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review 2016-08-04 20:01
A Totally Awkward Love Story
A Totally Awkward Love Story - Tom Ellen,Lucy Ivison

So who is your lobster? Hannah has been looking for her lobster for years and she desperately wants to find him as she is planning to head off to college shortly and she hasn’t yet found him. A lobster she heard, mates for life, at least that is what someone told her in grade school and this notion that been embedded in her head and has been a goal for her for many years. So far, she been coming up empty handed. She hopes this last summer, she will find her lobster.


I really enjoyed the girlfriend relationships that were found inside this novel. They were true to each other in the end and were there for each other when they needed to be. Sure there were spats and quarrels amongst them but these girls together, were a fortress. There were many other relationships in this novel. Some were convenient and some took on deeper meanings, pulling at the emotional and committal side of their relationship. Such a variety of characters were included inside these pages, there is sure to be someone you can relate to. As the main characters were finally done taking their college entrance exam boards, there is a mix of feeling amongst them. They all feel relieved to put their books away but waiting for the results, some of the characters just couldn’t let go and just let fate take over. I could relate to these characters as they fretted over their test results. I know and they know that there is nothing that we can do about them but we still run the “what if?” scenarios in our heads after taking exams. They all wanted to have fun this last summer before college but these other individuals were ready to cut loose and be free. They all just needed to get away, change their environment, and things would start to look better.   This was a fun story, a very entertaining and enjoyable read.   I liked that the characters all began to relax for a bit while they were together once they got away from home. The atmosphere changed and there was of course, drama but there was going to be drama anyway. You put a group of people together, things are bound to occur.   It’s hard to change, it’s hard to let go of yourself especially around other people but it’s good to relax and know that you can.

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review 2016-06-14 21:08
Reasons you need this book
A Totally Awkward Love Story - Tom Ellen,Lucy Ivison
1. It is FUCKING HILARIOUS. It's also just got a very different sense of humor found in American YA novels. The straight-forward, British humor made me LOL a lot. Also British humor in general is pretty great. Lots of LOLs to be had. 

2. It is Sex-positive. It isn't just sex-positive in that it has one sex scene. This book is full of teenagers who think a LOT about sex (because TEENAGERS DO THAT) and also have sex often. The book explores teen-sexuality in a very true-to-life manner that isn't full of rainbows and roses but rather lots of awkwardness and self-doubt. 

3. Awkwardness. Just based on personal experience, being a teen is pretty hard. There are so many messages teens get from media and from one another and all they do is make us very aware of ourselves and the ways in which we are different from this 'idealized' image of a teen. While the book doesn't directly address the messages, it weaves them in with the insecurities the main characters have about themselves. 

4. Kids who don't always get into their top college/university. I know this seems really minor but I am so fucking tired of all the teens in YA lit who dream big and somehow always get into their top college/university. That doesn't happen that often in real life. What does happen is that you sometimes see the good in situations that aren't always that great and this book does a lot of that. 

5. Teens who drink. Whaat? Teens drink? What are you going on about? Given that it's the summer after high school, let me tell you, there is a lot of drinking involved and I appreciated the realistic ways in which the authors tackled teen drinking. 

This book will definitely not be for everyone because there is a lot of angst and drama, occasional toxic friendships and perhaps the kinds of situations these teens get into will make some readers uncomfortable. Hell, I was pretty uncomfortable sometimes. BUT, Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison do justice to teen experiences in the novel. Not every teenager will have had the same experiences as the main characters but I am sure everyone will be able to relate to some aspect of these teens' lives and will find something that makes them want to cheer the main characters on. 

Note that I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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