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photo 2019-10-09 13:47
Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi NCR

best #bridalmakeupartists in Delhi who ensure to make all your daydreams about your D-Day come true more info call:- +91-9582126252 Web -http://www.goforparty.com/wedding-makeup-artist.php

Source: www.goforparty.com/wedding-makeup-artist.php
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photo 2019-10-08 08:16
Corporate Meeting & Event Management in Delhi

#corporateevent planning team’s major aim is to provide start-to-end services to our clients and to make it a  fun event more info call:- +91-9582126252 Web - http://www.goforparty.com/corporate-event-management-company.php

Source: www.goforparty.com/corporate-event-management-company.php
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photo 2019-10-07 15:02
Event Management Companie in Delhi

Best #EventManagementcompany in Delhi NCR, we have organized numerous such #events, #weddings and #parties more info call:- +91-9582126252 Web - http://www.goforparty.com/event-management-company.php

Source: www.goforparty.com/event-management-company.php
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photo 2019-10-05 10:17
Wedding Planners in Gurgaon

Getting married is one of the biggest steps one take in their life so we need #weddingplanners it perfectly to enjoy each and every moment of the day more info call:- +91-9582126252 Web - http://www.goforparty.com/wedding-planner-company-in-gurgaon.php

Source: www.goforparty.com/wedding-planner-company-in-gurgaon.php
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text 2019-10-04 13:22
Market yourself and build Fortune as a Makeup Artist

So, you are a BHI Academy Makeup Artist now about to launch yourself in this cluttered world, where the competition is cut-throat, and opportunities are scarce if you are not prepared well to take this world by horns. But if you have the skill and the attitude the sky is the limit, and the horizons are bright and widen enough to wing your aspirations to succeed with leaps and bounds. Opportunities are unlimited your calibre could be. Their Makeup Artist course in Mumbai is the most sought course by the makeup artists.


Said so far, let’s take a deep dive in the vast sea of opportunities available for the BHI Academy Makeup Artist. Being a professionally trained artist, you have many paths to tread on like Hollywood and Bollywood, Films and Television, Beauty contests, Runway events, Fashion shows, Red carpet theatre, Bridal makeup, Spa and beauty, Costume makeup and much more.


Wow! There are a plethora of opportunities waiting for you to see you soaring high and becoming a millionaire in the very first year of your career itself. You have to select your pick and then believe us there’s no looking back. That’s for sure.


You could start as a Freelancer working on your own without any constraints or restrictions. A freelancer has to do several tasks, like Profile building, managing IT, writing creatives, collecting feedbacks, invoicing and above all, marketing himself.



But what exactly it takes to be successful?

Marketing yourself, and that’s it. If you have learned to market yourself, then now being a makeup artist, you need nothing else. Skills get you in the game while building on your skills make you play the game, and marketing makes you win the game. What matters is winning and nothing else. So, if you want to be successful, you need to market yourself well.



But is marketing you that tough?

No, it’s no so. You need to adjust your sail in line with the market, and the good fortune will roll on, and prosperity will keep you taking from one milestone to another. You follow a few basic steps, and you are on the runway to take off.



Believe in yourself. Look smart and stand confident

You are what you perceive. Your perception about yourself matters the most. We become what we thought about ourselves. We all have strength and weaknesses. We have to bank upon our strengths and reflect on our unique talents which can stand us out of the crowd. You have to present your professional achievements to stand with proud. Painting a trustworthy portrait of yourself is vital to appear confident. If you are successful in presenting yourself as confident, then it won’t take you more than 30 seconds to convince your client and bag the business. Your confident look gets you in the business and keeps you stay ahead of your competitors. Your confident look stems the client’s faith in you that only you are the one who can deliver the results, what they are looking for.

Trust us; you are born awesome; you have to make people see-through.



Refine your pitch and Master it hard.

You are judged within 30 seconds of your speech and many times just in 7 seconds from the time you start your pitch. Your elevator pitch is the most important to get you your clients. Spend days not hours, but master it the way no one could. You may be amazing, but a poor elevator pitch can kill the business, and not once but every time you open up. So, while introducing yourself, see to that you are at your best or otherwise don’t open the client. Look smart, make confident eye contact with a pleasant smile, give a warm handshake and deliver your elevator pitch like no one delivered earlier. Your tone should be clear, crisp, to the point and crafted with the best possible relevant words or phrases and above well memorized with precise perfection to not to murmur, repeat or get stuck up.


Your pitch should be encouraging and compelling to make the client enjoy the conversation and remain continued till you receive the advance of your new order.


You can imagine that you are in front of the President of India, who is about to board a flight to some foreign visit, and you are given with only 2 seconds to make your mark and persuade him to take you along on the board.


Start Networking

Once mastered your elevator pitch, it’s time to go live. Meet people, chat at live events, connect on social platforms, walk in your local market, talk to your competitor’s clients for availing better service from you. There’s nothing better advertising than the mouth of words as Mark Zuckerberg well said that nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. As per him, a trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.


