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review 2017-06-04 15:17
"Goodnight from London", by Jennifer Robson
Goodnight from London: A Novel - Jennifer Robson

Ms. Robson historical fiction was inspired by the memoirs of her grandmother Myra Moir, a reporter, who worked on the women’s pages of the News-Herald. The author in her latest will transport us to London in the midst of the Blitzkrieg.

1940, American journalist Ruby Sutton gets her big break and moves to London to report on the Second World War as a staff member for Picture Weekly. But life in besieged Britain will test Ruby in ways unimaginable.

In a heartbeat I was immersed in a women’s fiction with strong romantic elements and fascinating accounts of life in England. The protagonist profession is a true part of the story I enjoyed particularly. It was much more than a simple filler, it was an excellent exploration of journalism as it was during that time: daring interviews nicely depicted. While in London, Ruby forms bonds with many friends and depends on their kindness to keep her going and since “Goodnight from London “is a mix of suspense and romance of course what else can we expect but to have Ruby fall for a captain in the military….. awe….Their romance was sweet and engaging as it slowly moved forward.

Ruby is one of those gutsy heroines that caught my interest from the first page, joining her is the slew of supporting cast that are equally captivating. It surely helps that they are likable characters. The authors’ prose and research shines through and it is easy to be pulled in especially when the ravished city is so expertly described. Closing each chapter are bits and pieces of articles that Ruby writes the words start by ”Dispatched from London by Miss Ruby Sutton” and her article is dated…..

This is a cozy and enjoyable read

I received a complimentary copy from HarperCollins through the Earlier Reviewer Program.

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text 2017-04-08 01:48
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown,Clement Hurd


Pre K-K

Goodnight Moon is about a young rabbit who wants to tell everything goodnight before he goes to bed.  He travels a long way to tell the moon goodnight.  I would love to use this book as an introduction to poetry.  The book has many rhyming words and would be easy for students to relate to.

4 stars

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review 2017-04-02 13:20
Goodnight My Angel - Sue Brown

"Are you shitting me? We get blown up again?"
Yes, that's the kind of book this is. Guns, knives, car chases and things getting blown up or set on fire.

Josh and Cal are once again chasing unknown bad guys killing off Agency people or their partners. No one's talking and there is danger around every corner. This whole cat and mouse game was highly entertaining.
The romance takes a back seat to the suspense but it is still there; not just for Josh and Cal but for Jesse and Dan as well who continue to play large roles in the story.
I really love all of these guys.

And then there was the ending. Ah, the ending. Major spoiler:

Which does NOT deserve that name because major f... CLIFFHANGER! I f... hate that! If I know a book has a cliffhanger, I don't touch the series until all books are published. In this case, I unfortunately didn't know and will now have to wait months for the next part. Months during which this one will fade in my memory and I will waste a lot of energy on 'where were we?' when the next one comes out and that is just so seriously annoying.

(spoiler show)



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review 2017-02-15 03:24
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown,Clement Hurd

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, is a great children's book. A little bunny is about to be tucked into bed, and so, the little bunny says goodnight to every object inside his room. This classic children's book is great for introducing poetry, and  would be such a perfect book to end the day with. I would read this book to kindergarten.


Lexile Level: AD360L

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review 2017-02-06 13:46
The introduction was the most interesting part
FREE: Goodnight Smartphone - Arianna Huffington,Arianna Huffington,Audible Studios

And I get why Huffington wrote this: it's about how much harder it is to fall asleep, and sleep well, than it used to be.  Now we have all these toys with lights that keep us up.   But this was barely clever enough to keep my attention as an actual book - and I only say this because I respect Huffington and I expect more from her.   If I didn't thinks he was more clever, I wouldn't hold her to such a high standard.  


That being said, this is worth the free download for the introduction, which gives more of a history of sleep, albeit a brief one, and more information about sleep.   Even the book itself gives some hints on how to sleep well - like what she eats before bed that has melatonin in it.   Still, the introduction has the most information, and so smartly presented that I want to read her book on sleep now.  


I wanted to like this more than I did, but I'm glad I read it - just for the introduction.   It's cute for what it was, but I think I was expecting too much from this.   

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