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review 2017-01-19 01:08
The Owls Are Not What They Seem
The Secret History of Twin Peaks - Mark Frost

A strange book, befitting a very strange TV show. The book purports to be a dossier of documents relating to the town of Twin Peaks, assembled by "the Archivist" with his commentary and with further annotation by an FBI agent assigned to analyze the dossier after its discovery. The first section of the book concerns the history of the Pacific Northwest, in particular the death of explorer Meriwether Lewis and the pursuit of the Nez Perce Indians, and tying both events into the Twin Peaks mythos. The next section is all about UFO sightings and Men in Black style government cover-ups. The book then moves on to the history of the town of Twin Peaks, filling in details about the Packards, Martels, Hornes, and the Bookhouse Boys. Finally the book returns to UFOs and pulls in characters like L. Ron Hubbard and Richard Nixon.


I suspect some readers will be discouraged by the historical and UFO sections, but it is worth pressing on. The middle section about the town of Twin Peaks fills in lots of backstory about the characters in the TV series. At least one of the major cliffhangers from the series finale is resolved in the book. I suspect some of the details revealed here relate to plots that the creators do not intend to revisit in the new series and want to get out of the way. Interestingly, the main through-put character of the book is a minor character from the second season who only appeared in 3 episodes (I checked IMDB).


Based on the content of the book, I suspect the creators plan to place the weirdness of Twin Peaks in a broader context involving UFO contact. In the best case this might be an exploration of the idea that UFO experiences are just the modern interpretation of what older civilizations would have considered encounters with spirit beings. In the worst case scenario we are about to get David Lynch's version of X-Files, and even that might be pretty cool.

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text 2016-02-15 20:48
Time groupthink control secrets perfect little town ugly underneath nice and safe nice and safe
Pines - Blake Crouch
The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer - Jennifer Lynch
The Lottery and Other Stories - Shirley Jackson

Currently halfway through the first novel in Blake Crouch's series. It's Twin Peaks (and Blue Velvet, a perfect white picket fence with a severed ear at its base) crashing into The Lottery overcome by another wave filled with your every agoraphobic fear fed by that small town out in the middle of nowhere.


Road trip. You are forced to stop in this...town? for gas, the only business for miles seems to be the gas station-combo-momandpop diner. The next exits with any recognizable franchises are either miles ahead or behind. The lady behind the counter seems nice enough, and the now-silent customer-companions are watching you with only curiosity...but it suddenly deeply bothers you that it is only you and them for miles and miles, only you, and them, and the humming fluorescent lamps over the slices of the pie of the day...the humming and the blinking...hum and blink and stare...


Series order:

  1. Pines
  2. Wayward
  3. The Last Town
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quote 2015-11-22 12:34
Diventerò una professionista nel non provare alcuna emozione. Troverò un modo per farlo. Non posso arrendermi. Non ci credo nemmeno per la metà del tempo che ciò che sto vivendo sia reale. Sono perduta. Perduta. Ma una Laura più forte, più manipolativa sta alzando la sua testa e aprendo se stessa alle minacce e ai giochi che si fanno solamente nel buio. Quando scoprirò chi è, lo farò sapere a tutti quanti! Con l'augurio di una nuova forza, Laura.
Il diario segreto di Laura Palmer - Jennifer Lynch,Roberta Rambelli

Il Diario Segreto di Laura Palmer

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quote 2015-11-22 12:27
So che l'ho ferito... Spero che un giorno capisca il perchè. Non schiaccerei mai nessuno nel modo in cui sono stata schiacciata io. Se fossi stata io quella derisa, non so se sarei mai stata di nuovo così onesta - in grado di avvicinarmi a qualcuno anche con il più piccolo complimento, perchè il ricordo della risata risuonerebbe di nuovo nelle mie orecchie
Il diario segreto di Laura Palmer - Jennifer Lynch,Roberta Rambelli

Il Diario Segreto di Laura Palmer

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review 2015-01-22 18:42
REVIEW: Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks by Andy Burns
Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks (Pop Classics) - Andy Burns

Wow, what a strange few months it has been forTwin Peaks fans. After 25 years of teases and denials, Lynch and Frost finally announced we'll be getting a long-awaited continuation of the series in 2016, with Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, and Audrey Horne already confirmed to return. In addition, Frost announced he'll be writing an accompanying novel to fill in the 25 years between the two series.

As a result, Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peakscouldn't have come at a better time, even if the timing means Andy Burns finished the book before the news of a confirmed revival could provide a fitting epilogue.

It's a relatively short book and a quick read, but Burns does a great job of examining what made the show special, and of exploring its lasting legacy in terms of influence and inspiration. He breaks down the technical details of how scenes were framed, of how different effects were achieved, and of what kind of direction actors and writers were given to discover the characters. He talks about just how much influence Lynch's cinematic vision had on the series, and which of the other writers were most responsible for its most memorable moments. I was barely a teenager when Twin Peaks first aired, so I was largely ignorant of the technical, stylistic aspects. Looking back, and applying Burns' analysis to the scenes I remember, casts the series in a whole new light.

While the homages and tributes are obvious, such as the Darkwing Duck parody that I still quote to this day (and which he fondly recalls), the overall influence on TV is something I had never considered. We've become so accustomed to things like season-long story arcs, cinematic production values, and weird or experimental storytelling, that it's easy to forget how much Twin Peaks did first. Burns walks us through both sides of that influence, and really helps to put the show's legacy in context. We toss around terms like 'ground-breaking' all the time, but this is one of those shows where that term is completely deserved.

If you've never seen the show, this isn't likely to make you want to go back and watch the original series, but fans will find a lot to appreciate in Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks. Along with reminding us of how fantastic the show was, it's a great recap of the characters and story lines, and a perfect way to get quickly reacquainted with the world Lynch and Frost created.

Source: beauty-in-ruins.blogspot.ca/2015/01/review-wrapped-in-plastic-twin-peaks-by.html
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