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review 2017-10-31 00:00
Review: Cain (Out of the Cage Novel, #1) by Lane Hart
Cain (An Out of the Cage Novel) (Volume 1) - Lane Hart

Lane Hart does it again! It was a gripping story full of angst, drama, nail-biting moments, sweet yet passionate scenes, sexy and funny men. In short, all I could ever ask for in a story like this. 

I loved the friendship and banter among the three main males. Cain, Knox, and Ivan grew up together in a sort of “foster home” for homeless kids. The downside? They have to surrender their lives to a mafia mob leader as soon as they come of age. Their relationship was easygoing and relatable; each of them was true to their character from start to finish and as the reader I could understand their dilemmas and way of thinking. Gabby, the only woman of the group, may have sounded too innocent at times but that was completely understandable; she didn’t really have much life experience as she joined the men at a very young age. The fact that they all had each other’s back without even saying it out loud gave the story that feeling of tenderness and warmth. 

My only cavil (blame it on my pickiness and personal preferences) is that it was kind of hard to get past the idea that the two main characters were of a certain age and there was no fumbling, no silly experiencing, no funny or imperfect loving scenes. However, their romance was both raw and honest and if I'm being honest with myself (and when I was able to overlook what I mentioned earlier) then it all made for a phenomenal read. 


** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest opinion and it was not influenced in any way by the publisher or the author. ** 

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review 2017-10-28 18:35
Dark, gritty, and emotional
Cain (An Out of the Cage Novel) (Volume 1) - Lane Hart

Cain is everything that I've come to expect from this author. This emotional, beautifully written tale grabbed hold and didn't let go. It's so much more than just an MMA romance. It's a coming of age story of kids stuck between a rock and a hard place, doing what they must just to survive another day. Gabby's innocence and Cain's determination to protect that innocence from betrayals that she doesn't even know about is like a light shining in the dark. Cain and Gabby have such good chemistry and they are so good together, but this story is about so much more than just this couple. Together with Ivan and Knox, this is a family born not of blood, but of shared hardship and struggles.

Lane Hart didn't just tell me a story, she pulled me in to the lives of these characters. My heart broke right along with them as they clawed and struggled for their happily ever after. The only downfall for me was that I wanted more. Don't get me wrong, the book ended perfectly, but I was so caught up that I wasn't ready to let go. So, this reader will be not so patiently waiting for Ivan's story.

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review 2017-10-18 02:49
Saving Evangeline - Nancee Cain

I'll admit to some hesitancy at the start of this one. Considering the subject matter, I expected a rather somber and emotional tale. While it is emotional and there's absolutely nothing funny about suicide, Nancee Cain creates a quite engaging tale. I cried, I laughed, I ooh'd and ahh'd, and absolutely couldn't get enough of Remi and Evie. The story is brilliantly done with witty dialogue and and characters that you just can't help but root for. When a book brings out so many emotions and you've turned that last page with the knowledge that it's one you will gladly revisit, it's a winner. I don't know how Cain has stayed off my radar for so long, but she's certainly one to watch. 

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review 2017-09-30 16:22
"Defending Cain", by Ty Patterson
Defending Cain (Gemini Series Book 2) - Ty Patterson

Book #2, in the Gemini series

This series is a spin off to the main series “The Warriors”. 

“Defending Cain” is the second role played by twin sisters Beth and Meghan Peterson as main characters. The twins in this episode will get involved in a search for Calliope Minter, missing and presumed killed by Cain, a vicious serial killer who is terrorizing New York.

Of course those who are fan of Mr. Patterson will know that the story will feature kick ass players, ones who will provide never ending action to entertain us till the very last words. To keep us captive and turning pages, the author never forgets to weave some kind of conspiracy into his unique and complex scenarios. The story is never a single story, multiple threads will eventually connect but meanwhile we are kept on our toes. This latest is a thrilling ride from the beginning to the end. I agree this is another brain teaser that brings layers of clues, many red-herrings and many dead ends…..

Again no fancy style here, words are rather plain and down to earth, the characters are good but not out of the ordinary, the story line may be over the top for some but I found it quite entertaining. Looking forward to see what comes up next.

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text 2017-09-18 22:49
Reading progress update: I've read 20%.
Double Indemnity - James M. Cain

‘He’s not happy. He’ll be better off – dead.’


‘That’s not true, is it?’

‘Not from where he sits, I don’t think.’

Alright, they have known each other for about 5 minutes, are plotting a murder, and a life together.


It's so outrageously inconceivable that it is rather hilarious. Not sure if Cain meant it to be so goofy, but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. 


Also, they have been drinking. Tea. They have been drinking tea. So, for all of you who are still sobering up from The Thin Man, this may be a worthy alternative.


I can't promise, tho, that the characters or plot won't get stupid. So, far they just crack me up. ;D

‘I’m not crazy, and I’m not joking, and you’ve heard of such a thing in your life, because it’s all you’ve thought of since you met me, and it’s what you came down here for tonight.’

‘I’ll not stay here and listen to such things.’


‘I’m going.’


‘I’m going this minute.’


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