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text 2016-01-30 21:57
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Teslas irrsinnig böse und atemberaubend revolutionäre Verschwörung: Band 2 - Neal Shusterman,Eric Elfman,Ulrich Thiele


Bei uns im Laden war heute so wenig los, dass ich mir das Buch aus dem Regal griff und anfing zu lesen. Über 200 Seiten während der Arbeit ... es war wirklich total tote Hose. ;)


Den ersten Teil fand ich witziger. Klar, die Bücher kannst du leicht lesen, die laufen runter wie Öl. Aber hier fehlt mir der bissig-böse Witz. Der ist noch vorhanden, jedoch nicht so stark. Liegt vielleicht auch daran, dass die Idee nicht mehr neu ist. Bei Reihen oft der Fall. Anfangs fesselt dich das Neue, dann müssen Figuren und Plot greifen. Das tun sie nicht in dem Maße, als dass ich auf die Fortsetzungen fiebern würde. 


Ich möchte schon wissen, was es mit den Accelerati auf sich hat und wie alles ausgeht.  Kaufen würde ich mir den Band aber nicht. (Wie gut, dass ich im Buchhandel arbeite ;P)



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quote 2015-08-10 16:25
Kaum jemand macht sich klar, dass das Schicksal der Menschheit oft nicht an den scheinbar entscheidenden Augenblicken, sondern an den kleinen, bald wieder vergessenen Momenten hängt. Etwa an dem Moment, als Captain E. J. Smith sich entschied, die Maschinen der Titanic mit voller Kraft voraus laufen zu lassen, bevor er sich schlafen legte. Oder an dem Moment, als Albert Einstein endgültig genug hatte und beschloss, seinen öden Job beim Patentamt hinzuschmeißen. Oder auch an dem Moment, als die grelle Sonne Sir Isaac Newton so sehr auf den Geist ging, dass dieser sich sagte: "Geht's noch? Dann setzte ich mich eben unter dem Apfelbaum da drüben in den Schatten!"
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quote 2015-08-08 15:58
Während der Arzt seine Stirn eilig zusammenflickte, erzählte er ununterbrochen von den viel übleren Verletzungen, die er in seiner Laufbahn schon genäht hatte, als wäre Nicks kleine Risswunde eine herbe Enttäuschung. Wahrscheinlich sollte Nick erst wiederkommen, wenn ihm ein Alien aus der Brust sprang; alles andere wäre keine Herausforderung für den Meister der Nähnadel.
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review 2014-02-13 18:40
Tesla's Attic
Tesla's Attic - Neal Shusterman

This is the first book in a new series, The Accelerati Trilogy, published by Disney Book Group, so you already know one thing about it before you start. The mother is going to die. In this case, the mother is dead before the story starts, so, Phew, got that out of the way! I was disappointed that Neal Shusterman, who wowed me with the Unwind series, would follow the script here.


But this story had a lot of plots we’ve seen before: grieving family, new kids in town, strange things happening in the old house they’ve moved into. Nick is the main character who, even at 14, still has his feet firmly planted in innocence. He is almost too good to be true; so yes, that is what I liked about him. The story has plenty of action and intrigue, an appealing, oddball cast of characters, and even a little bit of romance, but it is not a PG-13 read. It’s smart and funny, but it isn’t dangerous, and I mean that in the best possible way. This is the kind of story I would expect a 10-14 year old to enjoy, even if they are reading other books that are a bit more mature. I felt like it was a refreshing break from some of the more complex trilogies my kids are into, a new old-fashioned kind of book.


There are typical friendship troubles and mild family problems, but the real story revolves around an attic filled with crazy gadgets that may have been invented by Nikola Tesla. The gadgets themselves remind me a little of Origami Yoda, with his wise and surprising answers to the kids’ most heartfelt questions. In this case, it’s a See ‘n’ Say that finishes your sentences with the truth. Who wouldn’t want one of those, right? There are all sorts of devices here that hide their true purpose within ordinary objects. But there is also something special about this story that makes the world seem like a kinder, gentler place. The bad things that happen are really not so bad, and even the bad things get better fairly quickly. I’m getting a little tired of all those heavy-duty, life or death books aimed at middle grade readers; this is the kind of book they were meant to read. It’s fun, it’s intelligently written, and there is a sense of magic throughout its pages. And, (almost) nobody else dies but the poor, never-had-a-chance mother.

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review 2014-01-29 13:07
Early Review: Tesla's Attic by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman
Tesla's Attic - Neal Shusterman

For those who know me, I am constantly on the lookout for books that would appeal to a young reluctant reader. (I know, hard to believe that someone would not want to read). Tesla's Attic fits the bill nicely. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. While Tesla's Attic is geared towards readers in Grades 3 through 7, I imagine that it would also appeal to older readers and even their parents.


Tesla's Attic is full of win. It's funny, amusing, and very entertaining. The kids find themselves in really strange situations surrounded by junky items that do all sorts of wonderfully strange and even crazy deadly things. Things just go awry for the main character who has transferred to a new school. His school records are always just a little bit wonky. Then there are the mysterious men in the vanilla colored suits...


The lunch lady at Nick's school is surprisingly astute, coaching Nick through the difficult first day of school. The cultural references will make most adult readers laugh out loud, especially a shout out to The Godfather where Nick finds a picture of the horse nebula in his bed. Ha! There's also a secret society and stuff that belonged to Nikolas Tesla as well.


Lots of humor and madcap situations makes Tesla's Attic an enjoyable read for younger readers and up. Tesla's Attic is a solid start to a fun new series.


Thank you to NetGalley and Disney Hyperion for a review copy of this book.


Review posted on Badass Book Reviews. Check it out!

Source: badassbookreviews.com/early-review-teslas-attic-by-neal-shusterman-and-eric-elfman
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