Attend events, parties, shows, expos, fairs, exhibitions, seminars, and wherever you feel, you could meet prospective people. Exchange cards, do follow up, send thanks message, drop greetings and remain connected. They can become your clients or forward you referrals or can instead become your word of mouth advertisers to their knowns. The world is too big, and so should be our approach.

Your one appreciated makeup of some client would get you with more than a hundred referrals, as we all love boasting compliments, we receive on looking beautiful. And, complemented for looking attractive is something one can’t get tired of boasting among their family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and all others.



Become social

Mark Zuckerberg, well said that when it comes to a mass audience, social media is an easy and affordable way to promote yourself to a mass audience. Building a page and expecting people to come on their own, doesn’t work. You have to be regular on social media and work hard continuously to have a visually strong social media branding. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, you have to make a profound impact to delve deep into your clients or prospects heart and mind. You have to be always their attention without a miss. Your single day miss on social media should engulf you with missing you mails. You should keep on posting your makeup photos and celebrity meet ups daily and keep a close eye that people are watching and responding positively.



Build a portfolio

Building a good portfolio deliver results and makes a difference. A good portfolio let you network with the best industry professionals. Your portfolio is as good as you are present in real and speaking about best of your yourself. Every posted photograph of your work is the testimonial of your expertise, professionalism and the magic you can weave, what others can’t. It also informs others with all whom you have worked and the level of quality work you have done for them.

Your every makeup matter. What can impress one may not impress all. But if you have a good collection of work, then it can’t happen that someone visited and was left unimpressed and untouched. Must select your photographers who align with your style and taste, and are either an equal or a better brand than you are. Any mismatch can deliver a negative impact on your business, and if you have to remain ahead of the curve, everything matters, howsoever small it may be.



Care your clients without selling

Attention is short, and so is the time when you have to impress a client. It’s better not to sell while trying to attain attention. The catch lies in serving and caring for not selling. We all are interested in what matters to us and what is relevant as per our requirement and interest. People are more interested in knowing how you can help them rather what you sell. It’s better first to understand the client and then start from what they need and not from what you sell. Your sales technique should be gentle, polite, calm, touching and rejuvenating. Otherwise, it would become noise and a disturbance to the client bringing in the damage, not the business. Never bombard your information and never be pushy to your clients. Your honesty and shining passion make your clients interested.

Inform your clients what you can do with their present outlook to make them look beautiful, impressive and awesome, rather than telling them what all you can do or what all you have done. What interests them is themselves and not your success or boasting.



Create engaging videos

The best way to quickly launch yourself is to make videos on YouTube. The YouTube videos of Makeup tutorials, Beauty advice and other product reviews are rocking the internet. Your videos are essential to let people develop an interest in your services besides making them have a closer look on how you can make a difference for them, and how your skill set is different from your competitors.

Ensure that your videos are in High Definition, attractive, focussed and appealing with a clear voice and friendly tone illustrating the quality of your services you are delivering rather than your sale pitch.

Partnerships on YouTube will also supplement your income in addition to building your business. You could float videos regarding other interesting topics or live incidents and beauty shows to keep your clients informed and educated about future trends and latest updates.



Don’t give up taking further training

Training keep you updated, in demand and in line with the latest prevailing trends to let your services rock like hotcakes. It’s the training which keeps you evergreen in the market. You are known for your knowledge and demanded your style. Training gets you both. Otherwise, it doesn’t take long to become obsolete and outdate in the industry.



Conclusion — Training is good, but marketing yourself is what makes the difference. You may be the best-talented makeup artist but if you don’t know how to promote and market yourself to get business, then where’s the point in getting trained and being a talented artist, besides learning so much. Marketing yourself is not challenging the way it scares; it’s easy. But it needs a consistent effort and wants you to follow a particular tested track which has already driven many before to grand success.

The makeup industry is on the boom as never before, and it’s the time to grow and make a fortune. We need to be trained, learn trends, do our marketing and earn revenue. The makeup artists in the world are flourishing around.


BHI Academy has launched various courses to cater to the sprawling demand of the makeup artists. Their makeup artist course are designed to be accepted and appreciated internationally. These courses are created by the experienced hardcore professionals who have provided their personal services to Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities besides excelling in several beauty contests and fashion shows. Their courses are in line with the futuristic international trends that are in huge demand across the world.

They have recently announced for their next Makeup Course for those who want to make millions buck, a grand career and crave to enter the social circle of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. Their makeup artists are spinning money like anything.


Their courses are making rounds and are the favourites of all aficionados who settle for nothing but the best whatsoever comes the way, and whatsoever it takes.

They have limited seats left with more than eighty percent of the seats booked the very day the course was launched. If you wish to be a millionaire makeup artist then don’t waste time and get yourself enrolled before it becomes too late.


Source: https://medium.com/@bhimakeupacdmy/market-yourself-and-build-fortune-as-a-makeup-artist-de630eae839

Source: medium.com/@bhimakeupacdmy/market-yourself-and-build-fortune-as-a-makeup-artist-de630eae839
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