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text 2017-01-05 06:18
Wit and Sin's Best Books of 2016


Wit and Sin Best Books of 2016

My Top Sixteen Books of 2016

Note: My picks weren’t all published in 2016, but all were new-to-me reads for the year.
Also note: The books are alphabetized by author as I love them all equally.

Magic Binds Cover1. Magic Binds (Kate Daniels, Book 9) by Ilona Andrews
My Review | Purchase Link

Rock Chick Reckoning Cover2. Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock Chick, Book 6) by Kristen Ashley
My Review | Purchase Link

The Highwayman Cover3. The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, Book 1) by Kerrigan Byrne
Purchase Link

The Hunter Cover4. The Hunter (Victorian Rebels, Book 2) by Kerrigan Byrne
Purchase Link

The Voodoo Killings Cover5. The Voodoo Killings (Kincaid Strange, Book 1) by Kristi Charish
Purchase Link

Fly with Me Cover6. Fly with Me (Wild Aces, Book 1) by Chanel Cleeton
My Review | Purchase Link

Duke of Sin Cover7. Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane, Book 10) by Elizabeth Hoyt
My Review | Purchase Link

The Study of Seduction Cover8. The Study of Seduction (Sinful Suitors, Book 2) by Sabrina Jeffries
My Review | Purchase Link

The Goal Cover9. The Goal (Off-Campus, Book 4) by Elle Kennedy
My Review | Purchase Link

Den of Wolves Cover10. Den of Wolves (Blackthorn & Grim, Book 3) by Juliet Marillier
My Review | Purchase Link

His Royal Secret Cover11. His Royal Secret (His Royal Secret, Book 1) by Lilah Pace
My Review Coming Soon | Purchase Link

His Royal Secret Cover12. 'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick
My Review | Purchase Link

Accidentally Compromising the Duke Cover13. Accidentally Compromising the Duke (Wedded by Scandal, Book 1) by Stacy Reid
My Review | Purchase Link

Her Naughty Holiday Cover14. Her Naughty Holiday (Men at Work, Book 2) by Tiffany Reisz
My Review | Purchase Link

The Perfect Fit Cover15. The Perfect Fit (Riley O’Brien & Co., Book 2.5) by Jenna Sutton
My Review | Purchase Link

Tied Score Cover16. Tied Score (Slices of Pi, Book 2) by Elia Winters
My Review | Purchase Link

My Top Re-Reads of 2016

Rock Chick Cover1. Rock Chick (Rock Chick, Book 1) by Kristen Ashley
Purchase Link

Blood Red Kiss Cover2. The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark, Book 1) by Kresley Cole
My Review | Purchase Link
Note: This story is now available in the Blood Red Kiss anthology

Judgment in Death Cover3. Judgment in Death (In Death, Book 11) by J.D. Robb
Purchase Link

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Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2016/12/best-books-of-2016.html
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text 2016-12-30 10:39
Book Bloggers Pick Best Books of 2016

It's hight time to sum up the passing year with some bookish thoughts. Let's have a look at some of the reading overviews prepared by BookLikes bloggers.



This year, I participated in fewer Reading Challenges than in the past, but I managed to do quite well in completing them.  Then there was a general effort to try to finish series I've already started, as well as the starting of new series that I totally intend to finish reading in 2017.

I've picked up over 50 new-to-me authors, participated in a few read-a-thons, and then there were the bookish activities taking place on Booklikes, such as Halloween Bingo, which brought me out of my usual reading comfort zone.
The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

This was a given.  I loved this series, and Blue Lily, Lily Blue was my favorite book of 2014.  If The Raven King had been written in 2015, then it would have been my favorite book of 2015.  But the publication date got pushed back a year, so it became my favorite book of 2016... continue reading and see all top books



angelsgpAngel's Guilty Pleasures

We’re kicking off the week with the best books we’ve read in 2016. These are books that don’t have to have been released in 2016, only read in 2016... continue reading and see all top books



I may have rated a few other books just as highly as these, but when I look through the 100 books that I read this year these are the ones that give me pause. Each of these books surprised me, challenged my way of thinking, uplifted me, or were extraordinarily memorable in their own way... continue reading and see all top books

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy - Eric MetaxasRavenspur: Rise of the Tudors - Conn IgguldenThe Heretic - Henry Vyner-BrooksHow To Be A Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Everyday Life - Ruth Goodman


I had these books sitting on my TBR list for like FOREVER. So one day, I decided to finally read it, get it over with and cross it off my list. But boy, what an unexpected surprise this series turned out to be... continue reading and see all top books



Grac's Never-ending TBR Pile of Doom:

Yep, it's that time of year again and I'm looking back at the best things I've read this year - let's try and do this in categories, shall we?

