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review 2018-02-17 16:50
1st to Die
1st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1) - James Patterson
Lindsay is an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department. She gets hit with world shattering news about her health the same day she meets Chris Raleigh, who has been assigned to work with her on a potentially messy case. He works for the mayor and his job is to keep things neat and contained as much as possible while also helping with the case. They are trying to catch a killer who murders newly weds. Cindy, a reporter for the Chronicle who is trying to get a scoop on the case somehow manages to get up to the floor of the hotel where the first murders were committed. She gets a peek at the groom on the floor by the door before she is found and hauled out. Later, Cindy sees Lindsay go into the ladies room in an emotional mess and follows her. She didn´t just push for details though, she was kind. She is smart and a good reporter but also seems to be human and possibly a good friend. Later when they meet again where another newly married couple have been reported missing Lindsay decides to make a deal with Cindy to keep things under control. They end up becoming friends in the process. Lindsay, who is dealing with this new shock about her health decides she has to solve this case and decides to ask some female friends for help. She and three other women who have also clawed their way to the top in their respected fields decide to put their heads together and work on the case independently. They meet regularly to discuss the details of the case while Lindsay and her partner track down more leads officially. It was the start of the Women´s Murder Club.
This book was interesting enough but I did think some things were kinda dumb, like the name of the club.  I also find it very unlikely that a reporter, cop, and DA would be willing to work together on a case.  I also got REALLY sick of the name Lindsay.  Some things I saw coming but not every detail.  I liked this book but in a cozy-mystery kind of way and not like a thriller.  


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text 2018-02-16 20:18
Reading progress update: I've read 21 out of 319 pages.
Three Act Tragedy - Agatha Christie

„You mean talking about her – and me? With that face? And at her age?”

“She´s probably under fifty.”

“I suppose she is,” Sir Charles considered the matter. “But seriously, Tollie, have you noticed her face? It´s got two eyes, a nose and a mouth, but it´s not what you would call a face – not a female face. The most scandal-loving old cat in the neighbourhood couldn´t seriously connect sexual passion with a face like that.”


What a charming guy :-/

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review 2018-02-15 22:01
A Must Read with Serious Subject Matter
Cut Me Free - J.R. Johansson

You simply just can’t imagine the terror Piper had to go through all throughout her life, and then to get out of that vicious cycle shows how strong she is. It’s sad that it had to come to severe extreme measure for her to escape but nevertheless she was able to do so is a feat in itself.


The way the characters; both Piper and Sanda are extremely well done in this book. They’re both mistrustful of others (can’t blame them) and although they try hard to learn how to integrate with society, they do tend to stand out. (Examples such as Sanda being fearful of not seeing Piper again or Piper learning how to register Sanda to school) This is so well done by Johansson. It’s very realistic of their characters and it shows how they struggle to blend in because of their fear of standing out due to their trauma. They shy away from physical contact to the point where it causes them physical discomfort. This is well written and felt by the characters accurately.

The plot itself was good as well. It just seems like wherever Piper goes horrible awful things just seem to follow. It’s serious and dark, and Piper being stalked does increase the chill factor several notches up. The idea of someone breaking into your apartment and leaving lovely goodies to freak you out is unsettling and terrifying. These moments are well written and does set the mood for the plot. There’s a moment or two where you feel so angry because of particular actions and the suffering some of the characters go through. (Yes Lily, I’m looking at you...you horrible girl you…)


I’m not sure what to think of the relationship between Cam and Piper. Sure Piper has a great deal of mistrust and puts Cam at an arm length’s distance but seriously? Romance? I know he’s trying to be friendly and has a bleeding heart for those in need but I’m not sure Piper would jump in at the chance to have a romance with him. Yes, she puts him as far away from her as possible and he tries hard to approach her through different ways but I really don’t see a romance as a thing in this story. Should there even be one? Why was there one in the first place? I found it rather unnecessary considering the serious subject matter.


This novel is nerve wracking, and props to Piper and Sanda for their inner strength. It was a good read. Not a light hearted one, but one worth the read nevertheless.

