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url 2021-10-05 15:48
The Great Wave

The Great Wave Learning from Van Gogh & Hokusai about 19th Century Art


Reconsidering Transcendence in Art Presence or Absence of divine Learning from Van Gogh & Hokusai by Nataša Pantović

The Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh, 1889 & Japanese print Hokusai Great Wave 1833 Starry Night (1889), was created while Vincet was a patient at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole Asylum in France

The late 1800s was the time of Impressionism as a radical art movement , centered around Parisian painters, the wave that rebelled against classical subject and gave respect to Mother Nature.

Travelling to their thought-form, Vincent van Gogh to the artist friend Emile:


Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Emile Bernard, Saint-Rémy, 1889


“But now look, ... you surely can't seriously imagine a confinement like that, in the middle of the road, with the mother starting to pray instead of suckling her child? Those bloated frogs of priests on their knees as though they're having an epileptic fit are also part of it, God alone knows how and why!

No, I can't call that sound, for if I am at all capable of spiritual ecstasy, then I feel exalted in the face of truth, of what is possible, which means I bow down before the study - one that had enough power in it to make a Millet tremble - of peasants carrying a calf born in the fields back home to the farm.

That, my friend, is what people everywhere, from France to America, have felt. And having performed a feat like that, can you really contemplate reverting to medieval tapestries? Can that really be what you mean to do? No! You can do better than that, and know that you must look for what is possible, logical and true.”

Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Emile Bernard, Saint-Rémy, 1889


“Now to enlighten you, my dear M. Van Gogh, ... I am searching for and at the same time expressing a general state of mind rather than a unique thought, to have someone else's eye experience an indefinite, infinite impression. To suggest a suffering does not indicate what kind of suffering: purity in general and not what kind of purity. Literature is one (painting also). Consequently, suggested and not explained thought.”

Letter from Paul Gauguin to Theo van Gogh. At this time, Vincent was 36 year old.


The Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh, 1889 & Japanese print Hokusai Great Wave 1833


First seen outside Japan in the 1880s, Van Gogh's brother was one of the first Europeans to collect Japanese prints and has admired Japanese art.


Starry Night (1889), was created while Vincent was a patient at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole Asylum in France 


"The artist always comes up against resistance from nature in the beginning, but if he really takes her seriously he will not be put off by that opposition, on the contrary, it is all the more incentive to win her over - at heart, nature and the honest draughtsman are as one.” Vincent Van Gogh to his brother” “The struggle with nature is sometimes a bit like what Shakespeare calls “the taming of the shrew””. Vincent van Gogh Letter to Theo van Gogh, 1881 in Etten, At this time, Vincent was 28 year old.

Source: www.artof4elements.com/entry/289/the-great-wave
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photo 2021-08-17 06:29
What Makes a Great Website?

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photo 2021-08-13 06:31
Tips for Ensuring Great Website Design

The digital world has made it possible to do virtually anything you want when it comes to website design, but it can be hard to keep an audience member’s attention. Just make your domain name simple. Make sure your images are optimized for the web. Opt for a larger font size to make reading easier for website viewers. Take some time to consider color schemes for your website. The best way to do this is by creating shareable content for your website. To achieve your objectives, you need to employ website developers in St Petersburg, FL.

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photo 2021-07-27 06:13
Tips On How To Write Better Content

Content makes the readers stay on your page longer and leads the steps to take action to your website. Good website content helps the readers learn more about how your company provides its service and how valuable your products are. Use eye-catching headlines. After catching your audience’s interest through your headline, you need to get them hooked with your opening sentence. Create better content by making a good outline because it sets the natural flow of your article. One SEO content writing tip is to use the keywords the right way. Need help with your content marketing strategy? If yes then it is best suited to connect with the experts of the local SEO company in Salt Lake City, UT.

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review 2021-07-06 17:59
Book #913 - 369,697 Pages Read
All Creatures Great and Small - James Herriot
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