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text 2018-01-17 01:42
Irwin Consulting Services Review: How to guarantee your safety in climbing a snowy mountain

It is the golden rule to every outdoor activity to prepare all the pivotal equipment and knowledge beforehand to ensure the utmost safety for everyone in your family, friends or colleagues.


This winter, a lot of enthusiastic individuals would like to face the challenge of snowy mountains as part of their holiday celebration. Irwin Consulting Services supports this passion of many people, but the group’s only requirement for everyone is to be dedicated to their own safety and to the people around them with this kind of venture.


Aside from climbing mountains, you and your friends, colleagues or family members can enjoy other activities as well such as snowshoeing, skiing or other related activities. But before gearing up in climbing a snowy mountain, Irwin Consulting Services requires you to have the appropriate equipment and skills first in preparation for unwanted accidents or emergencies in the mountain.


Learn if the place is safe and is available to perform the activities you prefer. Ensure that your health can also endure the venture you’re planning to do on the mountain. It would be safer and better to tell your relatives and close friends about your desire to climb a mountain. Once you’ve prepared everything, contact and inform them about the location of your trip, the expected date of your return and the circumstances when they should definitely call for help.


Local authorities of a certain mountain place often advise mountain climbers to form a group that is composed of two or more people to better ensure the safety of everyone involved. In case of an emergency, the other person can take care of the injured and look after his or her wellbeing. On the other hand, going alone can be quite risky so better carry every item that is crucial for one’s survival on the mountain with you. You must also be knowledgeable about the place so a little bit of research won’t hurt. 


Bring light sources as well even if it is not part of your plan to stay the night on the mountain since emergencies could happen anytime which might require you to camp for a night or two, so be prepared to face the dark mountain at night. 


Don’t let negative thoughts fill your mind that can cause you to panic when you are lost in the mountain. Try your best to remain calm and keep yourself warm. Call for help at once and rescuers riding a plane can quickly find you if you’re visible from the sky so try to expose yourself as much as possible and keep away from the huge shades of the trees. Urgent emergencies need to be called to authorities right away so that rescuers can find you when there’s still sunlight. 


In other countries like the United States, you can still contact their emergency hotline numbers even without any signal on your phone since the system will activate any cell tower. Emergencies or accidents are unpredictable and such can happen anytime, so it’s best to always have your phone with you and make sure that it is fully charged before leaving your home or bring with you high-quality power banks. Another crucial tip involves carrying with you a satellite phone to acquire help even if you end up in an area with no cell service at all. 


We don’t want to encounter an avalanche but simply include it on one of the possibilities of unfortunate events that could happen to your mountain trip. Invest on avalanche safety equipment that might include a transceiver, probe, shovel and the sufficient knowledge on how to use them to be fully prepared in case of such emergency. To help you mitigate an avalanche exposure, determine how to navigate through the terrain.


Irwin Consulting Services would like to remind you that climbing a mountain includes a responsibility to yourself and to others and that is to assure the safety of every individual concerned.

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review 2018-01-03 05:42
Cute? animal sidekicks, magic & mountaineering
Even the Darkest Stars - Heather Fawcett

Loved this. From the first page, it's clearly something special. Flawless, effortless worldbuilding with unique-yet-relatable characters in high-stakes adventures with a serious twist. In Fantasy!Historic Tibet, the second daughter of a village chief in the mountain is flunking magic lessons and totally failing to hatch dragon eggs. Good thing her best friend is a genius and can cover for her. Big sister also perfect, so when the empire's most accomplished explorer (who just happens to ALSO be a hot teen) shows up in town, of course it's sis that gets invited on his next, most important-yet mission. Then sis runs off with the explorer's chronicler and things get interesting. Our magicless flunkout is about to prove her serious climbing and mountaineering skills as she saves big sis AND the empire (because evil witches are out to get them, btw) and steals the lead explorer title for herself. Until demons start hounding the camp and the party members' secrets start undermining the mission. Exciting story, fresh setting, relatable, compelling and endlessly cool characters with appealing but understated romance and serious twists. Good for mid teens and up; no language, minimal sex references, PG for the under 14s, but it's pretty clean, especially for YA these days. Some great lines and timely ideas and themes explored. Cinematic; could see this being a great film/TV series too. Can't wait for the sequel!

