentric grandmother lives with Eastleigh (think Betty White, the actress). She “tipples” all the gin, ciders and cordials she concocts, steals apples and cherries on the sly from the cook to do so, and pretty much does as she darn well pleases.


There is a darkly handsome reclusive cousin knighted by the Queen who lives nearby. Mysteriously at odds with Eastleigh since the two returned from the war, they were once as close as brothers.


As both Eastleigh and Sarah struggle to restore her memory, their undeniable, inadvisable attraction grows—until Sarah finally remembers the one thing that could keep them apart forever.


About the Author:

Kathleen Bittner Roth creates passionate stories featuring characters faced with difficult choices, and who are forced to draw on their strength of spirit to overcome adversity and find unending love.


Her own fairy tale wedding in a Scottish castle led her to her current residence in Budapest, Hungary, considered one of Europe’s most romantic cities. However, she still keeps one boot firmly in Texas and the other in her home state of Minnesota.


A member of Romance Writers of America®, she was a 2012 Golden Heart® finalist. You can find Kathleen on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and her website at www.kathleenbittnerroth.com.


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