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review 2017-09-18 21:40
Psychological Horror – Eeny Meeny by M J Arlidge @mjarlidge
By M. J. Arlidge Eeny Meeny: Di Helen Grace 1 [Paperback] - M.J. Arlidge

The cover and title for Eeny Meeny by M J Arlidge made this an easy reading choice for me. It gave me a feeling of danger and kept me reading to the end.


Eeny Meeny (Helen Grace, #1)

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA  /  Goodreads




The cover and title for Eeny Meeny by M J Arlidge made this an easy reading choice for me. It gave me a feeling of danger and kept me reading to the end. It’s his debut novel…and it’s a good one.


Adult Reading. S&M, bondage.


Hitchhiking, I think not. It will be very hazardous to someone’s health.


Sam and Amy had been taken and Amy wondered if she was capable of doing what was necessary to survive.


The psychological horror for Amy starts on the very first page. Will it destroy her?


Helen was born to be a cop. She is a badass with a flawed, yet soft heart, dedicated to her job.


With a sadist serial killer, Eeny Meeny reads like a Criminal Minds episode.


Some characters are flawed, but for me, that makes them more interesting. What is normal?


Others are innocent, yet doomed. Who and why? Have I met the killer?


Mystery and betrayal. Confrontation and choice? Love and sacrifice.


Someone was playing a devious and cruel game.


It took me a while to figure out the connection.


Be careful. The author is not afraid to kill off anyone if it suits his purpose. I love dark and evil, with mystery and suspense to die for, and we have plenty of it here.


I will be on the lookout for the next story in the Detective Inspector Helen Grace series.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Eeny Meeny by M J Arlidge.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars


Read more here.


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/psychological-horror-eeny-meeny-by-m-j-arlidge-mjarlidge
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review 2016-03-08 16:11
Relative Scence (Women Sleuths Murder Mystery Short Stories) by Becky Torrence
Cozy Mystery: Relative Scence (Women Sleuths Murder Mystery Short Stories) (Cozy Mystery, Death,Detective) - Becky Torrence

Relative Scence (Women Sleuths Murder Mystery Short Stories) by Becky Torrence is listed as a cozy mystery.  I gave it one star because it ended so abruptly after having no plot. The cover shows the title is Relative Scene but the listing does not.  It is only ten pages.


Piper is having a hand-carved door installed by Ralph Strawbridge to replace her old one at her pickling shop.  She discovers that Sugar Heywood is dating Jeremy Porter.  Porter has an unpleasant accountant working for him named Dirk Unger.


I received a complimentary copy from Amazon.  That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Cozy-Mystery-Relative-Sleuths-Detective-ebook/dp/B01CAOCXNA

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review 2015-08-10 23:01
Another Hit by Patricia Cornwell – Flesh and Blood
Flesh and Blood - Patricia Cornwell

Flesh and Blood

Patricia Cornwell


on Tour August 2015



Book Details



Genre: Women Sleuths | Crime | Suspense

Published by: William Morrow

Publication Date: 06/30/2015

Number of Pages: 512

ISBN: 9780062325358

Purchase Links: Amazon Barnes & Noble Goodreads



I love Patricia Cornwell’s novels and there is never any need to investigate further when seeing a new release. She is on my automatic grab it list.


In the world of forensics, Scarpetta is at the top of the list. Now, we have a serial sniper leaving dead bodies up and down the east coast and she is hot on the case.


Scarpetta is a well developed and strong character. She has a Greyhound named Sock – what a cool name is that? She is the chief medical examiner of Massachusetys and also works for the Pentagon. Believes in doing the right thing sometimes involves bending the rules a bit. Kay is Dr Death, a stickler for details and take of care of business now attitude, which can rub others the wrong way.


Benton, her significant other, comes from money, but he is not a snob. He is an FBI profiler and very good at his job.


Lucy…how can I describe this dangerous dynamo. . I love this character, flaws and all. She is bold, confident and can kick your ass from here to tomorrow. She knows weapons, drives a Ferrari, owns and operates her own chopper and is a genius when it comes to computers. If you mess with her and hers, it could be deadly.


