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text 2017-10-12 04:00
Halloween Bingo - Demons
Dark Star - Bethany Frenette

My book for the Demons square was Dark Star. The lead, Audrey, has a superhero mom who goes out at night to fight crime. At least, that's what Audrey thought. In fact, her mom actually battles demons. And Audrey learns this after getting attacked by one.


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review 2014-10-13 00:00
Burn Bright
Burn Bright - Bethany Frenette The plot: 'Burn Bright' picks up where Dark Star ended. Audrey helped save the world with a little help from her superhero mother, Morning Star. All she wants is to find a little bit of normal including some alone time with Leon, her new boyfriend, who is also the Guardian charged with protecting her. But life is never that easy, a new Harrower, Susannah stormed into town with plans to kill all Guardians so that she can discover the identity of the Remnant. Throw in some romantic angst, a BFF in crisis, a startling revelation and let the games begin.

The characters: Audrey and her friends, Gideon and Tink, continue to be well developed, sassy and engaging. There is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scooby gang quality to the interaction and dialogue that will keep readers of any age entertained. As a villain, Susannah is deliciously evil. I do believe readers will find the other adults continuously frustrating; however, this mirrors real life interacts that many teens face.

Overall evaluation: This is a strong follow up to the series debut. One strength is that the novel fits well within the series but can ultimately be read on its own without the reader losing too much information. The blend of romance, super abilities and the paranormal is refreshing. I would pair this series with that of Sanderson's 'Steelheart'.
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review 2014-08-04 15:31
NICOLE'S REVIEW: Burn Bright by Bethany Frenette
Burn Bright - Bethany Frenette

After saving her city, Audrey's all set to explore a relationship with Leon and, with the appearance of her new ability, she's all about lending a hand in the fight against Harrowers despite the naysayers (mainly her mom and Leon). But when a new threat in the form of a vicious Harrower named Susannah appears, determined to end the Kin, it's time for Audrey and her gang to once again step up to save the world. Sort of.


I just love the superhero theme going on in the books. It's way too much fun. Add to that the super cute romance between Audrey and Leon, a few bad guys who're out to rule the world and a crazy dude fixed on vengeance and getting himself killed and you've got yourself a winner. 


Frenette has a cast of wonderful characters. Audrey is terribly pragmatic and while some girls swoon at the thought of a guy willing to risk his life for hers because it's oh so dramatic, Audrey is afraid. She's scared and terrified and while I don't really approve of the way she distanced herself from Leon, I understand why she did that. Leon's got a protective streak going on and Audrey isn't exactly an ideal body to guard. She's also got a whole lot of things to deal with; like her best friend's boy problems, the nasty nightmares that torment Gideon and the fact that she and Leon have never gone out on an actual date. Oh and let's not forget the murderous Harrower who's hell-bent on annihilating them. Superhero stuff.


This series is seriously addicting though what with all the twists and turns and action scenes that Frenette doles out. It never got boring. And while the book is light-hearted and humorous at times, don't let that fool you because there's some serious stuff going around here. The relationship with Audrey's mom and her dad? Ugh. So. Painful. 


So anyway, I'd definitely recommend this series and I would like to see more Leon and Audrey kissy scenes in the next book. PLEASE. If you haven't picked up this incredibly fun series yet, well, what are you waiting for? 

Source: thetwinsread.blogspot.com/2014/08/nicoles-review-burn-bright-by-bethany.html
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review 2014-04-27 20:57
Burn Bright (Dark Star #2) by Bethany Frenette
Burn Bright - Bethany Frenette

I absolutely loved author Bethany Frenette’s novel Dark Start back when I read it last year. It was great, totally awesome. I thought part of that because I love superheroes, comics and all that jazz. Personally, I liked that Dark Star was a novel where main character Audrey Whitticomb’s mother is a superhero. Yeah, Morning Star wasn’t exactly the traditional spandex and outside-underwear type of hero but the Kin part of her made up for it. Burn Bright was everything that I hoped the sequel to Dark Star would be and I love, love, loved it!

Burn Bright takes place two months after the events that took place in Dark Star.After encountering a Harrower using the name Susannah, Audrey discovers that there’s a new, powerful threat in her city. One who is targeting the Kin. Now a new remorseless Guardian has been showing up wherever Susannah is and tries to kill her. Audrey has no idea who this new Guardian is or why Susannah is doing what she’s doing.

Right now Audrey is just trying to get used to her life right now: Tink is having boy and Kin drama, Gideon has been having terrifying nightmares that Audrey can’t explain and her relationship with Leon is beyond confusing. Out of nowhere Audrey suddenly finds herself with a brand new ability that leaves her more powerful than she was and now all she wants to do is fight against Susannah and save her city again. When Audrey does discover what Susannah is after she learns that she’ll need to find the Remnant before Susannah does, but when she does she learn a devastating truth.