Science fiction: We started the year off with Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor, a first contact novel set in Nigeria, before what might be a real contender for next year's Best Novel Hugo, the wonderful Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee. The other book which is a contender, though I know it's unlikely a middle book in a trilogy will pick up that prize, was the awesome The Obelisk Gate ... continue reading and see all top books



Here are my top 5 novellas of the year. This was the toughest category for me this year. I read a ton of excellent novellas, so it was difficult to whittle this list down to the top 5, but I finally did it... continue reading and see all top books

Detritus in Love - Mercedes M. Yardley, John Boden The Sadist's Bible - Nicole Cushing The Ballad of Black Tom - Victor LaValle Last Train from Perdition (I Travel By Night) - Robert R. McCammon


Read also:

BOOM! goes the 2016 Reading Challenge!

2016: My Reading Year in Review

Top 10 of 2016: Best Book Covers 2016

Char's Horror Corner Top 5: Short Story Collections/Anthologies Read in 2016!

My year in books

December 2016 Wrap Up

Biggest Disappointments of 2016


And how did you do in 2016?

Feel free to add links to your 2016 in Books posts in the comment section below.


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review 2016-09-28 11:28
Review: Our Chemical Hearts
Our Chemical Hearts - Krystal Sutherland

I received a copy from Netgalley.


This was one of those delightful books that I loved almost as soon as I started reading. A bit of cover lust as well (I loved the big fish on the front) I’ve not come across a lot of YA romantic/drama types from a male point of view before.


I was captivated immediately by Henry’s tone of voice and personality. I liked all of the characters in this one, except for Grace Town. I didn’t really like her much at all. But I really enjoyed the narrative and the build of the relationship and how she came into Henry’s world. Henry also had a great support system, some wonderful friends and some likeable parents, an older sister with a bit of a reputation as a troublemaker from when she was at school which had some lingering effects on Henry’s teachers (even though Henry and his sister are nothing alike, and the sister was kind of awesome too).


Grace Town comes in dressed in weird boys’ clothes looking very dull and while everyone stares she immediately gets Henry’s attention. They both end up working on the school newspaper with one of Henry’s other friends and develop a sort of tentative friendship, despite the fact that their personalities are very different. Henry is quippy and quirky while Grace is sullen and quiet and seems very brash. Yet Henry’s head over heels for her very quickly.


There’s one brilliant scene where Henry and his friend are asking the school gossip queen to dig up some information for them on Grace, and Henry’s friend Murray is looking for gossip on his ex who he’s trying to win back. And Murray actually uses The Simpsons quote “Everything’s coming up Millhouse” quote in the right context and it’s absolutely hilarious. The use of that quote alone was worth five stars.


As things progress and Henry learns more about Grace and gets to know her better, there’s parties, drinking, misinterpretation of feelings - do they love me do they not -– the usual things you find in teen romantic drama. A bit of sex as well which was handled very well. Nicely thought out and dealt with from both people involved considerate of each other and where they want to be.


It’s exceptionally well written and manages to go from being romantic and sweet to angsty and dramatic without being over the top. When you think things are going smoothly, it twists and becomes deeply emotional and made me sniffle a few times towards the end. It’s got a great cast of diverse characters, each character is fully developed with their own distinct personalities and storylines, interactive parents and family members. And manages to be both funny and hearbreaking and wraps up with a believable conclusion.


I loved this so much I purchased a finished copy before I was even half way through. Definitely something I can see myself reading again.


Thank you Netgalley and Bonnier Publishing for approving my request to view the title.

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review 2016-08-25 11:53
Review: The Reader
The Reader - Traci Chee

I received a copy from Penguin First To Read.


This particular fantasy wasn’t on my immediate must have radar, I must admit. I knew of it, I was waiting for some reviews from blogs I followed before looking for closely at it. I took a chance at requesting when I saw it in Penguin’s First to Read list. It got off to a bit of a rocky start, I found it rather clunky and boring. Turns out by the end I absolutely loved this fantasy. I loved this fantasy so much I pre ordered a finished hard cover from the Book Depository.


I very nearly DNFed several times in the first 100 pages or so. The world building was interested enough. The bulk of the population of this world is illiterate, except a few chosen who belong to some sort of society that is very powerful (and possibly dangerous). History and stories and such are passed down through word of mouth. At first it almost seems like there’s no magic even, which is surprising in a YA fantasy. Turns out though magic does have a pretty big part to play by the end of the novel.


The novel starts by introducing the main character Sefia and her aunt leaving a busy town, the aunt has some sort of mysterious path and we learn right off she’s a brilliant thief. Shortly afterwards the aunt, Sefia’s only living family, is kidnapped by a group of masked people, men and women. Leaving Sefia alone with a strange object that she’s to protect at all costs. The object turns out to be a book. Sefia is left alone to reminisce about the deaths of her parents – both murdered – and how she escaped and came to her aunt. She has to figure out the purpose of the book and teach herself how to read it.


The world building was interesting enough, though I did find those first hundred pages very very slow. The story does jump in time to a year later after the kidnapping of Sefia’s aunt. I think it’s after that when most of the other characters are introduced.


