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url 2023-06-30 08:23
Eager to Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2? It’s All We Know So Far

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is now officially confirmed. But when it is coming out…read the full article.

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text 2021-07-19 10:35
Olympic Fever 2021




Congratulations to all of the athletes competing in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics!!


I am looking forward to being proud of our team.  Who will you be watching?  I am getting ready to watch the Gymnasts who are scheduled for Saturday Night 07/24/2021.




Proud to root for #TeamUSA!




Pictures shown for TeamUSA and the logos shown here are copyrighted to TeamUSA only. We expressly display these logos with only support for the USA Team and its competing athletes.

For more information, see the team's Facebook page here:




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review 2020-06-07 13:56
Tokyo Mindscapes
Tokyo Mindscapes - Misaki Matsui

by Misaki Matsui


This is a beautiful, full color travel book showing some of the real beauty of Tokyo. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone about to travel there for the first time.


The parks and temples are more than pretty! The book gives background and significance of places, trees and everything a traveler really needs to know to fully appreciate visiting these places.


It would also make a great remembrance book for someone who has seen these places and might want to remember their significance. The photos are much better than post cards!

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review 2020-06-01 08:21
Tightly plotted murder mystery provides insights in Tokyo and it’s criminal element


When violent intruders interrupt a film shoot in a Tokyo pornography studio, they brutally murder three people but overlook a young actress hiding in the cavernous building.


Sukanya is an illegal Thai immigrant who was smuggled into Japan and lured into the business with the promise of big money and transit to the United States. She makes her escape with cash from the dead director’s wallet and a leather bag containing a computer and iPad. Penniless and friendless, she wanders aimlessly through the streets of the megalopolis; though she’s lost, she’s not undetected. Unknown to her, the digital devices she’s taken contain sensitive information as well as trackers that reveal her location.


Kenta, a shady businessman and loan shark wants those devices back. The information they hold could compromise him and his relationship with Yoshitaka Kirino, the ruthless mastermind of the criminal enterprise he’s involved in. Kenta assigns three street punks the task of recovering the priceless data as well as the only person who witnessed the crime.


Detective Hiroshi Shimizu was trained as an accountant in America. Now he’s a Tokyo detective specializing in deciphering the finances of criminal activities by examining bank records, statements, spreadsheets, and cryptocurrency. Money trails extend “like spokes from every murder,” and Shimizu has the expertise to grasp their implications.


As Sukanya tries to elude the men sent by Kenta, she’s assisted by Chiho, a young Japanese woman who empathizes with her predicament. Together they manage to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. But for how long? It’s a race to see if Hiroshi and his colleagues can unravel the motive and identify the murderer(s) before they catch up with Sukanya and the evidence in her possession.


While being a tightly plotted, well-structured murder mystery, Tokyo Traffic, provides insights into criminal activity surrounding pornography, the sex trade, human trafficking, and to some extent how organized crime uses cryptocurrencies to transfer and conceal profits from illegal activities.


Equally engaging is author Michael Pronko’s knowledge of contemporary Japanese culture including food, fashion, entertainment, and the environs of the world’s largest city.


Pronko’s characters are fully developed, his dialogue is authentic, and his writing is clear and concise. An ambitious novel, Tokyo Traffic at times feels bogged down with the excessive Tokyo travelogue, a confusion of characters, and plot minutiae; however, realistic detective work, action, romance, and even humor make for an overall entertaining and enlightening story.

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text 2020-02-20 14:20
The Best Investment For a Return of 20% Or More

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To start with, you have to find that venture plan that offers a speedier merchandise exchange. Try not to pick a venture play that just allows your cash to money and stew for a year. The thought arrangement is going to give the cash back in months or even a long time after the speculation is made phoenix management group tokyo.

One approach to build profit is to use the advance. You begin with $50.00 and you make $5.00 every month in benefits on your speculation. In the event that you take out the credit for $1,000, you can build that venture and make $100 every month rather than your $5. This implies you're getting multiple times more out of your venture than you would have something else.

Concerning which venture is the best speculation, it relies upon you and what kind of spending you are working with. Make certain to get your work done and utilize a feasible strategy, for example, the one portrayed above and you will get an arrival of 20% or more every month instead of years phoenix management group tokyo review. With the quick changes in the market, it is essential to get your cash in, out, and afterward back in however much as could be expected so you can augment upon those income.

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Envision multiplying your cash each week with no or little hazard! To find a confirmed rundown of phoenix the board bunch tokyo offering you their items at 75% commission to you.

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