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text 2018-04-21 17:51
Reading progress update: I've read 44%.
Interesting Times (Discworld, #17) - Terry Pratchett


Rincewind, Cohen, and the Luggage are back!  YAY!


Discussion amongst old (one's in a wheelchair) marauding barbarians who are a bit too old to be marauding anymore,  about what happens if they get caught while breaking into the Forbidden City and are sentenced to being hung, drawn, and quartered:


" I believe it's a punishment similar to hanging, drawing and quartering...."

"How are you drawn then?"

"I think your innards are cut out and shown to you."

"What for?" 

"I don't really know.  To see if you recognize them, I suppose."

"What...like,  'Yep, that's my kidney, yep, that's my breakfast'?"


Couple paragraphs later:


"How are you hung?"




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text 2018-04-21 17:34
Like a bat out of hell!
Soul Music (Discworld) - Terry Pratchett


Rock and Roll never forgets.


My favorite Death book so far. 

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review 2018-04-21 11:03
Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 3 | Sam Feuerbach
180420 Totengräbersohn3b
Autor: Sam FeuerbachTitel: Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 3Reihe: Der Totengräbersohn (3)Genre: Mittelalter-FantasyVerlag: www.samfeuerbach.de, [22.01.2018]Kindle-Edition: 418 Seiten, ASIN: B07983S73Dhier: gelesen über die Kindle-Leihbücherei auf dem Kindkle Paperwhiteauch als TB erschienenklick zu Amazon.de

Inhaltsangabe (Amazon):

Händeringend sucht der Totengräbersohn nach einer Möglichkeit, seinen Herrn Emicho zu retten. Hierzu führt ihn eine dringliche Mission über das höchste und unwegsamste Gebirge des Weltenreiches ins geheimnisvolle Sumpfland. Doch die wahre Gefahr der Mission lauert im Verrat, im Misstrauen und in der Verzweiflung.

Meine Meinung:


Wie ihr anhand meiner Bewertungen der vorhergehenden Bücher dieser Reihe (unten in diesem Artikel) erkennen könnt, haben mir die Bücher Stück für Stück immer besser gefallen. Nun gibt es nur noch eine einzige Steigerung – ich bin gespannt, ob sie beim vierten Buch, das noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen soll, vergeben werden kann.


Sam Feuerbach kann sich durchaus mit namhaften Fantasy-Autoren messen. Sein Stil ist nicht nur detailreich, wortgewaltig und humorvoll, er hat sich schon auf der Liste meiner Lieblingsautoren nach oben katapultiert, denn die Spannung knistert geradezu, seine Pro- und Antagonisten haben sich in mein Herz geschlichen, und ich kann es kaum erwarten, den Abschluss der Reihe lesen zu können.


Eine interessante Welt, fantastische Story in doppelter Hinsicht, ein erstklassiges Leseabenteuer – was will man mehr? Für dieses dritte Buch gebe ich sogar 11/10 Punkte und lege euch die Reihe wirklich sehr ans Herz. Was macht es da, dass manchmal Worte fehlen oder zu viel sind – die Bücher sind im Eigenverlag erschienen und kosten so kleines Geld im Digitalbereich, dass sich diese Lektüre wirklich jeder leisten kann, und on top oben drauf konnte ich dieses Buch sogar aus der Kindle-Leihbücherei leihen – also für lau lesen.


Für mich ist diese Reihe schon jetzt ein Highlight diesen Jahres! Danke, Sam! Du bereicherst mein Leben.



Der Waffenmeister grinste. “Vermutlich denkst du da in erster Linie an Proviant.”
”Genau, Proviant. Aber auch an Essen. Und Mundvorrat”, gab Plaudius ihm recht.
Seite 136, Kapitel “Die Reise” --- Plaudius und ich verstehen uns :D

180420 Totengräbersohn3a


Bücher des Autors:


Thriller-Serien zusammen mit Thariot:

- Echtzeit
- Instabil_1, Instabil_2 – gelesen in 2017 - jeweils 11/10 Punkte

Die Krosann-Saga in 6 Bänden


Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 1 – gelesen 26.02.18 – 08/10 Punkte
Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 2 – gelesen 13.04.18 – 10/10 Punkte
Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 3 – gelesen 20.04.18 – 11/10 Punkte
Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 4 – soll 2018 erscheinen


Der Totengräbersohn: Buch 3 - Ludwig Feuerbach 

Source: sunsys-blog.blogspot.de/2018/04/gelesen-der-totengrabersohn-buch-3-sam.html
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review 2018-04-20 21:31
Witches of East End (The Beauchamp Family #1) by Melissa de la Cruz
Witches of East End - Melissa de la Cruz

It was hard to put this book down, even to just fold laundry. However, it should be noted that de la Cruz has a particular writing style - very short chapters, heavy on plot, rotating third person POVs (in this case Freya, Ingrid, and Joanne), and for an adult book, very little sex on the page. I was familiar with de la Cruz's writing after reading three books in her YA vampire series (with one of those vampires making a guest appearance in this book), and it suited to the story she was telling in this book.


And what a book it was - a mix of lessons from early American history (the Salem witch trials in particular), Norse mythology (yeah, with names like Freya and Ingrid kind of give it away), and straight up paranormal. Joanne, Freya, and Ingrid are witches and mother-daughters that were exiled by The Council and banned from using their gifts. After a few centuries, each woman was tired of keeping herself on the down low and starting using her gifts for the good of others - honest intentions to help people. As they continue to use their powers, equally crazy shit happens and it is up to the women to find the source and stop it. 


I just loved this book. The women were intelligent, thoughtful, and worked together while still being themselves and the romantic elements were there, but not the focus of the book. It was a joyride with heart. I am definitely going to continue reading this series. Forewarned: you have to read the series in order because the end of one book sets up the next book. So although the problem the women faced ended at the end of this book, the epilogue dropped a big plot line for book two.

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review 2018-04-20 18:30
SHOCK Anthology edited by Joe Pruett
SHOCK Anthology - Joe Pruitt


SHOCK Anthology is a collection of short stories told via comics. Being a lover of short stories, and taking into consideration that super cool cover, how could I resist? As with any anthology, some of the stories worked for me and some did not. One thing I learned was that I needed to go through this volume slowly, otherwise moving from comic to comic, each being totally different in writing and artwork styles, was too jarring.


That said, these are the tales that stood out for me:


THE LAST DANCE WITH YOU: was a beautifully told story and even though the clues were there, I didn't catch on to where the story was going until we arrived.


DUMB BITCH: Don't you touch that dog!


ISTANBUL: I loved this one because the art work was gorgeous and evocative, even with no words.


THE DEAD CITY AWOKE: This tale was super short and had few words, but the art was simply breathtaking. (Probably my favorite graphics in this collection.)


LIVE OR DIE: A spooky story taking place in the middle of a war battle.


DEVOLUTION: I loved this dystopian tale of caution even if it was a bit implausible. I see seeds of this in our day to day living right now and I often wonder where it's going to end up. DEVOLUTION presents its own ideas as to how things will turn out.


MOMENTS: With tongue firmly in cheek, this tale about social media and how far it could, (will?), go was hilarious and disturbing all at once. With so many people paying way too much attention to their online lives and so little to their actual lives, I thought this tale was a fun and unsettling way to look at what the future might bring.


Overall, I enjoyed the concept of this book and the book itself. With lots of variety and something for everyone, I recommend this fun volume to fans of short stories,comics and graphic novels!


*Thanks to NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. This is it.*

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