Aside from Sefia, we are introduced a number of other different characters in different locations. The scene setting is quite visually striking and one thing I really loved about this fantasy was how the women were just as strong (in many occasions stronger) than the men. There was no shove the women to the background. The women in this novel pretty much kicked ass and were awesome.


After other characters are introduced – a young man with a gift for words is given the chance to join the society of Readers and become part of a mysterious Library to learn the words and the magic that comes with the knowledge of books. In training the guy’s magical abilities increase. He strikes up a friendship with a nameless Assassin in training. Which becomes one of the most incredibly moving, slow burning romances I’ve come across in a long time. This seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Sefia and her own book.


There’s another plot of a crew of pirates striking a deal to sail to the edge of the world, a mismatch of different characters with interesting histories. I was a little apprehensive when the pirate plot was introduced as the last few books I’ve read with this sort of thing I’ve not liked much at all. Turned out the story for these guys was one of my favourite parts of this book.


Sefia herself has become a Reader and is determined to rescue her aunt. In tracking her down, she comes across a group of mercenaries who seem to be abducting young boys and sending them off to some sort of fighting ring. Sefia inadvertently finds herself rescuing one of these boys she names Archer due to his proficieny with a bow and arrow. Archer appears to be unable to talk. I was worried when this happened that here comes the inevitable romance (it’s a YA fantasy after all). However, again I was quite pleased with how things progressed between Archer and Sefia, trust developed over time turning into friendship turning into more, the possibility of another incredibly slow burn romance.


While all of this is going on, the novel’s very unique take on magic begins to develop as the story progresses. It’s not obvious magic, flashy spells and such. Everything is more intricate, there’s magic in the young man’s studies, Sefia discovers a very powerful vision type magic when she kills someone for the first time, the Assassin has some pretty nifty and scary magic of her own. The more the novel progresses, the more the magic builds. Becoming pretty damn huge in Sefia’s part by the end.


Even though all the different characters were interesting enough and as neat as the storylines were, it’s like – where is all this going? It does all come together – but not in the way I would have ever guessed. The twist with the young scholar and the Assassin in training was pretty jaw droppingly awesome.


All in all by the end of this novel I was absolutely hooked and I cannot wait for the next book. I need it! Now!

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text 2016-05-07 19:00
September 2016 Must Read Books

 What's on my Radar for September 

Visit My Blog at JDCMustReadBooks

 My Birthday Month! In Celebration of all fellow Virgos

My Favorite Month

Coming September  Pre-Order Now! 

Some of 2016 Most Highly Anticipated Titles




Will Trent #8

Karin Slaughter

Sept 20




Harlan Coben 

Myron Bolitar #11

Sept 20 




Thomas Mullen 

Sept 13 




Novella E-Book Prequels for Oct Releases 



Jodi Picoult

Novella Short Story

(Small Great Things)

Sept 13

Random House



Novella Short Story (The Whistler) 

John Grisham

Sept 27




Casey Cort Novella (Conflict of Interest) 

Sylvie Fox writing as Aime Austin

Sept 20




Novella Short Story  

Michael Connelly

Sept 6 

Mulholland Books   


William Kent Krueger 

Cork O'Connor Series #15

Sept 6 




 Kate Moretti

Sept 27 




Ronald H. Balson 

Sept 6 

St. Martin's Press



Anna Snoekstra

Sept 20




Nic Joseph

Sept 20

Soucebooks Landmark



Paul Read

September 1

Legend Press



Christina Dodd 

Virtue Falls #3

Sept 6

St. Martin's Press



Stefan Ahnhem 

Sept 6

St. Martin's Press 


R.K. Jackson  

Sept 20

Random House/Alibi  




Kathryn Hughes

Sept 8

Headline Review



Jane Thynne

Sept 6

Random House



Dinah Jefferies

Sept 13

Crown/Penguin Random




Teddy Wayne

Sept 13 
Simon & Schuster  



Carol O'Connell

Sept 20



Colson Whitehead

August 2 (Oprah Book Club)

Sept 13 (Original Pub Date) 





Mary Carter

Sept 27




Memory House #5

Bette Lee Crosby

Sept 14

Bent Pine Publishing



Juliet Blackwell 

Sept 6




Marybeth Mayhew Whalen

Sept 1 

Lake Union 


Barbara Claypole White 

Sept 27

Lake Union 



 Barbara Taylor Sissel 

Sept 6 

Lake Union



 Robert Dugoni 

Sept 27 

Thomas & Mercer 



Faith McMann Trilogy, Book 2

By: T. R. Ragan

Sept 20

Thomas & Mercer



 Mark Edwards

Sept 13

Thomas & Mercer   






Caitlin Shetterly 

September 20



Children's Books


 The Spectacular World of Waldorf
Mr. Waldorf Travels to the Great State of Texas

Barbara Terry, Beth Ann Stifflemire

Sept 1
Waldorf Publishing



 *Additional titles may be added prior to Sept.
 Check back for more exciting books to add to your reading list. 


Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/#!book-blog/c12w3/tag/sept-2016
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