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review 2017-02-02 23:17
Pretty Lost Dolls ~ Ker Dukey & K. Webster
Pretty Lost Dolls - K. Webster,Ker Dukey
Pretty Lost Dolls picks up right where Pretty Stolen Dolls left off; with the help of Macy, Jade finds herself back in her cell. But this time Jade isn’t the scared little girl she once was… She is a detective, trained, ruthless, and she was getting out alive once and for all.

Benny doesn't have little Jade.
He has Detective Jade Phillips.
The department's most ruthless cop.
A b*tch.
A rumored dike.
A f*cking nightmare.

I still feel aghast at myself for rating a book with Ker Dukey 4 stars (Pretty Stolen Dolls) but the first installment lost my interest because I didn’t quite connect with Jade. This installment still kind of went that way- BUT Benny’s backstory and Macy’s unraveling took the plot and action through the roof! This is what I’m talking about! Whoa! *this was intense*

Jade, as a character, I still find wishy-washy- and it was hard for me to empathize with her point of view. She is not a compassionate person in my opinion. With Benny showing vulnerability I would have expected her to feel some sort of Stockholm syndrome towards him but nope- she was almost robotic. I must escape. I hate him.

Okay, now onto the plot- did I say it was intense? OMG I could not put this down. This was darker, grittier, and more captivating than the first book. There wasn’t a dull moment- just nonstop twists, revelations, and action. We finally learn more about Benny and how he came to be- which is dark and f’ed up in itself. And Macy- she takes creepy doll to a new level. Wanna play a game?

Dirty Little Doll,
You are invited to a tea party.
Dress pretty and don't be late!
Broken Little Doll

Now. I know this can’t be the end. With the Empathy series we got some novellas. To make this convenient I have provided the authors with a list of novellas I would like:
• Macy’s point of view
• The future novella with a character introduced at the end
• Benny’s full story
• A Bethany’s point of view

Please. Please. Don’t make me beg!

5 stars hands down xx


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text 2014-07-07 19:26
Not as exciting as I'd hoped!
Filled by the Doctor: (Dubious Consent Doctor Erotica) - Cerise Lush

Dentist dubcon porn?   Holy shit, I thought!   This is gonna get freeeeaky!


It did not.   It was just tacky and kinda creepy and not well written. 


"...exposing the curviness of my decolletage..."


Not spelled properly.   The first e should be é, and it means the low neckline of the dress.   which is exposed thanks to a new push up bra.   Uh-huh.   Neckline=/=breast.   Or breasts. 


"I didn't even stop to fix my just-got-fucked-hard hair in the mirror."


Is... is this a thing?


Really, other than that, just unremarkable.


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review 2014-04-08 13:32
[REVIEW] The Pet Whisperer by liliaeth

The Pet WhispererThe Pet Whisperer by liliaeth
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Read from April 05 to 08, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

What a Horrifying and Disturbing Story! I have been forcefully defiled. Mind Raped!

I admit it does have some entertainment value, but the munching on humans killed me. I mean I love the angst and liked the wicked pet training, but.... PLEASE! DO NOT EAT PEOPLE! Argh!

Humans as main course on the dining table of Gods. *dying* Gods hunting humans as food, even the children aren't safe. *dies in agony* Keeping humans as livestock for their juicy meat. *am so dead* Some of luckier ones are kept as household slaves, and the luckiest are those pretty ones which the Gods kept as eye-candies aka pets. The pets aren't exactly safe from ending up on the table as well. Da fuq!

How I wish this story could just focus on the pet training and leave out the grisly stuff. Each time I think of it... I.... *pukes everywhere* The slaughter of innocents both angers and sickens me so much I could feel my soul burning at the atrocities happening at every turn of the story. The author is sure brave and daring but too over-the-top with the horror aspect, it squicked me out even knowing she might be trying to deliver her message on animal abuse and to encourage vegetarianism.

