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review 2017-09-12 00:00
Between Shades of Gray
Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys This story has tons of feels. It's about when Stalin was invading countries. The author's note speaks about how everyone knows of Hitler, but many don't know that Stalin was doing horrible things. Because of how Russia was communist until the 90's people weren't allowed to talk about it before so it isn't as known. Anyways, the Lithuanian people in the story were taken from their homes and loaded into railroad cars. Many died during the trip. It was horrible. They went to work camps. Some ended up in Siberia freezing to death. Parts are heartbreaking. It focuses a lot on the relationships between the people, not just all the horrible stuff that happened.
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photo 2017-01-11 02:23
An awesome book!!
Shades of Gray - Joleene Naylor
Joleene Naylor has created an out-of-this-world supernatural thriller, filled with all kinds of wondrous paranormal adventures, that I immediately fell in love with!! I enjoyed that the book had a True Blood feel to it and was more an adult rather than a teen vampire story. The characters are complex and well blended into the story. I have to say; there was not one thing that I didn't like in this book!

As for the characters, a few of my favorites are Katelina, who finds her lover murdered in their apartment and seems to find trouble every time she turns around. Jorick, who has many secrets, including the fact, that he is in love with Katelina and knows the identity of who killed her lover. Oren, who has an ongoing war with Claudius and his evil minions. Kateesha, she's just one of those characters that makes you respect her evil genius nature.
All in all, If you love adult paranormal/vampire stories then you will absolutely relish this book! For me, this was a very quick read, and I think that it is because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I definitely know that I WILL be getting the rest of this series!    
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review 2017-01-02 00:00
Between Shades of Gray
Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys Rating: 5 Stars

Another amazing story by Ruta Sepetys.  The story follows a Lithuanian family that were forced out of their home, separated from their father/husband and forced to work ungodly tasks and hours in a concentration camp.  Not the most pleasurable reading, but inspiring none the less.

What gives this book 5 stars?
1.) The fearlessness and courage of the main character Lina during a time of complete torture is truly inspiring. Her hope of finding and reconnecting with her father is so strong throughout the story.
2.) The mother is also a very fearless woman that maintains order, love and kindness among the other reoccurring characters in the concentration camp(s). 
3.) In this story you will learn about a side of WWII that has not mentioned in most history context.  I appreciate the author for writing about this particular piece of history that has not been acknowledged as much as it deserves to be.
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text 2016-07-26 22:34
Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys

I initially got this as a Puffin Post book I believe, and I first read it pre-Goodreads

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review 2016-06-27 00:00
Between Shades of Gray
Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys This book goes straight to my 'Favorites shelf', I absolutely loved it.

This is not a pretty book, the torture that the characters have to endure is written so realistic, that you can picture in in your head. And believe me, it's brutal!
But even though this book is tragic and heartbreaking, it's heartwarming at the same time. The characters are so well written, and so powerfull. Lina's mom is my absolute favorite in the book; even with all those horrible things that are happening, she keeps trying to give the people hope.

But this book also made me think about WWII, and I was a bit embarresed that I didn't really know much about this part of the war. I've learned a lot about Hitler, the war setting in Germany and France, the 'work'camps for the Jews, but I didn't even remember learning about the Lithouanians (is this the right spelling?) and those camps in Siberia. I'm glad that I got to read and learn about that part of the war now too.

Shortly said: Tragic book, well developed characters, great writingstyle. Looking forward to reading another book from Sepetys.
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