Marino, another friend of our Scarpetta’s cast of characters, had been working at CFC with her, but was lured back to the Police Department. He still assumes they are a team and Scarpetta will drop everything to help him whenever heeded. He is a bit cantankerous. I love him and his bull in a china shop attitude. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Nothing, noone stands in the way of his investigations. Kay at times feels she works for him not with him, whether making a call or cleaning his sunglasses.. I find that funny.

Does their work and stress of job create an aura of competition, turning friends into antagonists, or worse yet, enemies, working against each other, causing problems on cases they are forced to share?


Bloom is an insurance investigator. Why does he keep turning up like a bad penny? He works for an insurance company that does all they can to deny claims.


What do a man accused, but innocent, of being a terrorist, a young girl supposedly in a drowning accident, seven bright and shiny copper pennies, a ruthless insurance investigator, a 61 year old murdered woman, a dead crane operator have in common?

As usual Patricia Cornwell took me on a roller coaster ride of mystery, danger and intrigue at every turn with Flesh and Blood. She kept me on my toes with twists and turns and I am unable to put all the pieces together. I know they will fit, I just don’t know how.  It doesn’t matter if I figure it out or not, I am still on pins and needles as I read to the very end.


Kay Scarpetta is not the only adventurous, do it myself kind of investigator, so is Patricia Cornwell. Be sure and read her bio, which is almost as entertaining as the book itself.


I received a copy of Flesh and Blood in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars




It’s Dr. Kay Scarpetta’s birthday, and she’s about to head to Miami for a vacation with Benton Wesley, her FBI profiler husband, when she notices seven pennies on a wall behind their Cambridge house. Is this a kids’ game? If so, why are all of the coins dated 1981 and so shiny they could be newly minted? Her cellphone rings, and Detective Pete Marino tells her there’s been a homicide five minutes away. A high school music teacher has been shot with uncanny precision as he unloaded groceries from his car. No one has heard or seen a thing.


In this 22nd Scarpetta novel, the master forensic sleuth finds herself in the unsettling pursuit of a serial sniper who leaves no incriminating evidence except fragments of copper. The shots seem impossible, yet they are so perfect they cause instant death. The victims appear to have had nothing in common, and there is no pattern to indicate where the killer will strike next. First New Jersey, then Massachusetts, and then the murky depths off the coast of South Florida, where Scarpetta investigates a shipwreck, looking for answers that only she can discover and analyze. And it is there that she comes face to face with shocking evidence that implicates her techno genius niece, Lucy, Scarpetta’s own flesh and blood.




Patricia CornwellPatricia Cornwell is recognized as one of the world’s top bestselling crime authors with novels translated into thirty-six languages in more than 120 countries. Her novels have won numerous prestigious awards including the Edgar, the Creasey, the Anthony, the Macavity, and the Prix du Roman d’Aventure. Beyond the Scarpetta series, she has written a definitive book about Jack the Ripper, a biography, and two more fiction series. Cornwell, a licensed helicopter pilot and scuba diver, actively researches the cutting-edge forensic technologies that inform her work. She was born in Miami, grew up in Montreat, North Carolina, and now lives and works in Boston.

Catch Up with Patricia Cornwell:
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Source: www.fundinmental.com/another-hit-by-patricia-cornwell-flesh-and-blood
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review 2012-07-28 18:24
First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, Book 1)
First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson Series #1) - Darynda Jones I picked up First Grave on a recommendation, only knowing that is was a "great book" and "really sexy". I have to agree and add even more! Charley Davidson is the main character and you learn to love her unique situation, no-holds-barred-take-all-comers attitude, and never-say-die mentality. Darynda surrounds Charley with an amazing cast of characters who (much like in real life) both help and hinder Charly in her quest to solve a series of murders and figure out who the incredibly mysterious and consuming figure she's encountered all her life really is. When you flip the last page of First Grave you won't be able to pull yourself out of Charley's world! Don't even try - just go pick up Second Grave and keep going. It's well worth it.
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review 2012-07-28 18:20
Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson, Book 2)
Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones Charley is the kind of girl I imagine myself to be - tough, sassy, sensual, and completely independent. When you add in the extra adventure and excitement of being both grim reaper and private investigator - Charley takes you places you've never imagined you'll go. You don't have to read First Grave to enjoy this book, but you'd really be missing out! Darynda weaves such a tale that you can't help but pick up this book, get sucked in, and then immediately get your copy of Third Grave! You just don't want to adventure to end.
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