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review 2017-09-15 23:43
Halloween Bingo Update 3: Murder of Crows
Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop

I really wanted to read this series, and unfortunately it seems my library has roughly every other book in a format I can use.  So I started with the second book, Murder of Crows, but I don't think I had too much trouble figuring out what was going on.


Back in the winter, in Written in Red, Meg Corbyn (alias cs759) fled the compound where she, along with many other girls, was held captive, and the man known as the Controller, who ran it.  Meg fled on a wild course evading her pursuers, and ended up in the city of Lakehaven, and took the only job she could find - Human Liaison at the city's diplomatic Courtyard.  (Humans are not the dominant predators of this universe's Earth; the terra indigenes are.  Our folklore refers to some of them as vampires and werewolves.  Some of them are much scarier.)


As it turned out, this was the best thing she could have done.  For Meg was no normal human - she was a cassandra sangue - a blood prophet.  And the terra indigenes were the only ones who might be able to keep her safe.



I read this for Supernatural, but it would also qualify for Monsters, Vampires, or Werewolves.


Called and Read:


Locked Room Mystery: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, by Agatha Christie

Ghost: The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde


Read, but Uncalled:


Supernatural: Murder of Crows, by Anne Bishop


Called, but Unread:



Genre: Horror

Murder Most Foul

In the Dark, Dark Woods


Cozy Mystery

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review 2017-09-03 21:30
Review: The Unleashing (Call of Crows #1) by Shelly Laurenston
The Unleashing (Call Of Crows Book 1) - Shelly Laurenston

I LOVED THIS BOOK. From beginning to end I could not put it down.


Kera Watson was killed defending a teen girl from her boyfriend/pimp and a loyal customer of the coffee shop she manages calls in a favor to a Nordic goddess to help Kera literally and figuratively get back on her feet. And that is how Kera ends up belonging to the Clan of Crows, loyal to her sister-Crows and Skuld the goodess. Kera was a wonderful heroine that is so hard to find in today's romance - the author really knew how to work Kera's military background into her personality.


That customer is Ludvig Rundstom, a strapping Swede who belongs to the Clan of Ravens, loyal to Odin, his sister Katja (a Valkeyrie) and his brother-Ravens. Vig is a beta most of the time; his Vikingness comes through mainly in his job and on the battlefield. Vig is a bad-ass teddy bear and is actually pretty comfortable with both of those personality traits. I like the fact that he didn't always agree with Odin and had no problem telling Odin to his face that he disagreed.


Because the Crows and Ravens are thinkers, when they go into battle, they don't do stupid shit that almost gets them killed....unlike the Giant Killers (clan that belongs to Thor, who in this situation is all brawn and little brains....and his clan is just like him). But they aren't Mary and Guy Stus; they have their good days and bad days and personality conflicts. I loved the women who made up the Clan of Crows - their friendships, their professional lives, their snarky attitudes. The Ravens are probably the only males who could handle such bad-ass women.


The story was action packed, although I had a little trouble in the beginning keeping the Norse mythology straight. It is rather violent for a romance genre book. The humor had me was great, sometimes from the snarky things Crows say and sometimes from the situation (like a Mara trying to scared Erin and ends up being terrified of Erin).


I have book two and three and can't wait to read them.



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text 2017-09-01 00:00
Friday Reads - September 1, 2017
The Unleashing (Call Of Crows Book 1) - Shelly Laurenston
Monstress Volume 1: Awakening - Marjorie M. Liu
Brighton Belle - Sara Sheridan

With a Transformers (well, Bumblebee anyway) backpack and a HTTYD water bottle and lunch box, my little guy went into first grade on Monday. It was a happy day for both of us. Plus he just started martial arts class (ju-jitsu), so I look forward to another 45 minutes of uninterrupted reading time while he burns off some energy and learns new skills every Monday.


Halloween Bingo begins! I am starting with my book choice for the free space square, The Unleashing (Call of Crows #1) by Shelly Laurenston. As MR mentioned in the discussion forum, the free space square won't be called, so as soon as you read for that square you can mark it. The story includes the Clan of Crows and Clan of Ravens, so I think this is a pretty fitting book considering the icon used for the square. I started this book as my read ahead of time and am about 30% done. 


Went to the library yesterday and picked up Monstress, Volume 1: Awakening by Marjorie Liu for the diverse voices square. To round out my holiday weekend reading, I will probably start Brighton Belle (Mirabelle Mystery #1) by Sara Sheridan, a cozy mystery set in 1950s England.


Happy Labor Day weekend to all my fellow Americans.

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review 2017-08-22 15:51
#56 - Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

I love books that surprise me and this one definitely did. 


If you do not know about this series, it is a duology that takes place in a fictional city called Ketterdam. This is the second book in the series and it was even better than the first one. It also takes place in the same world as The Grisha Trilogy. 


I do not know where to begin. I wanted to start my review with a quote, but there are so many amazing quotes in this book I just couldn't choose one. Everything was amazing; the characters, the atmosphere, the world created by the author, the writing, the plot, the pace, the cover, the... Everything. I was not disappointed by a single thing in this book. I just might add that some passages of the books were just a tiny bit too long and could have been shorter. But really, it is a teeny tiny detail!


The plot was great, easy to follow but full of unexpected developments. That is why the book surprised me, I could not predict what was going to happen and I loved that. Every time I thought I had figured out what Kaz was planning, something else happened. Such a mastermind! The other characters could not predict the events either and that was great to discover the plot at the same time that they did.


All the characters in this book are lovable. They are criminals, but good criminals I might say. All the people in the team have had an awful life and they deserve so much more. They did despicable things (to despicable people), but they also have a great heart and are always trying to help other people.  


Kaz is amazing, annoying as hell, but amazing. He sacrificed so much for his brother and his team, but I want to strangle him at how he behaves, man, just show your freaking feelings!! I understand why he doesn't, but hell it is frustrating. 


Inej is just one of my favorite character of all time. She is such a strong woman, or should I say young girl. It is difficult to imagine the fact that they are all so young. She knows she is good at what she does and she is not modest at all about it, and that is so great. Being proud of what you do should not be a bad thing and it is often pictures as so. I am glad there are characters like Inej who believe in themselves and are proud of what they can do without being pretentious (well, Inej is sometimes but in a funny way). 


Matthias is difficult to understand, he is conflicted about Nina because she is supposed to be his mortal enemy. But he loves her so much. Their relationship is amazing, it is so cute and they are hilarious together. Nina is also a badass fantastic female character! 


Wylan and Jesper well... Just the cutest as well! I love that we learned more about their background and their childhood. It was handled perfectly, discovering more about them helped discover more about the plot as well.


To conclude: what a ride! I definitely recommend this duology if you like YA fantasy, adventure and criminals who are actually the good people in the story.  


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text 2017-08-19 01:30
Reading Progress
The Unyielding - Shelly Laurenston

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