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review 2018-01-03 23:19
You get a lazy review
Black Bolt (2017-) #9 - Saladin Ahmed,Christian Ward

This was fucking brilliant.   The storytelling, the art, just top notch.   But it also had Captain America, and since Marvel hasn't apologized for gaslighting us about Hydra not being Nazi stand-ins, nor have the retconned the shitshow that was Secret Empire completely, I'm sticking by one-half starring everything with comic book version Cap in it.   MCU is excluded.   Ultimate Universe, and Spider-Gwen universe are excluded but 616 Cap?   Yeah, that dude gets an automatic one-half star. 


Black Bolt and Blinky tell Titania her husband is dead, and there is fall-out and a funeral.   There's also an old enemy who comes back, and when they're plan of kidnapping and killing Black Bolt fails, they take someone else instead. 


You're getting lazy reviews.  I was talked into giving blood by a nurse, so I'm feeling a little out of it. 

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review 2017-12-24 23:24
Black Bolt (2017-) #8 - Leonard Bacon;Joseph Parrish Thompson;Richard Salter Storrs;Henry Ward Beecher;Joshua Leavitt;Henry Chandler Bowen;Theodore Tilton;William Hayes Ward;Hamilton Holt;Harold de Wolf Fuller;Fabian Franklin;Christian Archibald Herter,Saladin Ahmed

So glad Ward's on art duty again; I found last issue's guest artist to be not quite as good.  I like Ward's sensibilities and art much better. 


Black Bolt returns to an Earth where his people think he's Maximus, still using his telepathic powers.   And they've had enough: they're ready to take out Maximus.   


Eventually, it all gets resolved, and this whole issue is worth that one, crushing scene between Black Bolt and Ahura.   


Also, Blinky and Black Bolt go to Crusher Creel's wife to tell her that he's dead, but she thinks they're there to take her in, just like they took Crusher in before.   And now I have to wait another month.   This series is worth the wait, though.

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review 2017-12-24 22:47
Love, love, love
Inhumans: Once And Future Kings (2017) #5 (of 5) - Gustavo Duarte,Nick Bradshaw,Ryan North,Phil Noto,Christopher Priest

I wish this was longer: it wraps up nicely, but it could very easily be continued, as well.   Medusa, Black Bolt, and Maximus discover who their real enemies are.   And they're in for an epic fight that will determine the future of the Inhumans and the Alpha Primitives. 


It's also gorgeous.    Just beautifully illustrated.   


I will miss this so much, I can't even write a longer review: I'll just think about how long Royals went on and how this should have gone longer, and I'll get sad that this probably won't get a longer, or newer, run with the same author and illustrator.   They're the ones that make this, to be honest.



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review 2017-12-23 01:57
So much going on in such a short time
Inhumans: Once And Future Kings (2017) #4 (of 5) - Christopher Priest,Ryan North,Phil Noto,Gustavo Duarte,Nick Bradshaw

Maximus and Black Bolt fight Spider-Man, leading to a feedback loop between Maximus and Peter Parker, in which Maximus frets over May while Spider-Man knows about Attilan. This is dealt with when Maximus tells him to forget in a half hour, and I'm assuming Parker does since he doesn't have insider knowledge of Attilan later on in the Marvel universe. 


Crystal comes to Earth to find her sister. 


Triton finds Karnak and they talk about what they'll do.   Karnak clearly cares about Triton even if he's a bit aloof about it all: he's aloof about everything, really, but the fact that he goes after Triton and tells him not to talk when he's out of water because it has to be hard to hold his breath and breathe say more than he does on the matter. 


Oh, and Elisha?  Not so sure he's trustworthy right now, which means that everyone may be in trouble now...

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review 2017-12-23 01:44
Black Bolt - Marvel Legacy Primer Pages (Black Bolt (2017-)) - Robbie Thompson,Jorge Coelho

Like no expiation of where the Terrigen bomb came from, just boom, it was there.   What the what?


Yeah, not close to the best of these, and I really disliked the art.   Still, it went right up to the Black Bolt series and I appreciate how it covered the start of that!

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