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review 2018-09-04 04:15
Lane's (Life According to Maps #3)
Lane's - Nash Summers

This was a fun little conclusion to this trilogy. I got a hoot out of Benji and Perry's hate-like relationship, they really stole the show. Stacie was only on page for two sentences, thank god. Maps was back into oblivious, OTT mode. Not that he really got out of it in the previous book but he seemed to be making up for lost time.


Since this is a short story, there's a lot of jumping from one plot point to another, which keeps things moving but also made it feel like I was missing things. 


My idea of Maps's parents as he drives off to college:


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review 2018-09-03 05:00
Diamonds (Life According to Maps #2)
Diamonds - Nash Summers



Maps is less obnoxious here, though still adorkably oblivious and overly dramatic, and I only had to endure Stacie for one scene. Perry was a fun addition to the cast. Those little adjustments made this work much better for me. Though I did want to smack Maps a few times for ignoring Lane and not letting him explain thing. The "neighbor" thing was pretty bad on Lane's part, I do admit. 


Already reading the next one. :D

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review 2018-09-02 04:25
Maps (Life According to Maps #1)
Maps - Nash Summers

Looks like I'm the odd one out again. I liked this but...


Maps reads like an 8-year old jack up on speed. I couldn't relate to him at all and the story is from his POV. Stacie might not be a child of the corn, but she is seriously demented. That is not a normal five-year old. Lane is a pretty nice, all-around boy-next-door. Benji is cool. And Maps's mom is a saint. I swear, if I came home to half the things this woman has to live with her son doing, I would need psychotherapy and vast amounts of pills to stay sane. 


The humor just didn't click for me, and this is heavy on humor. It's also way too short to really develop the characters, and this is a story that's been written hundreds of times already by now, so it doesn't add anything new. I did like the gift of the maps. That was super sweet. 


I do have the next two from Prime loan, so I'm going to give the next one a try.

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text 2018-08-22 16:50
Do You Know Something About French Green Clay?

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This had been widely used in the spas and with its help you can able to easily remove all the dead skin cells that is present in your body. You can also make use of it for promoting circulation in the health of new skin cells that would be found below the epidermis.

The French green clay would be sponge and it would be easy for you to apply as like a clay mask. After wearing them you would feel as like your skin is tingling and alive.

How to Stay Hygienic Even After Your Beauty Treatment?

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To avoid that you can switch over to the Natural Deodorant Powder it would be powerful as well as you can get benefited without any harm. You can able to find them in variety of shapes you can pick up your own shape and buy and make use of it. When you want to search for lot of flavors for that you can make use of online. There you can able to find out all the deodorant powder up-to-date.


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review 2018-03-25 05:56
Honestly, Ben (Openly Straight #2) (Audiobook)
Honestly Ben - Bill Konigsberg

I liked so much about this book. I liked Ben in the first book and was happy to get his POV and get to know him more intimately. He's an introvert, and has a lot of hang ups because of his fun sucker dad who is king of repression. This book really focuses on why Ben feels the need to please everyone and why he's got so many issues speaking up and taking a stand for what he believes in - or even just figuring out what those beliefs are. So all of that was good, and while some things were left open ended, it didn't feel like a cliffhanger.


What I didn't like as much was Ben going GFY for Rafe. I can't even really say that this improves on the GFY trope since there is extensive talk about bisexuality, but Ben is very adamant about not being bi, which would be fine if that was all that was going on here. People are free to pick their own labels. But Rafe makes jokes several times about bi just being a transition phase to gay. Even though he says at one point that he doesn't really believe that, he still mentions it again several times, and Ben's understanding of bisexuality is rather lacking as well since it doesn't address those who would fall under the twos or fives under the Kinsey scale. So yeah, still not good bi representation, and Rafe came across as kind of a jerk when he couldn't give Ben the space and time he needed to figure things out on his own.


I can't speak one way or another if Toby being gender fluid was handled well or not. It's not a concept I understand much at all, and I can't say that this helped educate me in any way. I guess I don't see how wearing makeup and skirts can make a male character female. Because I never wear makeup or skirts, but I'm still a woman. I don't do anything particularly feminine at all but that doesn't make me not female. So gender fluidity doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, sorry. I understand wanting to buck gender *roles* but I don't think that's quite what gender fluidity is about, but perhaps I'm wrong. I admit complete ignorance about this concept, but I'm more than open to learning or trying to learn. I did try looking for reviews on GR, hoping to find some written by gender fluid reviewers talking about that aspect, but I didn't find much of anything.


Oh, and there's a throwaway line by someone else saying they think Albie is ace. That's not ace representation, sorry. Zero points for that.

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