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review 2018-06-13 11:01
Miles to Go
Miles to Go - Richard Paul Evans

This book continues the story from The Walk.  


Alan Christoffersen is on a journey, a soul searching walk across the US.  He started in Seattle after he lost everything.  His wife died, his partner stole his business, and his cars and home were repossessed.  He was thinking about giving up and ending it all but something stopped him.  Instead, he grabbed a map and figured out the farthest he could walk on land and set his sites on Key West Florida.  At the end of The Walk he was attacked by a gang and serious injured.  He ended up staying with a woman who he had helped on his walk.  He fixed her tire and she gave him her card.  He forgot all about it but when he was taken to the hospital that number was the only contact info on him.  She came to help and offered him a place to stay while he healed.  While he was there he realized he wasn't there for her to help him.  She needed help herself.  


After Alan was healed enough to return to his walk he saw young woman being attacked by a group of men.  He helped her and she began to walk with him.  After she finally talked about her situation his heart really went out to her.  She was an abused child put in the foster system.  She was nearly 18 and since she knew she was going to be on her own soon anyway, she ran away and was living on the streets.  She was a great girl and didn't deserve her situation.  Alan really wanted to help her.  




This is a great soul-searching story for both the character and the reader.  I found several little gems to add to my quote book.  I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series and continuing the journey along with Alan.  



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review 2017-11-07 00:00
Abused and Accused Mail Order Bride Saved by a Humble Ranch Hand
Abused and Accused Mail Order Bride Save... Abused and Accused Mail Order Bride Saved by a Humble Ranch Hand - Terri Grace,Pure Read A short book. It was just okay for me; I think I would have liked it more with more character development.
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review 2015-09-11 23:58
Mail Order Bride - Abused Broken But Saved By the Cowboy
Mail Order Bride - Abused Broken But Saved By the Cowboy: A Clean Historical Western Romance (The Big Beautiful Brides of the Old West Book 1) - Emma Jean

Hannah was verbally and physically abused by her father and her mother wasn't much nicer to her. After listening to her father criticize her for years she had to get away from him so she answered an ad to be a Mail Order Bride. She traveled a week to get to the man who wanted to be her husband. She had high hopes her life would be better with this man. After spending a few weeks in his home which he shared with his sister and grandfather, Hannah saw him as the cruel man he really was.

I really enjoyed this quick historical romance. The story flowed well and was quite emotional. Poor Hannah had a terrible life but this tale ended with a HEA. Yay.

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review 2015-08-27 07:42
Life wasn't fair of unfair; it was simply unexpected. Sometimes life's surprises were breathtakingly beautiful. Sometimes they were breathtakingly cruel. But surprises were always the raw material of life.
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review 2015-04-28 03:13
Real Beast: Abused - Brian Arthur Levene

I won this book via Goodreads. When I read the blurb I was like wow this is going to real, and heartbreaking.

It took me a while to get to this book as I had others to read so when I actually sat down to read it as part of my new Paperback Friday post #PaperbackFriday I knew I needed to get busy reading it.

The book started off okay but by the middle of the book I literally felt lost as to what was happening. Even though this book is based on real events, the author jumped around so much that it was hard to even know what year we were in half the time. 

In books like this it is always hard to get upset at the choices the person or persons make because we haven't gone through what they have, but some of the stuff I just was shocked at why Arthur stayed. Half the time I wondered where their young son was during all of this because he seemed to be there sometimes but other times he wasn't. 

You can tell Arthur loves Laila but sometimes when there is more hate and physical violence and you have a way out you should take it. Arthur learns over the years what Laila went through with her family it was not normal. Being sexually abused by those that are called family is wrong on so many levels and you can understand why Laila acts the way she does. But when things start happening in his own home and he is questioning half the time what his daughter and Laila are doing you have to wonder where the heck was Arthur's mind at in all of this.

It was heartbreaking to read that people all around Arthur and Laila were not for their relationship because of their religions, it goes to show that sometimes you can not break the tradition no matter how much you love someone. 

Even though like I said the book is real and raw, it just was hard to really get into. Not only with the decisions Arthur was making but the timeline of things that would happen from time to time, along with some grammar issues that were found within the story.

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