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review 2016-07-19 09:17
Review: Ride Steady
Ride Steady (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley

1st read - 10 July to 12 July 2015 (4.5 Stars)
2nd read - 15 July to 19 July 2016 (5 stars)


"As the sun rose in the Denver sky, both of us got it at the same time, together on the back of Joker's bike.


We were free."


"She was golden. Nothing beat her. She smiled through pain and made you believe it."


Ladies and gents I have a new favourite KA alpha and his name in Carson 'Joker' Steele and he may well be in the running to overtake Tack and Tate. Thems fighting words I know but let me 'splain.


So he has all the usual alpha awesome, such as:


Tortured soul? Check
Badass? Check
Uber hotness? Check
Loyal? Check


But Joker has some added awesomeness. He is the very opposite of an alphahole. He can admit when he has done wrong (this is probably the most shocking thing of all) he has a mouth like a sailor but he actually listens to Carissa and tries not to curse in front of Travis (actually this is also shocking) he cooks and helps look after Travis and doesn't make some ultra misogynistic remark about how both those things are a women's job and he will do manly things like putting up shelves and bursting heads together and the like. Joker is reasonable and when Carissa gets a wild hair (which is also shockingly rare) he doesn't go off and one and fuck it up.


Carissa is also a rarity as in she was not too stupid to live. And barring one situation, which was actually not her fault and more the fault of some past too stupid to live heroines, she listens to Joker and takes his wishes on board. She was up front and took total responsibility for any mistakes she made and while she could be sassy and give Joker whats for (because he deserved it) she didn't hold a grudge and moved on.

I LOVED these two together. They were adorable.


Now I cried a fair amount throughout this but I am blaming sinus medication as I'm sure it couldn't possibly be that sad. There are some epic feelz though and very little action. My only complaint is actually the lack of action. This is a KA without a kidnapping or a shooting or a stabbing of a main character. A bit disappointing as I like the over the top, this is ridiculous action in her books. But it was seriously sweet and as I mentioned feelzy.


"Who would have thought my Carson Steele would catch butterflies."


I would also strongly encourage you to read the dedication before you start reading this book. She does something that was very sweet and a lovely gift. I also blame this for a lot of my sniffling like a loon throughout reading it.


I can't wait for the next Chaos, between this series and the Magdalene series I'm really excited about Kristen Ashley books again. If the next 'Burg one is as good as this I will be ecstatic.


Another awesome romance that takes place in this is the bromance between the brothers. I love Chaos and of course I adore Tack. He seems to have mellowed has Tack and it's not a bad thing. He is a great leader and he takes care of his own. I admit to falling a little bit more in love with him in this.


"They will not take her boy, and the time to fuck with Carissa Teodoro is now over."


Joker's voice was a quiet growl when he stated, "You know you got my love, brother."


"I do," Tack returned. "And it's a privilege, Carson."



What was actually very tiresome was the attempt to mention EVERY past Denver based character. I mean even Knight got a mention. It was kind of overkill to be honest and there was no need for that many to appear. But all in all I loved it and I feel the KA of old is back!! ROCK ON!!!

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text 2016-07-15 15:52
Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
Ride Steady (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley


I'm finding it way weird and kind of cool that I'm rereading the first 3 books in this series and Motorcycle Man around the same date as I originally read them without planning it that way. Between 9 to 15 July 2013 and the same for this one the same time last year!!

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review 2015-10-05 16:36
Worth the wait ( October Daye #8 )
The Winter Long - Seanan McGuire

Toby's life is finally looking good.
She has her friends. A job that she likes. And a guy who can turn himself into one of her favourite pets: A Cat. ;)
Then there's her actual two cats, and her rose-goblin Spike.

Unfortunately, the quiet has not come to stay...because where would be the fun in it?

An old nemesis of the past has returned, and he seems determined in finishing her of... or is he?

Of course Toby's has had enough of living in ponds, thank you very much. *see first volume* so she's not very receptive to his offers threats.
And the only contact she wants to have with fishes is Tybalt's pet name for her.
As if one villain wasn't enough, it seems that another one is behind Simon Torquill's actions.
And that person is strong enough to come after Toby's greatest allies.
Now, once again, Toby will have to defeat the foes that are determined to get her, while she comes to terms with more peculiarities that are part of her race. And yes, for someone whose greatest asset is blood manipulation _ or whatever it is that you want to call it _ Toby continues to be grossed out by the thing.
Thankfully she has a group of friends who are always there for her, even while some old links of her past are being slowly eroded.
I really liked Toby in this book. She acted mostly in a sensible manner and she finally came to terms that some things can't be fixed.

