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text 2019-01-30 07:16
Wealth securing and business development through investment services

Investing money is a pretty simple idea. An investor uses his money to buy stocks, bonds, possibly real estate or some equivalent commodity or financial security in a public company in order to generate profitable returns or material gains. Investments, in short, involve the use of existing finances to raise more finances. This definitely beats the pain of rupee-by-rupee saving in a' piggy-bank' way.



The professional guidance provided by several financial wealth management services is an enormous advantage of choosing to invest in today's market in whatever tools you choose. Investors can find their portfolios growing at a much higher rate than originally expected by carefully selecting the right service. The returns generated by the portfolio could also be of a monetary value higher than any salary paid to the investor, which only adds to the advantages of the investment.


Business owners will be tempted by the long-term wealth creation aspect offered by investments. Companies always aim to increase their value by either direct profits or by investing them. Depending on the tools in which you invest, business owners can also expand their business significantly via the investment channel.


People are often told that they are reluctant to invest their money because of the risk factor. After all, once an investment has been made, the investor has to accept any returns, if at all. Investment services play an important role here. By closely tracking market trends and exploring favorable opportunities, investment services ensure that the interests of their customers are kept safe as far as possible BTC Trading Inc Japan.


As an investor, however, one must also learn to be prudent and to learn about the nuances of investment. Investment services should not replace our own lack of knowledge. It is important that the investor checks the status of its portfolio on an ongoing basis. This not only keeps the investor closed, but also encourages them to suggest and/or discourage their portfolio manager from making this or that choice. Such a degree of commitment and participation is necessary if you expect your investments to grow sufficiently to secure your financial future. Investment plays a major role at the individual or corporate level for its success, but takes the right decision to invest safely in the right place.

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text 2018-08-30 16:11
Just when I think my Halloween Bingo reading list is stable...

...I wander into Waterstones to pick up a hardback copy of "The Readers Of Broken Wheel Recommend" because my wife and I decided that a book as good as this deserves to be on the shelf and not just on the iPad.  While I'm waiting Waterstones tempt me with this:


the last children of tokyo


The cover is exquisite. The plot is intriguing;

"Yoshiro thinks he might never die. A hundred years old and counting, he is one of Japan's many 'old-elderly'; men and women who remember a time before the air and the sea were poisoned, before terrible catastrophe prompted Japan to shut itself off from the rest of the world. He may live for decades yet, but he knows his beloved great-grandson - born frail and prone to sickness - might not survive to adulthood. Day after day, it takes all of Yoshiro's sagacity to keep Mumei alive.

As hopes for Japan's youngest generation fade, a secretive organisation embarks on an audacious plan to find a cure - might Yoshiro's great-grandson be the key to saving the last children of Tokyo?"

YokoTawadaP1040207It's by Yōko Tawada, a Japanese writer, currently living in Berlin. She writes in both Japanese and German and is probably best known for her "Memoirs Of A Polar Bear"


So, "The Last Children Of Tokyo" now becomes my choice for the "Doomsday" square in Halloween Bingo. 

I suspect it won't be the last change.

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review 2018-06-11 15:28
"Remember Tokyo", by Nick Wilkshire
Remember Tokyo - Nick Wilkshire
Book #3, in A Foreign Affairs Mystery

“A Foreign Affairs Mystery” is quite a different type of mystery; it gives us a very Canadian twist to immerse ourselves into and one charismatic main player, Charlie Hillier, to follow. I love to see how he manages to jump the multiple hurdles he has to face in order to do his diplomatic job.

After leaving Russia on his last posting as consular Charlie is sent to immerse himself in a truly foreign culture….Tokyo …watch out ….Charlie is not your ordinary consular.

After his misadventures both in Havana (book#1) and Moscow (book#2) Charlie wants to play low key but he is soon drawn into a case of a young man who winds up in a coma after a car accident….or maybe it wasn’t an accident after all?...Charlie is definitely a magnet for trouble and in “Remember Tokyo” he finds more than can be imagined. Along the way in this fast-paced mystery we have colourful details of life in the city: crowded metro system, food and the polite culture and custom…. including the corruption that is lurking at every corner.

This series is one of my favourite. Charlie may be a consular but he has great investigative skills and a strong and loveable personality. The protagonist not only faces ruthless criminals in his day to day job he also goes beyond all means helping expatriates in distress. Trying to shift truth from deceit and get to the bottom of what happened without causing an international incident is a feat in itself for Charlie…..but of course things rarely turns out the way he plans….what a thrill we have following him through another wonderful journey. And as in the previous novels, to help with his case is a beautiful woman to be smitten of and… to eventually leave behind once he is reassigned to another post….or recalled home…sometime in disgrace.

I agree with those saying this is a well-plotted travel-crime novel with great characterization and I love how diplomatic rules are not one he complies with rigidly….well-done.

I received this ARC from the publisher Dundurn Press via NetGalleys for my thoughts
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review 2018-06-02 00:00
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul - Sui Ishida Completed Series Rating
⭐️5 stars⭐️
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review 2018-05-14 15:18
another scorching hot one!
Tokyo Heat (Nights Series #3) - A.M. Salinger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is book three in the series, and you really SHOULD read book one, One Night, first. This is a continuation of Gabe and Cam's story. And it's a 5 star read! Book two, The Escort ain't too shabby either! A year ago, Cam and Gabe decided one night would never be enough. Then Gabe says those three little words and Cam's world implodes, and he runs. I loved One Night, made a new shelf for it and everything. But, while still a great, sexy read, I found this one lacking in the emotions i expected with someone running when told I love you. Oh! Don't get me wrong, these guys still burn high, and hot and long. I just didn't feel connected to Cam as much as I did to Gabe. Because we get Gabe dealing, or rather NOT dealing with the fact that Cam ran, but we don't get much of Cam after he runs, you know?? BUT OH.MY.GOD! When Cam pulls his head out of his ass and gets his act together and finally realises what that pain in his chest is?? That it's what he's feeling for Gabe?? He redeems himself in spectacular fashion! **that fanning again, girls!** I saw something going on between the two guys who own the company Gabe works for. I wonder what's going on there and whether they will get a story?? It's not book 4 or 5, cos I have those all lined up ready to go, but I HOPE they get a story! Ah, you know what?? Stuff it! I wrote 4 stars at the top of the page because of that not connecting to Cam thing. But now I'm typing it up, I think that's just CAM, you know?? He doesn't want you to know what he feels for Gabe, what he's dealing with while they are apart. He wants GABE to know, just how deeply he loves him. He DOES love Gabe, he just never thought he could love anyone. So! Upgrading to... 5 even more scorching stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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