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review 2017-09-29 04:54
Belovéd 3956 (Belovéd #1) by Yamila Abraham
Belovéd 3956 - Yamila Abraham,Studio Kosen

Good luck following the story. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Skip it, don't waste your time.

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review 2017-09-29 04:31
Splinterpoint by Regina St. Claire
Splinterpoint - Regina St. Claire

This book is C-wA_A-a-Z-YY!

Feels like Times Square, honestly :D 



The sheer amount of cultural references is mind-boggling.
Praetor Judy made it into this book :)




And I kept comparing Kol'daar to Cass (no actual mention of Supernatural, darn it!) - a bad-ass when he wants to be, but cute and adorable and kind and sometimes clueless. 




Yes, Ozzy made it, too! And the Dove! 

And, damn, talking about Mr. Crowley on that album!

Anyway, the story was heading for full 11 stars when things started going south around the last 20%, or after the Final Battle to be precise. Maybe during it's final half-hour, too. That's when the author quit crazy and spontaneous, turned on a drone and started explaining and over-explaining and then ex-plai-ning-to-death and then some just to drive the final nail in. 

After the report filing at the gingerbread castle I skimmed through the rest of the pages. The story got sappy and it dragged out for more than it had to. 

In the end I was left feeling a bit unbalanced. The badassery turned to sap, the unpredictable and unexplained turned into dissecting everything under a microscope. I really didn't care about the Song or Music Magic or how Nunzio's disability worked.



ALSO - The Burrito Incident. Someone specifically targeted Nunzio. Why? Never explained.

So, I am cutting 6.5 stars off for all the un- and over-explained instances and giving this book 4.5 stars.


Recommended :D

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review 2017-09-27 04:20
Imago (Imago #1) by N.R. Walker
Imago - N.R. Walker

I am going to file this book under "culinary" tag: too much food. 
Too much sex, come to think of it, too.

And way, waayyy too much dog.

And I feel sorry for MC's because their faces must really hurt by now from all this smiling. 
I feel I need something very depressing, to even out the mood :/


1.5 stars. Rounding up to 2 for the outdoor adventures.

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review 2017-09-18 17:22
he Supreme Might of Love by Christa Tomlinson
The Supreme Might of Love - Christa Tomlinson

In all fairness, gladiators are not my slice of salami. 

I read this book for a challenge because of the Mars character. He disappointed me a quite a bit, since his true nature never got a chance to shine. As for the mortals, as entertaining their relationship was in the beginning, it all turned to lust and then love all too quickly, at the same time failing to produce any hint of chemistry between them. 

The book is short, and of course, it limits the opportunities for the characters and relationships to develop fully. The plot was a bit of a cliche, the chemistry, like I said, was non-existent, the sex was meh. 

Prompt pic:


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text 2017-09-02 23:23
Free Halloween e-Book available on Amazon

Free Halloween Book for a Limited Time


The e-book version of the 2017 Halloween novel The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol is being offered for free from today until September 5 on Amazon.


It is a brand new Halloween novel based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The e-book version of it is currently being offered for free from September 1 to September 5 so that book reviewers can read it in time for Halloween book reviews.


Although A Halloween Carol was originally written for preteens and young adults, it makes a great holiday story for readers of all ages. Younger readers will enjoy the spooky tale of a despicable holiday humbug who is scared witless by four eccentric Halloween spirits when they whisk him away to Halloweens past, present and future.


Adults will enjoy a nostalgic romp back into their Halloweens past and a brief romantic encounter with long lost love. Young and old readers alike will enjoy the delightful humor, clever word play and black cat antics sprinkled liberally throughout the book.


I hope you will visit Amazon and nab your complimentary e-book The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol

Source: www.amazon.com/Legend-Decimus-Croome-Halloween-Carol-ebook/dp/B01MFHLIWS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1503436491&sr=8-1&keywords=the+legend+of+decimu&linkCode=ll1&tag=trailsnet-20&linkId=e6434bc3d3a40246d5e9cb5811c9b508
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