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review 2017-04-12 13:55
The Mermaid Murders (Audiobook edition)
The Mermaid Murders: The Art of Murder, Book 1 - Inc. JustJoshin Publishing,Kale Williams,Josh Lanyon

Well, this is a first - my rating actually went down on a reread. The book just wasn't as effective for me in audio and knowing the outcome already tended to show its flaws more.


The narrator, Kale Williams, has a decent enough voice, but I never really warmed up to it, and I had to listen at 1.25 speed just to be able to listen to him. At regular speed, he was just too slow (most narrators are, to be fair) and he didn't really bring the story to life - at either speed, really. Much of the atmosphere that was so intimate when reading it myself was lost in the audio, at least for me, and it was the atmosphere that made up a big part of the story.


Then there's the story itself. A lot of the impact of the first read was learning who the whodunit was. This time around, I was looking for more specific clues or hints, and there really weren't any. And that whole climax was just non-sensical, to say the least. They really should've just pulled you know who into questioning while they called in backup to look for you know what, but I guess that wouldn't have been as exciting - and it wouldn't have given Jason a chance to face his fears, but that wasn't a big enough plot point for me to overlook the TSTL there at the end, not this time around anyway. Plus, knowing the ultimate reveal makes everything that comes before it rather a moot point, so while it was still interesting, at least in relation to Kennedy and his precarious position in the bureau, and to a lesser extent Jason's connection to the previous murders, it didn't really hold interest for the mystery itself. I was getting rather impatient with all of it, actually.


The biggest mystery continues to be Sam Kennedy. While I liked Jason a lot, I never got why Sam liked him - or at least why he liked him as quickly as he did. Except that this is m/m, and in order to be m/m there must be the sex, and in order to have the sex the MCs have to find each other appealing in some way. I still think this would've worked better as a dual POV instead of getting everything from Jason's POV. 

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review 2017-01-05 20:53
Disney Princess Storybook Collection - Disney Book Group,Disney Storybook Art Team

I have always love stories of Disney Princess. This was a quick and easy read. The stories are cute and the illustrations were awesome. A great read for any Disney fan.


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text 2016-11-24 08:12
Book art - Leopold Carl Müller

Leopold Carl Müller (1834 – 1892) was an Austrian genre painter. He is known for life scenes in Italy and Hungary and for his oriental paintings. I think this lady is reading a book of fairy tales. What else could be so big and have her so engrossed?


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text 2016-10-17 00:42
Book art - 1603

Here is a painting by an unknown Flemish artist, entitled The Botanist. The date on the painting is 1603. Note the flowers pictured in his botanical. And what is that interesting tool in his hand? Something to do with gardening, I presume, although it looks like a weapon.

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text 2016-09-27 03:13
Book art - Flemish legend

The painting below, Bakery at Eeklo by Cornelis van Dalem, a 16th century Flemish painter, doesn't have a book in it but it's based on an old legend and it's so quirky, I couldn't resist posting it.

The legend stated that if you were not satisfied with your head, you could go to a baker in Eeklo, Flanders. The baker would remove your head and put a cabbage on as a temporary replacement. The head would be reshaped by the baker to its desired form and baked in the oven. The new head would then be put on the body again, but people should be careful. If the head was baked for too  short, you would become forever 'half-baked.' If the head  stayed in the oven for too long you would become a 'hothead.' If the process failed at all, you would be a 'mis-bake.' 




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