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review 2018-02-14 21:29
Mysteriƶse Ereignisse auf hoher See
Woman in Cabin 10: Thriller - Ruth Ware,... Woman in Cabin 10: Thriller - Ruth Ware,Stefanie Ochel

Die Londoner Reisejournalistin Laura Blackwood, kurz Lo, ist Passagierin bei der Jungfernfahrt des exklusiven Luxuskreuzfahrtschiffs „Aurora Borealis“ durch die norwegischen Fjorde. Für sie ist die Fahrt eine gute Gelegenheit, ihrer Karriere bei einem Magazin auf die Sprünge zu helfen. Doch schon in der ersten Nacht auf See weckt sie ein Schrei aus der Nachbarkabine, der Nummer 10. Lo hört, wie etwas Schweres ins Wasser geworfen wird. Und plötzlich ist die junge Frau aus der anderen Kabine weg, mit der sie am Vortag gesprochen hat. Lo alarmiert den Sicherheitsoffizier. Doch dann sind alle Hinweise verschwunden, dass die andere Frau jemals an Bord war. Hat sich Lo etwa alles nur eingebildet? Oder ist tatsächlich etwas Schlimmes passiert?

„Woman in Cabin 10“ ist ein spannender Thriller der Autorin Ruth Ware.

Meine Meinung:
Der Roman besteht aus mehreren Teilen, die wiederum in Kapitel untergliedert sind. Außerdem werden immer wieder kurze Einschübe zwischen den Kapiteln eingestreut, zum Beispiel Mails. Erzählt wird überwiegend aus der Ich-Perspektive aus der Sicht von Lo. Dieser Aufbau hat mir sehr gut gefallen.
Den flüssigen Schreibstil finde ich ebenfalls angenehm. Die Sprache ist klar und anschaulich. Gleichzeitig gelingt es gut, die Gedanken- und Gefühlswelt von Lo zu schildern.

Die Hauptprotagonistin wird authentisch dargestellt. Allerdings kommt sie unsympathisch rüber und sie hat mich teilweise etwas genervt. Mit einigen anderen Charakteren dagegen wurde ich schneller warm, obwohl diese größtenteils eher blass bleiben.

Durch den spannenden Einstieg bin ich gut in die Geschichte reingekommen und habe gespannt gelesen. Dann plätschert die Geschichte längere Zeit vor sich hin und hat einige Längen, bevor sie im weiteren Verlauf wieder fesselnder wird. Zum Ende hin konnte ich das Buch kaum noch aus der Hand legen.

Die Handlung ist stimmig. Dabei erwarten den Leser einige Wendungen. Auch die Auflösung wirkt auf mich glaubwürdig.

Cover und Titel sind nahezu identisch zum englischen Original und sagen mir beide zu. Sie sind ansprechend und passen gut zum Inhalt.

Mein Fazit:
„Woman in Cabin 10“ von Ruth Ware ist ein gelungener Thriller mit nur kleineren Schwächen, der mich gut unterhalten und für spannende Lesestunden gesorgt hat.

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review 2018-02-14 20:58
Dark and chilling make this one...
Mister Tender's Girl: A Novel - Carter Wilson

This was a really good thrilling read. I enjoyed the twists and the overall feeling of the book really gave you the feeling you were being observed just like Alice felt throughout the novel.

Depictions of anxiety, of Alice breaking down and feeling defeated, her constant fear of being watched and followed, there’s a lot of emotions in the book and you can’t blame her as she went through a real rough patch in her past. It’s amazing she’s able to do the things she does (like owning a coffee shop for example). Alice is a very strong and determined character with considerable vulnerabilities.

I wasn’t really much into the guessing game as to who’s the one doing the following here. I was much too engrossed on how Alice was faring throughout the story as it seemed she was going to snap at any moment.

However, let’s get to the last third of the book.

Holy jeez. I don’t even know what to think.

You ever get that horrible creepy feeling when you come across something so terrible and bizarre and the only thing you can do is keep reading about it until your curiosity either gets the best out of you and you can’t sleep for the rest of the night or you turn away (but your curiosity hasn’t been satiated and you go back to step one)

That’s how I felt while reading the last third of the novel. To even think something like *that* actually exists out there (and worse) is frightening.

Now there were some unanswered and strings that weren’t really tied together or finished. Some characters just vanished without a trace and you’re left wondering what’s going to happen to them or if Alice is going to keep in touch with these particular people. Or maybe, Alice is just going to start fresh again ? who knows. I just didn’t like that some of them were just left there forgotten.

Other than that little bit, I enjoyed reading this book. You’d be surprised what awful twisted things lurk out there in the world and they’re probably just watching without us even knowing it. Great suspense and thrills. Worth a read!

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