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review 2021-07-06 17:59
Book #913 - 369,697 Pages Read
All Creatures Great and Small - James Herriot
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review 2020-08-19 14:24
Dragons & Mythical Creatures
Dragons & Mythical Creatures - Gerrie McCall,Chris McNab

by Gerrie McCall, Chris McNab


This is a beautiful book! Full of amazing full colour illustrations of various kinds of dragons and related creatures and other mythical beasties. Most I had heard of but there were some new to me too!


Snippets of information and 'Did you know' sections inform the reader of accepted legend or any actual creatures that might have inspired the myths. A hard copy of this would make a great coffee table book.

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review 2020-06-14 02:03
Book Review - When I First Saw Red by Kasia Bacon
When I First Saw Red (Soldiers and Mercenaries #2)When I First Saw Red by Kasia Bacon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First time reading this author and this series. Luckily for me the book was stand alone and the author took care to ensure new readers were able to understand the plot without having read the first book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the world building and attention to detail the author gave. The entire world of this series came alive for me with the author's words. I also loved how the view of the world changed depending on which character we were seeing through the eyes of. When it was Red the world was more lyrical and poetic - even when he was being crass. When it was Lázhien it was written in plainer language and was beautiful in it's sparseness.

The story concept was captivating. The idea of two-souled beings made me think of a fantasy version of two-spirited people. The idea of struggling against a preordained fate a powerful concept as was the concept that fate often stepped i for a reason.

All in all I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

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review 2020-06-08 15:16
Unnatural Creatures
Unnatural Creatures - Maria Dahvana Headley,Neil Gaiman

edited by Neil Gaiman


This is a collection of mostly excellent stories edited by Neil Gaiman. Naturally the quality of writing is set to a high bar and I enjoyed most of them very much. Except for Gaimans own contribution, they are all previously published somewhere, one as far back as 1909! Many are by known authors, though I'm not familiar with a lot of them.


Ironically, the first one I thought was a little slow was Gaiman's own story, which was number 12 and followed by a werewolf story that was a favorite of his, but I couldn't get into it. The theme of the anthology is strange and mythological creatures. Each story has at least one of these unnatural beasties. Or something close to it. The second to last one was a stand-out for an original approach to this theme and very well written.


As anthologies go, this was very high quality, but what else could you expect from Neil Gaiman?

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review 2020-05-10 14:15
Leviathan - Tim Curran

by Tim Curran


I've been hearing Tim Curran is good for some time and have had this one and Dead Sea on my Kindle for a while, so I finally decided it's about time I read one of his books! This one called me first.


I could see right away that the writing was good. The cover was enough to tell me to expect a good monster story and that's what I got. The beginning set up a situation that might be called predictable, but the execution is what carries it. A deserted beach with police warnings on a coast that is otherwise full of tourists and a monster on the cover... let's see... what might happen? As the protagonist is a photographer, it's guaranteed to happen up close.


Though I felt the character development could have been sustained longer, the story moved fast and was full of imagery and excitement. I read most of the last three quarters in one sitting which is a sign of a gripping story! I did feel that a few loose ends weren't adequately followed up at the end, but by then I was too out of breath to worry about it. I'll definitely be reading my other book by this author soon and probably more besides.

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