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review 2015-09-11 23:58
Mail Order Bride - Abused Broken But Saved By the Cowboy
Mail Order Bride - Abused Broken But Saved By the Cowboy: A Clean Historical Western Romance (The Big Beautiful Brides of the Old West Book 1) - Emma Jean

Hannah was verbally and physically abused by her father and her mother wasn't much nicer to her. After listening to her father criticize her for years she had to get away from him so she answered an ad to be a Mail Order Bride. She traveled a week to get to the man who wanted to be her husband. She had high hopes her life would be better with this man. After spending a few weeks in his home which he shared with his sister and grandfather, Hannah saw him as the cruel man he really was.

I really enjoyed this quick historical romance. The story flowed well and was quite emotional. Poor Hannah had a terrible life but this tale ended with a HEA. Yay.

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review 2015-08-27 07:42
Life wasn't fair of unfair; it was simply unexpected. Sometimes life's surprises were breathtakingly beautiful. Sometimes they were breathtakingly cruel. But surprises were always the raw material of life.
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review 2015-04-28 03:13
Real Beast: Abused - Brian Arthur Levene

I won this book via Goodreads. When I read the blurb I was like wow this is going to real, and heartbreaking.

It took me a while to get to this book as I had others to read so when I actually sat down to read it as part of my new Paperback Friday post #PaperbackFriday I knew I needed to get busy reading it.

The book started off okay but by the middle of the book I literally felt lost as to what was happening. Even though this book is based on real events, the author jumped around so much that it was hard to even know what year we were in half the time. 

In books like this it is always hard to get upset at the choices the person or persons make because we haven't gone through what they have, but some of the stuff I just was shocked at why Arthur stayed. Half the time I wondered where their young son was during all of this because he seemed to be there sometimes but other times he wasn't. 

You can tell Arthur loves Laila but sometimes when there is more hate and physical violence and you have a way out you should take it. Arthur learns over the years what Laila went through with her family it was not normal. Being sexually abused by those that are called family is wrong on so many levels and you can understand why Laila acts the way she does. But when things start happening in his own home and he is questioning half the time what his daughter and Laila are doing you have to wonder where the heck was Arthur's mind at in all of this.

It was heartbreaking to read that people all around Arthur and Laila were not for their relationship because of their religions, it goes to show that sometimes you can not break the tradition no matter how much you love someone. 

Even though like I said the book is real and raw, it just was hard to really get into. Not only with the decisions Arthur was making but the timeline of things that would happen from time to time, along with some grammar issues that were found within the story.

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review 2014-09-20 00:00
Abused No More: Recovery for Women from Abusive or Co-Dependent Relationships
Abused No More: Recovery for Women from ... Abused No More: Recovery for Women from Abusive or Co-Dependent Relationships - Robert J. Ackerman Roughly once a month, my almost entirely wordless father would get drunk somewhere and come home to talk philosophy. He was naturally quite emotional at these times, about insoluble sources of frustration he couldn't describe. He had very real reasons to feel frustrated, like anyone, I suppose, the emotions of a complacent, agreeable man caught up in a mostly miserable environment, but listening to him and even probing for details at such strange times was like looking for headlines in rain-pulped newspapers.

Eventually, the unsolved mysteries seemed to be the whole point of the series, which is probably why I've never seen a single episode of "Lost". Unfortunately, I did turn to self-help books from the 1980s, such as this book, although it's important to point out that I am not a woman and I am not abusive.

The worst consequence of Reagan-era pop psychologists publishing in the U.S. is that they seemed to think society's problems were caused by too much dependence, even down to family relationships. No one is as dependent as one feels or as indepedent as one imagines, but a combination of emotional independence and financial dependence would seem to be a very bad relationship for everyone involved.
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review 2014-04-06 04:36
You Knew This Was Coming
Shady - Jan Irving

Oh, Jan Irving has once again sucked me into the vortex of crazy that is her books. I pretty much read anything that Irving writes even though I know it is like writing a prescription for insanity. Irving hadn't come out with anything new in a while, so when I saw this book was out I could not hit the buy now button fast enough. 


Basically, Shade is a homicide detective who also does some contract killing on the side. He's some sort of clone or something. Well, one step ahead of a clones...maybe...I don't know. This confusion bled out into just about every part of the story. So, yeah, there's been a murder and Shade is called onto the scene where he meets legal rent boy, Nick. Nick is beautiful and delicate and Shade, much to his digest, wants the little blond prostitute. There are a few reasons why Nick is pissed off about this. 


1.) Nick is a suspect in the murder.

2.) Nick is in a relationship...though Shade kinda doesn't give a damn.

3.) Shade is all "I don't have FEELINGS" but Nick makes him feel all kinds of things.


Shade is all kinds of anti-hero. He's crazy mean and I'm not quite sure why he had a thing for a Nick. I mean, Nick is sweet and whatnot but there wasn't anything that made me think he'd transformed Shade with all his ummm...delicateness....and blondness...and velvety skin....and stuff. Plus, these two didn't have a moment or anything and if two people needed a moment to make me believe in their attraction it was Shade and Nick.


Shade seems like he hates Nick most of time except when he's doing creepy things like paying for sex with Nick and creating clones of Nick to fuck even though creating a clone is super illegal. Nick keeps protesting that he has a boyfriend but in the end that doesn't matter because Shade's super sex pheromones are all but suffocating and Nick's dick can't help but get hard every time Shade's all mean and, yanno, shady. Why do these two reach a happy ending? I have. No. Damn. Idea.


So, this story made pretty much no sense when a person really thinks about it BUT like with most Jan Irving books you just have to not think about it. At all. No, seriously, just don't pick it apart. That's only asking for problems.


As per usual, I'm not going to say I'll never read another Irving. It doesn't even matter what she writes at this point. I'm going to buy it, I'm going to read it, and I'm going to like it even if it's against my better judgment.

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