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review 2017-11-03 20:47
Clean Western Romance
Twins for the Cowboy (Triple C Cowboys) ... Twins for the Cowboy (Triple C Cowboys) (Volume 1) - Linda Goodnight

Twins For The Cowboy by Linda Goodnight is a clean western romance.  Ms Goodnight has supplied us with a well-written book and gets an A+ from me for her amazing characters.  Whitney is the single mom of twins and has been left a ranch full of mini animals.  Nate is her new neighbor that is helping her learn how to care for her animals.  There is plenty of drama, suspense, humor and just a touch of spice to keep readers engaged in this story.  This book is safe for any age.  I enjoyed Twins For The Cowboy and would gladly read more from Linda Goodnight in the future.  Twins For The Cowboy is book 1 of the Triple C Cowboys Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2017-10-24 16:01
Cheerful Illustrations With Childlike Wonder
Goodnight, Dragons - Judith L. Roth,Pascal Lemaitre
Quaint illustrations of a cranky dragon and child, with a charming story of them enjoying a night together before bed.


I picked this book up for my two year old nephew.  I got the book not just because he is at a stage where even board books have a short life but because it had a dragon.  I love dragon stories and hope to spread that love to my nephew.  The art is one of the best things about this book.


The story unfortunately is a little lacking for me.  The art and writing do not quite fit sometimes and I can not really place why that is.  I do not think that is something kids would pick up on though, which is why I still purchased it.


In the end dragons and children are a wonderful mix.  Especially in this cute form.
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text 2017-10-21 14:00
#30DaysofReadathon - Day 30 through 20
Public Secrets - Nora Roberts
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
Vision Vol. 2: Little Better Than a Beast - Tom King,Michael Walsh
An Encounter at Hyde Park - Ava Stone,Deb Marlowe,Claudia Dain,Karen Hawkins
Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia - Wade Von Grawbadger,Dave Stewart,Greg Rucka,J.G. Jones
A Slight Miscalculation: A Half Moon House Short Story (Half Moon House Series Book 3) - Deb Marlowe
The Christmas Child (Love Inspired - Linda Goodnight
Blue Dahlia - Nora Roberts

I bombed out on doing this part of the Dewey Read-a-thon. I just don't do well with daily challenge prompts. So I figured I group them in tens and make three posts.


Day 30 Favorite Book - Public Secrets by Nora Roberts


Day 29 Short Book - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


Day 28 Red - Vision, Volume 2: Little Better Than a Beast by Tom King et al


Day 27 Snacks - Pretzels for salty snack, as they are not greasy like potato chips but have the same crunch factor. Starbucks' London Fog (venti, cause go big or go home) for sweet.


Day 26 Short Stories - An Encounter at Hyde Park by Various Authors


Day 25 Comics craze - Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka et al


Day 24 Drinks - My newest favorite drink is Kraken Black Spice Rum and Coca-Cola. All time drink is still a cuppa tea.


Day 23 Space - A Slight Miscalculation by Deb Marlowe


Day 22 Cozy - The Christmas Child by Linda Goodnight


Day 21 Blue - Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts



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review 2017-09-15 04:56
Book 57/100: Goodnight, Goodnight, Sleepyhead by Ruth Krauss
Goodnight Goodnight Sleepyhead - Ruth Krauss,Jane Dyer

This is a fairly typical "goodnight" board book in which a child says goodnight to everything (goodnight toes, goodnight stuffed animals, etc.) before finally going to bed. Really cute illustrations.

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review 2017-09-09 04:05
Cozy mystery with no cat or dog on the cover
Goodnight Nobody - Jennifer Weiner

I picked Goodnight Nobody for Cozy Mystery square.



An unsolved murder of a woman in suburbia. 


I have this for ages in the TBR pile. But this is really not my usual cup of tea and I would leave this on the self for another few years if it is not for this Halloween Bingo. 


Now start reading. I hope this wouldn't be a fast read. 


Oh crap. 


This woman Kate character is annoying and stupid. She found a dead body and there is a clue. What she did with the clue? She pocketed it before the police could find it.


Why? Because the clue involved her ex-fd. She is now married with children and when there was a note with her ex-fd no on it, instead of allowing the police to their work, she hide the evidence. 


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 


She told this to her friend Janie. Janie is also a stupid woman who called the murder fabulous because it is a juicy story. What horrible, airheads are these characters? 


What's wrong with them? 


"As far as my fellow mommies were concerned, saying you were bored was admitting to being about two steps away from drowning your babies in the bathtubs, something so sinful and forbidden you could never 'fess up to it'. But here I was, 'fessing', "I;m bore, and this murder, while horrifying, is also the single most interesting thing that's happened here...".


I hate this book. 


What's wrong with this woman?


Why is she so pathetic? She had sex with her husband, and not satisfied. Instead of finding help with the relationship, she kind of get on with it.  


This is boring me to tears. 


These women are pathetic, annoying, and so full of crap.  I hate this book. Katie bumped into Evan, her ex-bf. 


Seriously? Even characters in books should have a mind to nurture, and think of something other than how she look and going after handsome men.


These two women are insufferable. The murder investigation progress slowly. Evan finally fond her and want to rekindle their relationship even when he knew she is married. 


The best friend Janie get revenge on the ex-bf Evan because he wanted to marry his current gf? Seriously. Selfish, illogical, inconsiderate, reacting without really thinking through on what they were doing. 


Horrible book. I don't understand who would like this kind of story when women are stupid bitches, and men are just handsome body with dick. 


Bad mother and horrible bitch this Katie character is. She act like she is privileged and demand everyone to accommodate to her needs. She bully her way in the bus and asked men to give her seats for her and her children. I hope there is no such woman in real life or I would have to tell this bitch that it is her own fault that she got pregnant and didn't get an abortion. Having children is her choice and she has to live wit that decision, no one else has to be inconvenienced for her poor life choice. They don't have to give up their seats for this bitch or her young-lings.   


She didn't really detect but get wide swing and missed, while getting herself and her friend in danger. 


The ending is a bit fast and no clue would bring you to that conclusion. It is a mess and only the 3rd chapter is readable as it contain less stupid bitch stuff. 

I really don't get why men, Ben the husband, Evan the ex-bf, would want anything to do with such pathetic stupid woman. This is anti-feminist kind of book. 


Horrible horrible book. Do not read this book as you it would give you wrong impression of what American women are like in real life. 


This book give a disservice to full time mom, working mom, and men. The men in this book is nothing more than cardboard character from some boxer ads. Horrible. Lack of imagination and understanding of how the world work.


Shallow. That's the word I would use to describe the world view of this book. Shallow. 

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