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text 2018-10-30 00:36
I have a phobia, but I won't say what, because I am afraid someone will subconsciously post about it. I'm sure I'm safe in this space from anyone doing it on purpose, though!
Of course, the Internet is always listening and might post an ad related to it. Anyways, so I was laying down with my husband and we were chatting (we take forever saying saying goodnight) and out of nowhere my phone says really loudly,
"Okay, I will put that URL in."
That alone is a spooky thing to hear.
So I go to pick my phone up. It is unlocked (It should be locked) and the Wikipedia page for my phobia is pulled up, with a large picture of the thing that gives me anxiety/makes me sick/scares me. Needless to say, I tossed my phone at my husband, cried and told him to get rid of it. He did, but the next time I went on the Internet, it was still there! UGH! I was not having it and told him I meant for him to delete it, not just minimize the app.
It made me cry like a baby! I don't know how to explan why. That's a phobia for you.
My husband thought it was so funny that my phone just up and did something so weird and random. I told him I thought it was supernatural and a spirit was messing with me because there is no way that your phone will pull up a page, unlock your phone and the page be something that you can't stand/are afraid of. I mean what is the chance? He apologized; I guess it is a phobia he can't understand. He learned his lesson for laughing at me...;)
Truthfully, the lesson he learned is how serious a phobia can be. He felt so bad because he hadn't realized at first how upset the situation made me.
I was seriously spooked. I even asked the "spirit" to please not do that again.
 Do you think they will listen?
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text 2018-08-18 15:09
Reading progress update: I've read 126 out of 190 pages.
The Solitary Summer - Elizabeth von Arnim

"I walked out of the village and through the fir wood and the meadow as quickly as I could, opened the gate into my garden, went down the most sheltered path, flung myself on the grass in a quiet nook, and said aloud "Ugh!"


It is a well-known exclamation of disgust, and is thus inadequately expressed in writing."

Elizabeth, I hear you.

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review 2016-01-11 23:30
Review: Charlie's Requiem by A. American and Walt Browning
Charlie's Requiem: A Going Home Novella - A. American

When I noticed this book, I was happy.  I've enjoyed A. American's Survivalist Series and while I have not read the fifth book, Resurrecting Home, yet, figured that a novella would be a sure a thing.


I was wrong.


I am so very disappointed in A. American (known as Angery American).  While I enjoyed getting to know Charlie and the other characters in the world originally created by The Survivalist Series, I was furious to find American and Browning put out what amounts to a serial instead of a novella.  Even more furious when reading their explanation of perhaps there will be more of Charlie if readers respond well.


I am giving this novella 4 stars because the characters were well developed and in an era of independent authors putting out (and charging people for) works that are not edited.  Then I am taking away three stars for not putting out even a finished novella.  A. American is a decent author, he did not have to stoop to this despicable tactic.  Shame, A. American and Walt Browning, SHAME. 

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text 2015-01-30 02:15
Reading progress update: I've read 65%.
Red Rising - Pierce Brown

I am finding it hard to motivate myself to read this. You know there is something wrong when I am more motivated to search through Wisconsin's statutes to research for work than I am to read this book. Basically I have alternated between being bored with this or being disgusted by parts of it. I don't really care about any of the characters so there is not much keeping me in this book. I just don't understand why others find this so compelling.

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