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review 2016-09-09 09:53
Review: Rock Chick Renegade
Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley

1st read - 23 to 25 July 2013
2nd read - 20 to 26 June 2014 (audio)
3rd read - 5 to 9 September 2016


“Jules, sweetheart, home isn’t a place. Home is anywhere, just as long as the people you love are there.”


I fell truly, madly in love with Vance in Rock Chick Redemption when he took care of Roxie. He is a man of few words is Vance but the ones he says make me swoon.


"But any man is defined by the woman who shares her bed with him.”


“That isn’t true.”


“It is, and it works the other way, too.”


Oh my God. Did he really think that?




“Which means, if someone like you, someone as unbelievably beautiful as you, as crazy and sweet as you, filled with attitude and courage with her heart in the right place, in a lot of right places even though her head normally isn’t… if someone like you shares her bed with me, then that says something about me.”


And he rides a Harley.


So that's Vance. And obviously Vance needs himself a head-crackin’ mamma jamma and he gets an awesome one in Jules. Jules is without a doubt one of my favourite Rock Chicks and her introduction is THE best Rock Chick introduction there is.


The audio for this is also great and I recommend it.


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text 2016-09-05 14:07
Reading progress update: I've read 12%.
Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley

“You saw him lyin’ there, in a fuckin’ alley, fuckin’ shit and trash all around him. Trash, Law. Trash. You and me and Sniff, we all saw Park lyin’ in the fuckin’ trash,”


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text 2016-09-05 10:28
Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley

Vance time.

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review 2016-09-05 10:07
Review: Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror #9) - Karina Halle




So okay. Here is the thing. I love Dex and Perry and Ada. I've enjoyed all the freaky deaky shenanigans that they embarked upon throughout this series and I'm really happy I read it and finished it but this book just felt like the author stopped caring altogether. There were just so many errors and ramblings it was off putting and took away from the overall story. Now, I've had some problems with the editing throughout this series but this book just felt like there were no more shits left to give. Let's take the following as an example:


"I tried to call mom along the way but I didn't have my iPhone anymore."



That is the tip of the iceberg. It just all felt really haphazard and it is such a shame because there is so much to like about the stories that were being told. The miscommunication between Dex and Perry was maddening and caused me to develop an eye twitch but it worked and I was happy to keep reading to see how they were gonna fuck it up next but at the end of the day I think the poor editing job was just too much for me overall. I was prepared to give this series an overall rating of 4 before I read Dust to Dust but as a grand finale it was sadly lacking. 3.5 stars overall for Experiment in Terror. So much potential but poorly executed.


Most of my enjoyment in reading this series came from the buddy read I had with the lovely Marcie and Momo (and Elsbeth for a little while). Thank you so much for holding my hand and allowing me to rant about evil gingers and stupid people, you guys are the best!!

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review 2016-09-01 16:19
Review: Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes - Karina Halle

Seriously these two drive me bat shit crazy but I love them all the same!!


This one was proper scary. It's the kids. Ghost kids make everything scary.



It would have been a lot scarier had the name of the nursery rhyme I was afraid was going to make an appearance, and eventually did, was actually the right name. It's one of the things that takes away from this series for me. The level of errors and typos. I decided not to reflect it in the rating of each book though, especially given the price of the ebooks (I mean you get a lot of bang for your book with this series) but it does get frustrating and they could do with a good edit.

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