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text 2020-03-11 07:49
Popular Engagement Rings 2020 | Top Engagement Ring Designers 2020

Discover for best Wedding Rings Sets then explore our Popular Engagement Ring 2020 styles.you can visit our official website and Purchase the brilliant round diamonds and natural diamonds by Diamondneed Inc.

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text 2020-03-11 03:39
Jewellery Shops Islamabad: How To Choose The Best One To Buy From?

Most people love giving diamonds as gifts as it is the best way to express their love and respect. While some simply get pieces of jewellery so they can use it themselves. More so, buying diamonds from jewellery shops Islamabad based can even be viewed as a fantastic heirloom for your forthcoming generation due to its endurance and timelessness.

However, there can be lots of diamonds merchants who sell very cheap-quality and fake jewellery, that’s why it’s crucial to locate an authentic seller. Below are the factors you will want to look at when choosing among the jewellery shops Islamabad based today.

1. Offers 18K gold

When looking for jewellery, you might have noticed numbers accompanied by a letter K. This represents Karat, which pinpoints the amount of gold in the ring’s alloy, with 24K being made up of pure gold and 14K having the least amount. The percentage of gold can affect a jewellery’s durability, as 24K is the softest, heaviest, and many susceptible to scratches. Meanwhile, middle and low-karat golden is much stronger and harder.

And although 14K is much tougher, 18K has enough resilience, more value, along with a better, warmer colour ideal for a more elegant layout. Hence, a diamond dealer who provides 18K gold is more likely to offer a lot more gorgeous pieces of jewellery that can last for a long time.

2. A good reputation and accreditation

While searching for a diamond dealer, you have to make sure that they sell authentic jewellery so your money won’t be for nothing. Among the best ways to carry this out is to get tips from close friends and examine product testimonials.

Moreover, asking jewellery companies if they employ a licensed gemmologist is highly recommended. These individuals use microscopes, spectroscopes, along with other equipment to analyse gemstones and certify their quality and authenticity. They can also work with you to find a suitable diamond depending on your financial budget.

3. Offers ring resizing services

Some individuals may want to have their jewellery resized because their ring band has become too tight or loose because of various reasons like weight gain or weight loss. Resizing rings can be complicated and pricey based on the materials and the number of diamonds used to make your jewellery. Fortunately, some diamond sellers resize the rings purchased from them for free as stated on their company’s policy. It’s important to locate a jewellery seller who offers a lifetime ring resizing service so you don’t have to acquire the services of other diamond retailers to accomplish this task for you.

4. Provides custom-made jewellery

Trying to find a diamond seller who gives bespoke services is just one fantastic option if you want to have a distinctive design and cut costs simultaneously. With this, it is possible to freely customise your jewellery, from selecting the materials you wish to use, the general layout, and much more. For instance, you may choose a white-coloured gold band for your ring, which can be less costly than picking a platinum one. An excellent diamond dealer can also tell you what one is inexpensive and suitable to produce your dream jewellery, depending on your set budget.

Diamonds are definitely one of the excellent gifts you can give to yourself or other people. Consequently, looking for the best jewellery shops Islamabad based is very important so you can get one of the most elegant, good quality pieces of jewellery that you really deserve.

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text 2020-03-04 04:16
Engagement Rings Islamabad: Tips To Consider When Searching For The Right One


One of the most exciting milestones for anyone to take on is marriage. Planning for the proposal and purchasing the best diamond ring is sure to be a top priority on any man’s to-do list. Since these jewellery pieces are quite an investment, choosing the finest engagement rings Islamabad for their partners is essential. After all, these rings are something that ladies will use and cherish forever.

If you're thinking of proposing soon, it's essential that you acquire the ideal diamond ring for your girlfriend. To help you choose the top engagement rings Islamabad, here are a few tips to remember.

Find a jeweller

Since an engagement rings are quite luxurious, you should only buy from trusted jewellers. When you find one, see if their diamond rings are rated by the GIA to guarantee that these pieces are licensed by the foremost gemology authority in the world. It also means that the jewellery pieces you’re getting are of high-standard and passed the standards set by GIA authorities. In that way, you can expect to buy a diamond ring with the proper value.

Think about her lifestyle

Consider if your engagement ring would fit your partner’s lifestyle, as she may wear this frequently. You wouldn’t want to give her a ring that would impede her hobbies or work. For instance, a lady that loves travelling would prefer a ring with a discrete design so she’ll feel secure even when heading out alone. To avoid buying the wrong piece when selecting diamond rings in Islamabad, it's recommended to ask your jeweller for advice on which one would be the best.

Know the 4 Cs

Make sure to examine the 4 Cs when evaluating diamond rings in Islamabad. These Cs stand for carat, cut, colour, and clarity, and will help you identify the quality and value of the ring. Never forget that the cut determines how much the diamond shines, so it’s the most important factor to consider. Regarding the colour, it's definitely better the clearer a diamond is. At the same time, consider the clarity of the diamond by confirming if it does not possess any noticeable inclusions or blemishes. Just make certain to acquire a trustworthy jewel professional who can help you with these details, so you can buy the correct one.

Know her ring size

It is essential to buy a ring with the perfect measurements, especially since not all ring designs can be resized. However, given that the majority of people want to keep their proposals a surprise, asking your partner for her finger size is not advisable. For this reason, you have to discover other ways to know it. One wonderful way to perform this is to borrow one of her rings and have it analysed by your jeweller of choice. This would let you avoid acquiring a wrong-sized ring, as well as help keep the proposal a surprise.

Because of how important marriage is for everyone, it's just appropriate to make it worth remembering. By obtaining the ideal engagement rings Islamabad, you can surely have a proposal that is memorable. Make sure to consider these factors to ensure a smooth search for the perfect ring for your future wife.

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text 2020-03-03 04:55
Get Best Engagement Rings in 2020

Take a look at stunning and Popular Engagement Rings 2020 for both Men's and Women's. If you are searching for a Best Engagement Rings 2020 then should visit Diamondneed Inc. 

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photo 2020-02-24 13:07
Why Wear Gemstone in Left Hand | Benefits of Wearing Diamond in Ring Finger

Gemology and diamond stones has a profound explanation that is utilized to turn an example's life. Having said this one must respect that a specific diamond must be worn on a specific finger for best outcomes. In this way, on the off chance that you are wondering why wear gemstone in left hand, there is an explanation that a professional will empower you on. There are different benefits of wearing diamond in ring finger everything considered on the off chance that you intend to wear a diamond your ring finger is the spot for it to profit for benefits.

Source: www.gemstoneuniverse.com/correctringgem.php
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