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review 2015-08-25 00:26
Uprooted by Naomi Novik
Uprooted - Naomi Novik

This has been one of the most talked books lately, and it seems _ or at least it feels so _ that almost everyone who reads it, loves it.
And as far as I'm concerned _ and as you can see by the rating I gave it _ I agree with that feeling:
I may not have fallen in love with this story at its beginning, but towards the end I was turning the pages as fast as I could.

The reason why it took me awhile to start enjoying this tale, lays in the fact that I wasn't crazy about the writing style.

There's nothing particularly wrong about it _ except for some odd discrepancies (1) _, but I was expecting something with a little more... enchantment/ charm to it?

Sure, when we were getting images of the spells that Agnyeszka creates, and how suddenly there's this lush garden in the Dragon's library to give an example, everything is beautifully done. But then that moment passes, and everything gets back to being described in a more "drab" way.

The characters

This is a story that I see myself re-reading, and maybe in that re-read already knowing the characters peculiarities, I'll be more complacent with the things I wasn't crazy about in this first read.

I honestly don't know how to say what really bothered me about the characters...maybe I'm just being picky _ the usual _ but, it was as if I couldn't actually see them?
 At least, in a detailed way. They were so busy with their adventure, that sometimes they read as blurs. Or people who occupy their roles in a very rigid way?

I wanted them to feel more alive! But by this, I can't "go" in the opposite direction and say that they were "complete" stereotypes _ okay, maybe the Dragon... and okay, Agnyeszka has a bit of special snowflake in her...

Okay, yes, they have a bit of stereotypes to them -_-

The romance

Bear in mind, that this is actually an adult story, so more than romance, there's this attraction between the characters _ one of them a very grumpy old guy _ part explained by the magic they use, the other... because he's bored?
She's really young and naive?

This part was actually kind of weird to read, because Sarkan _ The Dragon, who FYI  doesn't turn into a dragon _ is a really old wizard _ around hundred years old but who looks like a twenty year guy _ and he's a rude douche to the girl _ seventeen _ and he never actually says anything nice to her.
At least I don't remember any complementary remark.

And then all of a sudden they're ripping each others clothes! o_O

But Agnyeszka is okay with it, and by the end of the story he's a bit like Grumpy Cat to the girl: he's always scowling but we she loves him the way he is...
Blah, Blah, love is blind and stupid

The Story

Freaking amazing! What an imagination. What a dark, twisted tale this is.
I loved it.

It was gory _  extremely so! _ dark, and full of twists.
In the end, I may not have been a fan of some elements, but the story inside Uprooted was amazing.

(1) I remember two moments that were a little strange to read. In one Agnyeska and her friend, Kasia, walk in different directions , an a moment later they're holding hands. It read as if the author had forgotten what she had written before.

In the other, Agnyeska is thinking about something _not out loud, but in her head _ and the Dragon answers her as if she were talking with him.

WTH, dude? You cannot read minds!

Like I said, some strange discrepancies.

As for the covers _ yes, there is more than this one _ I have to say that I am partial to this one... in fact, I freaking love it! :)



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review 2015-07-14 12:33
Give me more
The Princess Curse - Merrie Haskell
4.5 stars... that will turn into a five star rating, once I have the sequel in my hands...

That is not to say that this ends with a cliffhanger. No, the story in this book is mostly properly resolved, especially the part about "The twelve dancing Princesses" retelling.
As for "Beauty and the Beast"?
We only get about two thirds of it, and having loved this story _ and its characters _ of course I want something more.

There's not much I can say without spoiling the story, so I'll just say this:
I loved the fact that the setting in which the plot takes place feels real. Very middle age, and as such the reality isn't sugared. This was a time of wars and famine.

The fact that Reveka_ despite being thirteen years old _ acts as someone much more mature than someone in our time would, because times were different. She goes about her chores without complaints or woes.

I loved the characters characterization: From Reveka, to her father _ not forgetting Dragos of which I want to know so much more _ it all felt realistic enough.

And last, I loved the writing!
Maybe because even though this tries to be middle grade it has an undeniable darker tone, that wouldn't be misplaced in an adult story.

For me the only thing that needs improving is the cover which for me is just too juvenile.
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