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review 2017-07-30 16:06
DENALI NIGHTS by Mark Horrell
Denali Nights: A commercial expedition to climb Mt McKinley's West Buttress (Footsteps on the Mountain travel diaries Book 20) - Mark Horrell

Mark Horrell goes on an expedition to climb Denali's peak. He talks about what their group and guides did during that time. This time, unfortunately, weather kept them from reaching the peak.

I liked the daily journal of what was happening each day. I wish he would have explained the climbing terms as well as what a climber needs or should look for during an expedition of this type. I also would have liked an explanation about the Seven Summits.

This is the first time I have read this author. I will read his full length book to see if he explains more about his quest and his climbing.

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review 2016-12-28 02:09
Richard Dawkins explaining natural selection
Climbing Mount Improbable - Richard Dawkins

The most amazing thing about "Climbing Mount Improbable" is that it is an easy read.


Richard Dawkins had the talent in explaining things that he knew so well, in a storytelling way.


Chapter one Facing Mount Rushmore 


How we could usually tell what is made by nature and what is not. But sometimes, it is not the case as the natural progressions is so good that it almost looks like man-made.


Chapter Two Silken Fetters 


Using spider and spider-web designs in explaining how nature made very complicated things and it is how natural selection works. 

Image result for Richard dawkins spiders



This is a 300 pages book and the first two chapters read like a breeze. 


Chapter 3 & 4 The Message from the Mountain and Getting off the Ground


The important trend of evolution is that it always progress forward. Even if there is clear advantage for going backward on the evolution design to gain more ground in the future, the body would not act this way. it would also improve the current stage and never go back on the design path even logically it would benefit it in the near future. 


Chapter 5 the forty-fold ath to enlightement 


the evolution of the eye and how different animals evolve different types of eyes. 




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review 2016-07-08 17:07
The Eagle Tree by Ned Hayes
The Eagle Tree - Ned Hayes

This is a beautifully well-written book that will open your eyes to the beauty and the need to protect the trees that are around you from the tree-tops down to their roots. This book will also help in understanding those that are on the spectrum and how they see those around them.

Fourteen-year-old March Wong knows everything there is to know about trees. They are his passion and his obsession, even after his recent falls—and despite the state’s threat to take him away from his mother if she can’t keep him from getting hurt. But the young autistic boy cannot resist the captivating pull of the Pacific Northwest’s lush forests.

One day, March is devastated to learn that the Eagle Tree—a monolithic Ponderosa Pine near his home in Olympia—is slated to be cut down by developers. Now, he will do anything in his power to save this beloved tree, including enlisting unlikely support from relatives, classmates, and even his bitter neighbor. In taking a stand, March will come face-to-face with some frightening possibilities: Even if he manages to save the Eagle Tree, is he risking himself and his mother to do it?

I loved this book! I highly recommend this book to tree huggers, people interested in climate change, nature lovers, hikers, or anyone that has ever climbed a tree even if you were to scared to climb down.

"I believe in trees. I can touch them. And they have true names."

"Trees do not require you to make certain sounds to be understood. They are simply present and ready for you to climb at any time. Trees are easier."

"Sometimes I think I would like to be a tree. Sometimes I think I am a tree, just located temporarily in a moving body, like one of the Ents from the Lord of the Rings"

"You cannot own all of a tree," I said.

"Sometimes I wish it was not so hard for me to make myself understood. I wish I could plug an electric cord from my brain into someone else's ears so that they could hear how I think and I could understand how they think."

"Human beings are on the cusp of destroying all of God's great natural world, which was originally gifted, according to the scriptures, to the human race, who would function as stewards of this great Earth. We have not been every good stewards in the last century."

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