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text 2021-06-20 10:21
FREE E-BOOK - END OF THE ROPE - A Play in 4 Acts

FREE E-BOOK - June 20-24

END OF THE ROPE - A Play in 4 Acts


Download your copy now at



When you rope up you put your life into the hands of your climbing partner. But what if you've just ruined his?


Craig, Whit and Milt are friends, have been for a long time. They've grown up together, but the friendship forged as young boys is getting tested as they grow into men - men with different perspectives and priorities.

Their love of climbing has kept them together. On the rock faces of the mountains they are as they once were - a team, a unit, loyal and committed. The ambiguous world of careers and relationships is left below - or is it?

Since he can remember, Craig's loved Jennifer. He can't wait for them to get married, he's even bought a house.

When she breaks it off saying she's not ready, he's hurt and confused, but if Jennifer needs more time he can wait. He's been waiting all his life for her so what's a few more months?

Then she starts dating Whit.

Whit doesn't do relationships, but that doesn't seem to matter to the many women who compete for his attention. He doesn't understand what Jennifer represents to Craig, can't even begin to imagine it, but just the same he'd never hit on a friend's woman.
But, hey, it's a free country, right, and Jennifer's warm and willing, and after all it's been about, what, two months since she dumped Craig. He needs to get over it.

Milt sees the potential for trouble, but he has his own problems. His new wife, Samantha, thinks her husband's band of brothers are a bad influence. She wants him to grow up and give up these juvenile escapades.

It's a constant battle for Milt to maintain some independence and now the tension between his friends makes him wonder if it's worth it.

This is not the way to start a challenging climb - filled with anxiety, anger and resentment. On a sheer granite wall distractions kill you. You need singularity of purpose, a clear mind and a focus that's finite.

Now Whit's goading Craig to try a new route, Craig's worried that the weather's breaking down, and Milt's frantic because his cellphone's broken and he can't report in to Samantha.

Everyone's just about at the end of their rope, but only figuratively - for now.



"Twenty pages of truth."
"...couldn't review it as I usually do, immediately ... The play was still resonating in my mind. I was still discovering nuances to plot and characters, savouring relationships. The End of the Rope is a powerful piece of writing."
"Readers with a paper copy... profit from all the attention invested in stage instructions. It makes the play come alive in our minds."
- FIVE STARS, C. Widmann, Goodreads review






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text 2021-06-18 08:21


HARRY’S TRUTH – A Play in One Act


Are there cosmic truths?


June 18-22 Download your copy now at




Are there cosmic truths? Harry thinks there are and he's discovered one which will make life easier, simpler and more fulfilling. He wants to share this epiphany with those he loves but not only do they not want to share in his enlightenment, they feel threatened by what he has to tell them.Much is at stake – careers, lifestyles, power – if Harry pursues his truth.


For Deidre, his wife - all her life she has worked to overcome the stigma of being the daughter of the neighbourhood drunk. She has struggled for social status, “respectability” and to have “nice things”. Now she has attained it and more is within her grasp. She can’t allow Harry to jeopardize it.


For Philip, his partner - his aggressive manner, lack of sophistication, short stature, balding pate, pudgy midriff and loud ties have made him a subject of derision among his colleagues, but landing this multi-million dollar client will change all that. Soon Harry’s condescension and the humiliation of his marriage will be overshadowed by the respect and power corporate success will bring. The “truth” is he only needs Harry to keep it together until the deal closes. After that, he can goddam well wander off into the wilderness if that’s what he wants.


For Joan, Phil's wife - the bitterness of her affair with Harry twenty years ago in college has shaped and defined her life, But not Harry’s. No, he just up and left her in search for “the truth” and she had to survive as best she could on her own. Now he’s about to do it again – turn her world upside down with the same selfish, irresponsible behavior. Maybe she can’t stop this middle-age flight of fancy but she isn’t going to let him influence her teenage daughter with all his nonsense about “following your heart”.


For Alexus, Joan’s daughter - her parent’s marriage is empty of love but filled with material possessions. How could “Uncle Harry’s” truth make anything worse? Her mom’s pushing her to go to college but that’s just more “preparing for life”. Uncle Harry’s truth sounds far more appealing. Better to fill your life with experiences than just more “stuff”.