The thing is, this story is utterly disturbing and horrifying as the amount of outright cannibalism overshadowed the pet training aspect eventhough petplay should be the main focus of this story as per suggested by its title and blurb. I kept on reading this morbid tale because I couldn't stop until I find out what would happen to Dean at the end.

WARNING: You really can't unseen what you have seen. For sure this is NOT for the faint-of-heart unless you are into gore and cannibalism. Beware of being eaten alive while kicking and screaming even your soul aren't spared. If you could curb your curiosity, I would advice you to stay away from this. The blurb didn't have any warning on the extreme cannibalism. I did blame myself for not checking out the story tags throughly before diving into it.

I am pretty sure that title and blurb would potentially leads unsuspecting readers who are looking forward to some petplay fun with added bonus of the famous Castiel-Dean pairing into the darkest void of evil and then gets drown in human misery so great one would felt scarred for life; speaking from the view of a traumatized reader. I have no way out now, it's too late for me. Go safe yourself!

Da fuq I've just read. @_@;
I need fluff pronto!

I am giving this a 2 stars not entirely because of the disturbing nature of the in-depth cannibalism, it is also due to the quality of the writing itself. There are parts where the plots fails and the characters has OOC moments here and there. I am also deducting points for not staying focus on the promised petplay theme. To be clear, I did appreciate the parts on the pet training and the melding of multiple mythologies with modern religion.

To put it in other words, this story is as entertaining as an intense nightmare you fought to wake up from.

Title: The Pet Whisperer
Author: liliaeth
Publication Date: July 21st, 2012
Type: Fanfiction of the Supernatural TV Series, 66,475 words (Completed fanfic)
Genre: Alternate Universe M/M-F/M-M/F Fan Fiction, Horror
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Original Female Character(s), Hades (Greek and Roman Mythology), Demeter & Persephone (Greek and Roman Mythology), God (Supernatural), God!Castiel

cannibalism, vore, pagan gods, eating humans, dehumanization, slavery, dubious consent, body modification, sounding, butt plugs, piercings, conditioning, rape, pet training, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, multiple partners, breeding

(spoiler show)

The pagan goddess Despoine is widely regarded as the best trainer of human pets in the supernatural world. When the new god Castiel demands her aid in training his pet Dean, she definitely knows better than to say no.

Words:66,475 Complete - Chapters:19/19 - Free Download
Supernatural Fanfic

* Reviewed on April 8th, 2014


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Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/777137798?type=review#rating_24097196
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review 2013-11-29 00:34
ARC Review: Set the Night on Fire by Shannon West / Remy Deveraux
Set the Night on Fire - Shannon West,Remy Deveraux

Gosh, this could have been so good.


Alas, it suffered from plot line overload, tried to do too much within the number of pages and needed a serious editor/proofreader to fix the numerous issues I had with this novella.


First off, the POV switches - that didn't work for me. I found it difficult to follow the mindset of Michael's first person POV to Blake's third person POV. An omniscient narrator would have been better for this to give this book a bit more coherency. 


Secondly, the characterizations for both Michael and Blake were uneven and choppy, with some whiplash-inducing changes that didn't always make sense. And while the abuse and PTSD from his childhood would account for Blake's personality switches, there's nothing in Michael's past, other than his heartbreak, that would explain why he is trying to dominate Blake and force him into submission. Hence the dub-con tag on this - I couldn't help but feel that Michael was in a position of power over Blake from the start and that any intimacy that happened between them wasn't fully consensual, especially not in the beginning. 

Read more
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2013-10-21 20:43
Unpleasant Characters, Unpleasant Book.
It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas's Hathaways series is one of my favorites, but so far I'm really not enjoying the Wallflowers books nearly as much. This second book starts with the "opposites attract" trope, but it's not at all clear why Marcus and Lillian dislike each other so much, and when they snipe at each other, they both seem like rotten people. 

There is so much I disliked about this book, I couldn't possibly list everything, so let me just say what bothered me most: Marcus seduces Lillian when she is literally too drunk to know if she is awake or dreaming. So not okay!

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