In Burn Bright the stakes are raised. Audrey not only finds herself with a lot of people depending on her but she also holds the fate of something she cares for most in her hands (and I can’t say what because spoilers guys). As a character Audrey grows from who she was in Dark Star where she sat in the backseat a bit more than I would have liked my heroine to. In this novel Audrey takes initiative and understands that she’ll need to trust what she knows if she wants to find the Remnant and stop Susannah. While Audrey becomes this big bad badass we also get to see a lot more romance between her and Leon (eeep!).

I had a crush on Leon in Dark Star. I fell in love with him in Burn Bright. He becomes so romantic, attractive and a character that we get to see way more of. Plus he’s also Audrey’s Guardian and his Guardian bond with her slowly starts to *spoiler, spoiler, spoiler*. But the way that Leon cares for Audrey and constantly defends her made my heart melt. The two of them are just so freaking cute together in every scene that they share. Currently my most memorable moment with the two is when they’re kissing when they should be training and are walked in on by Audrey’s Mom. Talk about awkward.

The antagonist in Burn Bright is very different than the threat that was in Dark Star. Personally, I think that Susannah instantly gives off a dangerous and creepy feel right from the get-go. She’s the new Harrower in town who seems like she just wants to watch the world burn (Batman references FTW). Readers will definitely like the new threats introduced in Burn Bright and will enjoy Susannah who is both beauty and beast.

I would recommend the Dark Star novels to readers that are big fans of the supernatural genre, readers who want a series that will keep them reading and hooked and to readers who want a novel that is just plain awesome.

Source: www.chapter-by-chapter.com/review-burn-bright-dark-star-2-by-bethany-frenette
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review 2014-04-19 03:10
It's Not Super But It Will Do
Burn Bright - Bethany Frenette

The Dark Star trilogy is one of those series I really like, but hate its marketing.


First of all, I think this series does deserve more marketing than its getting.  It has likable characters, a pretty good plot, and it doesn’t use tropes to that ridiculous point where you seemingly develop psychic powers when it comes to the storyline.



Me when I read predictable YA.


Seriously, after I read a few YA books I almost thought about starting my own version of Ms. Cleo.  Of course, since was accused of fraud, that probably wouldn’t be the best idea.


The fact is, Burn Bright and the rest of this series hasn’t been outright predictable.  


And for the most part, it has been pretty enjoyable.  The thing about this series though, is the whole superhero marketing angle-not there.


And I’d really wish the publishers stopped trying to promote it as a superhero book.



Yes, Audrey’s mom uses a superhero identity as her cover, but that’s pretty much it when it comes to her being a superhero.  All other aspects to that sort of culture cease to exist.


In other words, this book is more or less a YA paranormal about demons.

Which I like, but you wouldn’t realize that if you read the jacket copy.

I really hate that they did this because it totally distract my thoughts about the rest of the book which is actually pretty kick ass.


I really did like this one.  Besides, not being an outright walking cliche, Frenette has done a nice job developing the characters in this novel.  I especially like the fact that Audrey’s mother is more than just your standard YA ESPN watching parent.  She actually does stuff and not in a typical cliche and cheesy YA parent type of way.


I also liked how this book didn’t center around the romance.   Sure,  Leon and Audrey were together, but they weren’t stupid YA in love.  They still had their own lives and they didn’t go around calling each other schmoopy.


While it wasn’t a superhero story, the book actually is still action packed.  And I like how you could pick up the story without remembering every single detail of the previous installment.  And I have to like the fact that Audrey isn’t physically strong and has to rely on others.  She actually acknowledges her weakness.


That’s a character I can handle.


Unlike a lot of these other YA bimbos who act like their bad ass but the end of the day need their ass saved (Bella Swan I’m talking about you).


Burn Bright  is refreshing.  However, it is not memorable.  I know that sounds odd.  That I liked a book, but I don’t think I’ll remember it two weeks for now.  I really don’t know why this series isn’t something that sticks to me.  Maybe because the story that it’s trying to tell is pretty standard YA, at least on the service.


Yeah, I know I’m sort of contradicting myself and let me explain myself.  While the book is good at refraining from certain annoying YA tropes, the actual plot isn’t that off the beaten path from the type demon oriented YA plot.  Though I have to admit, it’s way better than a lot of books that share similar themes (cough, The never ending Shadow Hunter series, cough).


I will be finishing this series, but it’s just one of those series I like but don’t love.  It’s written well and for what it is, its enjoyable.  But when you compare it to everything else in the market, it’s just sort of there.

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