"A quick and good read, and a play five actors can produce...One can read Harry's Truth as it were a short story."

"New money, fashionable clothes, a lot of work for Harry and Philip, the two business partners who started off selling doves to Chinese restaurants and slowly made it big. Now they're past forty and Harry has had enough. Enough, that's the keyword here: He wants to downsize the firm and his expenses because he knows that more money can't make him happier anymore. "...the interactions between the five of them let us have a glance at everybody's past. A lot gets revealed in every scene. I like the detailed stage instructions and the symbolism in the last scene. One can read Harry's Truth as it were a short story. I'd really like to see this play on stage someday..."

FIVE STARS, C. Widmann, Goodreads review







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text 2020-09-16 02:41
No much less thanthree engines are offered

We totally trust that these cars would bethe hottest new automobiles for 2013Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZCreated within China Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinders Manufacturers a partnership between Toyota and Subaru, the FRS (pictured) andBRZ are mechanically and stylistically equivalent back to basics rear-drivesporty coupes with sleekly cast exteriors. Every single pack a Subaru-derived200-horsepower two.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine that that configures thecylinder banks in horizontal opposition, as opposed to traditional inline orV-shaped arrangements. Subaru utilizes this design and style in all its modelsPorsche will be the only other mainstream automaker to feature horizontally opposedengines, mostly due to the fact it aids a car sustain a lower center of gravitywhich, in turn, contributes to superior handling characteristics.


A six-speedmanual transmission is common having a six-speed automatic optional. Theinterior is nicely and simply designed with huge gauges and simple controls;back seat space and cargo space are scarce, nonetheless.BMW X1Each sleek and muscular hunting, BMW new subcompact crossover SUV is likewiserapid and agile. It is a slightly smaller and much less pricey option to theautomaker well-known X3. The X1 shares its powertrains together with thecurrent-generation three Series sedan, which signifies a option of aturbocharged four-cylinder with 240 horsepower or a more rapidly 300-horsepowerturbo inline-six; the base engine consists of a start-stop function to assistenhance fuel economy by automatically depowering although at idle. An automatictransmission is regular across the line. Included with the six-cylinder 35i andoptional with the four-cylinder 28i is BMW advanced xDrive all-wheel-drivesystem that enhances the car handling abilities on either wet or dry roads.Cadillac ATSThe all-new ATS is actually a compact rear-drive luxury sedan that borrowsstyling cues from the larger Cadillac CTS and rides on a sophisticated sportsuspension program for BMW-like handling.

Nomuch less thanthree engines are offered,such as 200- and 320 horses. Myriad high-techsafety andconveniencefeatures areprovided,including a capacitive LCD touch screen that affords multi-touch fingertipcontrol ofpick functionsconsiderably like an iPhone or iPad interface.If you are1in thea lot ofa large car dvd number of motorists whostrategy on returning to new-cardealershipswithin the comingmonths to renew your ridesyou may be confronted with an assortment of never-beforeobservedcars with what are unfamiliar nameplates. The autocompany has undergone dramaticadjustmentsmore than thelastfew years, andfor those whohave not gonecarbuyingbecausebefore theeconomy crashedyou will discover itto be the proverbial brave newplanet.For starters,you will discovera great dealmuch moremodestcars on showroom floorsthese days,many of whichoffer you amenities like heated seats and advanceddata connectivityfeatures thathad beenlikelyrestricted to luxuryautomobiles thefinal time you looked.Purchasers are embracingthe latest round of compact and subcompactvehicleswith a passionas of late, from empty nesterslooking to downsize their rides butpreservedesired levels of comfort and conveniences to younger motoristslooking tominimize their carbon footprints and budget-consciouspurchaserssearching for a lower stickerprice tag andgreater fueleconomic climate.

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url 2020-08-30 10:54
Online/Classroom Share Trading Class

ইনকামের স্মার্ট উপায় - জাতীয় স্টক এক্সচেঞ্জ । Join #snfpa trading class. Trainer: Sanjib Nath Contact us at 9051355050 for online/classroom training detail. 

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url 2020-04-12 08:56
Be the sweet and gentle pinky!

Pink stands for sweetness and gentleness. Be gentle with your sweet presence at home. #StayHomeSaveLives

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