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review 2018-01-03 21:13
Excellent conclusion
Cyborg (2016-) #20 - Kevin Grevioux,Gabe Eltaeb,Ivan Nunes,Simone Bianchi,Cliff Richards

I was wondering how things were going to go back and suspected it might be the most obvious way - and it was.   Things had to get a lot worse before they'd get better, and there's an interesting time-travel type paradox that is glossed over (if things go back to the way they were before Vic got hold of the horn: why does he remember what happened after he got it since he wouldn't know before he got hold of the horn) but even this wasn't enough to knock off even half a star.   It was a plot hole that helped the narrative.


Also, mention of Robotman, which yay!



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review 2017-12-23 00:19
Cyborg is human again
Cyborg (2016-) #19 - Kevin Grevioux,Ivan Nunes,Cliff Richards,Guy Major,Will Conrad

An African horn, a wise man who claims to be a sort of Jinn, and a wish to be human again?   Yeah, but he seems to be very sick, and misses the advantages of being Cyborg.   Especially when it turns out that a dictator is using the horn to gain money and power, and using children as his chattel: they make the wishes, and they pay the price of those wishes.  


Vic wants to save these innocent children who are being duped and used, but can he when he's so feverish he can barely fight?   With the horn now out of his hands, what can he do?   


So this is gong to be at least a two parter, but this was much better than the last couple of issues, so I'm happy to see this storyline continue!

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review 2017-12-22 22:33
Cyborg (2016-) #18 - John Semper Jr.,Ivan Nunes,Eric Canete,Guy Major,Will Conrad,Cliff Richards

I didn't really enjoy this issue: it was all monologue, did tie up a couple storylines, but it didn't set the stage for the next story.   The 'it was more like a rebirth' line at the end was lame, and made me embarrassed to be reading this.   


It also didn't feel like it flowed.   Dialogue and less of 'going over what had already happened making this feel like half a recap issue' would have made this issue a smoother reading for me. 


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review 2017-12-07 00:36
Awesome graphic storytelling makes up for ugly art~
Wires and Nerve, Volume 1 - Marissa Meyer,Douglas Holgate

I liked this way more than I expected to. Honestly, I kind of hate the art, and I generally don't like it when novelists try out graphic storytelling. But this reads as if Meyer's a comic book pro, telling a fast and fun story that feels absolutely natural in graphic format. Iko was always the most fun character out of the bunch, and despite the ugly art, this was a super enjoyable read. More please!

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review 2017-10-06 21:29
Lovely penultimate issue to this storyline
Cyborg (2016-) #17 - John Semper Jr.,Ivan Nunes,Guy Major,Eric Canete,Will Conrad

The singularity storyline is almost wrapped up and I see the next issue is the finale; this makes sense.   The alternate Cyborg is so bitter because of one traumatic instance, and while his turn-around seems a bit abrupt, I can see it since it's hinges on one person: a person Cyborg knows and can save with his alternate self's help.


There's enough with Blue, or the avatar of someone who looks like Blue, to make me wonder what's going to happen and want to read on, but I can also see a nice clean ending to this storyline in the works.   


Fun alternate storyline that makes sense, and has enough conflict to keep this storyline interesting, enough new ideas to keep this fresh.   Looking forward to the next issue. 

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