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review 2017-03-19 02:26
Last Black Bolt issue
Squadron Supreme (2015-2017) #8 - James Robinson,Leonard Kirk,Paul Neary,Paolo Villanelli,Alex Garner

And I probably won't bother to fill in what happens in between what I read in this, or continue.  I didn't care about Warrior Woman or Power Princess or whatever he name was, and I didn't care about the nighthawks.  I didn't care about the betrayals of the team.  


Only one storyline caught my eye, and that was Doctor Spectrum and Black Bolt. 


Spectrum gets her answers, and while they weren't what she wanted, I don't know what she expected.   The possibility that her power source comes from her version of the Kree and thus called to Black Bolt, connected them, is intriguing and I hope it's followed through at some point. 


The other possibility - that he saved her because he could and because he needed to save someone because he'd been the cause of too much death, seen too much death, is far less interesting on a narrative level.   However, it says a lot about Black Bolt himself and I'm glad we're left with him saying he's not quite sure why he saved her.   There's no definite answer, no real conclusion, but it feels real: sometimes life doesn't hand us easy answers like that, no matter how much we want them.   Furthermore, it allows for Marvel to play with both the idea of the Kree connection and Black Bolt's own sense of guilt.  HIs need to save someone. 


Here's hoping he shows up again in Squadron Supreme.   Otherwise, I feel like me and this series might be done with.  I got so much enjoyment from the Black Bolt storyline - which was the biggest part of these three issues - that I'd gladly come back if he does.   

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review 2017-03-19 02:21
More Black Bolt
Squadron Supreme (2015-2017) #7 - James Robinson,Leonard Kirk

Continuation of subplots with Nighthawks, but I'm in this for Black Bolt.  He offers to give answers to Doctor Spectrum, although first he has to speak to those who stole the Inhuman cocoons.   


Toro tells Doctor Spectrum that Black Bolt will give her the answers she's looking for in Attilan and she's trying to figure out how she feels about the man who destroyed her world and saved her life.   It's said over and over again in the three issues that feature Black Bolt, and I understand: it's hard to process and she can't imagine what she'll do when she sees him, and then when she does?   When she finds out he'll tell her what happened?   She doesn't know how she'll feel then, or what she'll do. 


I'm not sure she can even really appreciate she doesn't know what he'll say.   Still, I was more than eager to find out what would happen.   

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review 2017-03-19 02:16
Black Bolt!
Squadron Supreme (2015-2017) #6 - James Robinson,Paolo Villanelli,Alex Garner

So, I wasn't crazy about this series but caught up on this issue because Black Bolt!  And it was worth it; even though he doesn't really show up much, there is a lot of Doctor Spectrum thinking about him and why he saved her, even as he destroyed her world.   And I liked seeing how she tried to process those two thoughts. 


Her meeting up with Toro is interesting, since he's a friend of Namor and she helped kill Namor.   Also, they're both going after the Myriad for two different reasons, which makes them meeting up logical. 



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review 2017-03-12 18:07
Perfect ending!
IvX (2016-) #6 (of 6) (IvX (2016-2017)) - Charles Soule,Jeff Lemire,Leinil Yu

This was about a perfect crossover/event.  I didn't read everything related to this, like the X-Men titles, but I did read Uncanny Inhumans since I was, and still am, subscribed to that.   (Although it's being cancelled for Royals and Black Bolt!)


It had all the epic battles and drama that I'd expect from a comic crossover, and some of the revelations were not only astounding, but revealed just how damaged Emma Frost really is.  And it's far more damaged than you'd think.   She basically made an enemy of everyone she's ever me with this, and I understand: she kept doing appalling things, but now I find out that they're even more horrifying than I could have guessed. 


It's also nice to see that people can realize that they've been played, that the people they've been fighting aren't their real enemies, and make some kind of peace with those facts.   Overall, just stepped up the game and delivered an ending that this event deserves, while starting to set up at least Royals.   (The new series like Secret Warriors, Black Bolt, The Astonishing X-Men, X-Men: Gold, and X-Men: Blue haven't been touched, or at least I don't think they have.)


This leaves me more excited for the future of these two franchises, but especially all the Inhuman series.   I may or may not subscribe to Secret Warriors - although I am signed up for Black Bolt and Royals right now.   That being said, Secret Warriors has both Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and Lunella Lafayette as Moon Girl - and where Moon Girl goes, Devil Dinosaur is sure to follow.    The call of Secret Warriors is a strong one!

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review 2017-02-27 15:37
IvX (2016-2017) #5 (of 6) - Charles Soule,Jeff Lemire,Javier Garron,Leinil Yu

Things are ramping up, ready to come to a close with next issue.   This shouldn't come as a surprise: this was branded as a mini-series from the beginning and all the issues are labelled as 1 of 6 on both Amazon and Marvel's own website.   Having said that, I got the variant cover: 



Medusa both uses Johnny Storm, her boyfriend - or ex? - during this to contain the X-Men, but also calls Black Bolt her husband (although I was under the impression she had divorced him: she said he no longer had a right to her and started dating again, at the same time as she deposed him as King of the Inhumans.)


Still, I kinda loved Black Bolt and Medusa as a power couple - and it turns out I still do. I love the thought of them getting back together!   Other than that, it's not really one-on-one like in the first issues, but the larger battles are just as interesting, and in my opinion, as well thought out.   


Looking forward to the conclusion.  I also think Uncanny Inhumans may be ending.  It makes sense: ResurrXion is coming up soon, and then Black Bolt, the Royals and the Secret Warriors will be the three new Inhumans series.   (And yes, that X is supposed to be there.  It's an X-Men/Inhumans event.)  I'm sorry to see Uncanny going, but I'm glad for the Black Bolt solo series.  I love him the most of the Inhumans, so I'd rather a series where I'm guaranteed to get some BB in there.   The Royals will also most likely center around him a good part of the time, at least more than Uncanny has, so I'm willing to go with the flow for now.

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