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text 2017-07-20 19:00
Reading progress update: I've read 65 out of 128 pages and...
Spinal Tap: The Big Black Book - Wallace Fairfax

I've been grinning the entire time! At this point, we are still going through the discography and history of the band. 


For instance, the album "The Sun Never Sweats" from 1975. This is the album which featured the lead single "Stonehenge." The band came up with a great idea to have a replica of a stone made as a stage prop. Unfortunately, Nigel got his measurements wrong and Tap ended up with this:





The second song on "The Sun Never Sweats:"  "Daze of Knights of Old" 

"elucidates on themes of King Arthur's era and why his table was round, and not rectangular, like most tables."


This album came out after "Shark Sandwich." For which Spinal Tap received a two word review: "Shit Sandwich."




Sadly, this was not their first two word review. They previously received one that simply said: "Spinal Crap."



I am now up to Spinal Tap in the 80's. Of which Nigel said:


"The 80's were a blur, really. And not just because I lost my glasses."



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text 2017-07-19 18:45
Reading progress update: I've read 30 out of 128 pages of
Spinal Tap: The Big Black Book - Wallace Fairfax

Spinal Tap, The Big Black Book and it's totally hilarious. So far, we have a discography and close ups of the band members. Of course, the drummers must be discussed. For those who don't know, Spinal Tap drummers have a bad record and don't last very long, for one reason or another. 


There was a "bizarre gardening accident", a "choking on vomit, (but not his own vomit-"can't dust for vomit"), and two, (count 'em, TWO) spontaneous combustions.

Oh! And one death was a mystery, "best left unsolved."



"It's just not widely reported."

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text 2017-07-18 18:45
Spinal Tap: The Big Black Book
Spinal Tap: The Big Black Book - Wallace Fairfax


I'm happy to be starting this one. This Rock 'n' Roll mockumentary is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's always impressed me that most of it was improvised. Featuring Christopher Guest, (pictured below), Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer, Spinal Tap is a classic comedy with a long list of cameo appearances. It is a MUST SEE! 


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review 2017-07-01 01:19
The French House: An American Family, a Ruined Maison, and the Village That Restored Them All - Don Wallace
  Mindy and Don buy a house on Belle Ile, off the coast of Brittany, that needs to be repaired. Their families are not happy about it but they persevere. Life happens but the thought of the house and their chance to be there helps get them through the downs of life in America.

I enjoyed this book. I liked how we get a glimpse of life in the US for them (sometimes you have to read between the lines to know what has happened.) The thought of the house and the repair work being done gives them the strength to move past the disappointments of familial disapproval, job loss, and economic downturns. I love how they bring surfing to Belle Ile. I also like how they fit in as well as the thoughts they have when they think more like Americans than Bellilois while on the island. I loved the letter to the people who stay in their home when they are back in the US. It is great. I would love to have a dream like they did and to execute it. Loved this book
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review 2017-06-27 19:30
Review: Ralphy the Rabbit: Finds Himself by David Wallace and Lorian Dean
Ralphy the Rabbit: Finds Himself - David... Ralphy the Rabbit: Finds Himself - David L Wallace,Lorian Dean

Here is a summary of what the book is about. The story is about a rabbit named Ralphy. He knew he was different from his brothers and sisters. Ralphy couldn't hop very far but the thing that drove him nuts was his ears. Ralphy ears were larger and crooked than a normal rabbit. When kids came into the pet shop they would laugh at him as they pass by him. One day a little girl named Marta noticed Ralphy jumping  around in his cage. From that moment everything changed for Ralphy.


What an incredible story to read to children.


There are some wonderful adventures that teach great moral lessons.


It has a wonderful message about friendship and accepting yourself just the way you are. Also, don't worry about what other people think of you.


I feel this book is geared toward the age range of 6 to preteen.


I believe the message is also saying it's ok to be different.


Happy Reading Everyone! 

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