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review 2015-05-12 00:00
Thomas's Choice
Thomas's Choice - Tina Folsom I've been on the fence about these books for a while now, and just finished the latest installment. I'm not sure I like where the series is going...

Bad guy Kaspar was a shocker, but too convenient. Too simplistic to say ""Oh, oh, I had an evil twin!! But I still love you/want you!"" Didn't ring true, cause if he had why wasn't Kaspar tracking Thomas using the dark energy that he instilled into Thomas?

I could see where Eddie's constant rudeness was coming from, due to the brief flashbacks to Eddie's childhood. Eddie's rudeness was because he was being defensive about his true nature: being gay. However, Ms. Folsom undid it all in the end of the book with Nina's comment about Eddie not setting off her Gaydar. With how vehemently Eddie was against being gay, I got the feeling that the author was almost homophobic herself. It soured the book for me.

The insta-love between Eddie and Thomas also didn't ring true, at least from Eddie. It was like he had almost no crisis of self because of the army of bad vampires pushing it aside from their antics. I wanted more build up on that relationship on Eddie's part than what was there.

All that being said, I did whip through it quickly, and it winds up being a 2.5 star read for me that I'm rounding up to 3 stars. Since there is so few books remaining in the series, I'll finish it out, but I don't expect to re-read them.
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review 2014-10-26 00:00
Thomas's Choice
Thomas's Choice - Tina Folsom
4.5 Stars

Re-read of one of my favorites in this series.

As I have mentioned from time to time, this is the book, that leaded me indirectly to M/M.

You know, I love this series. And I awaited Thomas's book since the first episode. At the same time I was afraid, if I would like it, since I've only read M/F to that time. Turns out my fear was totally unnecessary!

There are so many fabulous reviews around here, I don't think, I could top that!

So we have Thomas the master of mindreading with his passion for motorbikes. His mindreading powers come with a high price. He struggles every day to keep the dark that comes with them at bay.

Eddie is a newbie vampire and had a bad start into his new excistance. Thomas volunteered to be his mentor and felt for him right from the start. But Eddie is straight... isn't he?

Over the previous books we see them becoming best friends, Thomas falling even deeper for Eddie and eventually Eddie finding out about Thomas's feelings.

Thomas and Eddie's story was really great to read and yes, the sex was great too! Maybe a bit tame but great.

The story was a bit cheesy at the end but I can live with that!
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review 2014-05-27 02:35

Thomas's Choice (Scanguards Vampires, #8)Thomas's Choice by Tina Folsom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I love this series. I got the first book free on Amazon, then that night I went and bought every other book that was out at the time. I just can't believe it took me this long to finally get the time to read this one. It's amazing!!

I don't know how to write anything without leaving major spoilers, so I am just going to say that the moral of the story is that love can conquer even the darkest part of the soul. ANDDD, when written right, M/M romance is HAWT!!! Well done Ms. Folsom, well done.

If you haven't started this series yet, or aren't sure about vampire novels in general, I was the same way. These were the first I read, and to this day there are only a handful of authors that I'll read paranormal books written by. The Scanguards Vampires series is not only my top choice in paranormal romance, it's one of my favorite series ever. I can't wait for Cain's story next!!

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review 2014-02-27 00:00
Thomas's Choice
Thomas's Choice - Tina Folsom meh...didn't float my boat
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-02-05 20:31
Review: Thomas’s Choice (Scanguards Vampires, #8) by Tina Folsom
Thomas's Choice - Tina Folsom
Thomas’s Choice
Scanguards vampire and master of mind control Thomas has mentored newbie vampire Eddie for over a year-and been in love with him for just as long. But he believes that his love will never be reciprocated.


While patrolling San Francisco for evil vampires, Eddie kisses Thomas as a diversionary tactic and is shaken to the core by his reaction. He’s terrified of his sexual attraction to his mentor and afraid that moving forward and giving into his desires will destroy the relationship they have.


When hurt and disappointment about Eddie’s inability to commit leads Thomas onto a dark path that spells destruction for all those he loves, only Eddie can pull him back from the brink of eternal darkness. But does Eddie have the courage to face his true feelings in time to save the man who’s meant for him?

~ 5 Hot Male Stars ~
(Possible Spoilers)

Thomas’s Choice is book eight in the Scanguards Vampires series by Tina Folsom. From the very first book Samson’s Lovely Mortal to the eighth book it show’s no signs of getting stale, she still manages to pull you into the world of San Fran and her Scanguards Vampires. 

I have long awaited for Thomas’s story, from the moment he was introduced. Tina Folsom has a great write’n style and does not disappoint her fans! We get suspense, romance, heartache, action and male love. This is one of the best M/M books I have read. It’s all done very tastefully and the story fly’s by that you don’t even notice you are at the end. This book can be read as a stand alone, but you will best understand all the characters and where they are coming from if you read this series in order. 

Thomas has been with Scangards for over a century. He has seen a time when gays where not accepted and to be different you end up in jail or worse. For over a year he has been in love with Eddie, but Eddie is straight or so we think. So Thomas has kept his feelings hidden from everyone even Eddie. Thomas is also battling a dark power given to him by his maker. Will Thomas over come his dark side and find love with the man of his dreams?

Eddie was turned into a vampire a little over a year ago (Amaury’s Hellion book 2 explains). He wanted to not be a disappointment or a burden to his sister. Eddie was with the bad vampires, so he’s had a bad start and now he finds himself with Scanguards and a second chance to make things right. For a year he has lived and worked with his mentor Thomas. After overhearing some of his colleges comment about Thomas haven a crush on him he has no idea how to feel or act around his mentor. He doesn’t want to admit he’s gay or is he? Will Eddie over come his condition and embrace the love Thomas can give him?

Eddie starts to have feelings for his mentor Thomas after over herring his colleges comment and he does not understand why, so he blame’s his maker Luther thinking that he did something to mess up his turning. What Luther has to say: “Luther (Eddies sire) rocked back on his heels. “How you were before? Oh, Eddie, you’re still the same way you always were. Turning you into a vampire didn’t change who you are, or who you love. Whatever you feel now, it was already there when you were human. Latent, maybe. But you already had it in you.”” I found this very profound! After that the Heat between Thomas and Eddie steams up the pages. The sex scenes are amazing, hot, heavy, intense, deeply sexual and tastefully written. The fact that both Eddie and Thomas are ripped full of muscles and beautiful inside and out doesn’t hurt the story at all, two hot guys for the price of one!


Was this review helpful? If so, please consider liking it on Goodreads (Angela)!




Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2014/02/review-thomass-choice-scanguards-vampires-8-by-tina-folsom
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